2014 ◽  
Vol 687-691 ◽  
pp. 2772-2775 ◽  
Shao Hua Nie

With the continuous development of technology, a variety of computer and mobile devices constantly creat huge amounts of information, this phenomenon will continue to repeat, and today's world has been transferring towards "big data" era. The arrival of the era of big data of the computer information processing technology has brought a very big impact. This article describes the computer information processing technology, pointed out the lack of background in big data computer information processing technology and make its application and development prospect analysis.

Emilin Mathew

Under the background of big data times, information technology means emerge endlessly, and the value of technology application is improved gradually. At present, each industry gradually applies the information processing technology related to computer system to carry out the work of information resource processing. With the support of computer equipment, the processing of information resources is more efficient and accurate. In the process of computer application, the computer information system should be optimized and perfected by many technical means, and the application standard of each technique should also be defined, so that the accuracy and reliability of information processing can be further enhanced. Based on this, this paper will discuss the computer information processing technology in the big data age.

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