Synthesis and characterization of hydroxylated carbon nanotubes modified microencapsulated phase change materials with high latent heat and thermal conductivity for solar energy storage

2022 ◽  
Vol 236 ◽  
pp. 111546
Xi Zhang ◽  
Yuhua Zhang ◽  
Yurong Yan ◽  
Zhonghua Chen
Nancy González-Cervantes ◽  
Mercedes Salazar-Hernández ◽  
Miroslava Cano-Lara ◽  
Carmen Salazar-Hernández

Today, the effective renewable energy sources are research topics, with direct solar radiation being one of the best sources of energy. However, the use of this form of energy is optimized with the development of technologies for storage (TES). One of the proposed techniques for solar energy storage is the application of phase change materials (PCMs). Several candidates of phase change materials such as organic and inorganic and their mixtures have been proposed as energy storage because they have a high latent heat. However, a disadvantage of these materials is their decomposition during storage and energy release cycles, therefore, in this project it is proposed to encapsulate PCMs in mesoporous silica networks in order to increase thermal stability.

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