Task scheduling algorithms for energy optimization in cloud environment: a comprehensive review

2022 ◽  
R. Ghafari ◽  
F. Hassani Kabutarkhani ◽  
N. Mansouri
Dinkan Patel ◽  
Anjuman Ranavadiya

Cloud Computing is a type of Internet model that enables convenient, on-demand resources that can be used rapidly and with minimum effort. Cloud Computing can be IaaS, PaaS or SaaS. Scheduling of these tasks is important so that resources can be utilized efficiently with minimum time which in turn gives better performance. Real time tasks require dynamic scheduling as tasks cannot be known in advance as in static scheduling approach. There are different task scheduling algorithms that can be utilized to increase the performance in real time and performing these on virtual machines can prove to be useful. Here a review of various task scheduling algorithms is done which can be used to perform the task and allocate resources so that performance can be increased.

Babur Hayat Malik ◽  
Mehwashma Amir ◽  
Bilal Mazhar ◽  
Shehzad Ali ◽  
Rabiya Jalil ◽  

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