The Queer Identity of Religious Education

2021 ◽  
pp. 1-10
Barbara E. Davis
1979 ◽  
Vol 74 (2) ◽  
pp. 159-170
Gabriel Moran

1969 ◽  
Vol 7 (2) ◽  
pp. 61
Salim Ashar

Character is a complicated issue, even considered an abstract problem. It is said to be abstract because the concept of manners is not yet operational. While good and bad standards for morals are in the objective view of God the Creator of man. If the character is ethics, it is very dangerous, because some of its value will be contrary to the moral lessons that exist in religious subjects. When both are taught (ethics and morals) then the threat is the students will later experience what is called a split personality, that is split personality. Students become confused because there are conflicting values, such as good values ​​in the sense of morals and good value in manners (call: ethics). There is no honest terminology of Arabic versions, honest English versions, false witnesses of Arabic and French versions, as there is no terminology about Arab or Turkish morality. This applies to humans when there is a pattern of intersection between ethical values ​​and customs: ethical values ​​derive from the "right" way (revelation), whereas customs are derived from the habits The purpose of this study are: 1) Describing whether or not the addition manners in the lessons of Islamic Religious Education. 2) Describe the material (content) in the lesson of Islamic Education and the intersection of Budi Pekerti based on traditional perspectives. This study uses "Library Research". The research data used is secondary data. Data collection techniques used are documentation. Data processing is done by conducting the activity of review, verification and reduction, grouping and systematization, and interpretation or interpretation so that a phenomenon has social, academic, and scientific value. From the results of the discussion concluded: 1) Based on the perspective of Islam, the lessons of Islamic Religious Education need not be added with the character, because in fact holistic education includes in the Islamic Religious Education. 2) The content of Islamic Religious Education should include aspects of Islam, ie Aqidah, Shari'ah and Akhlak which are taught in a balanced way, but the lesson of character can be combined as long as the adat is the custom of the Muslims.

2018 ◽  
Vol 1 (2) ◽  
pp. 51
Mustain Mustain

Arabic subjects are very important to develop the ability to communicate. By learning Arabic, students can understand the conversation and reading in Arabic well. Formal Arabic Studies in Madrasahs are the main means for students to master Arabic. This study aims to: 1) Know the efforts of STI Pati Raden Wijaya Prodi in shaping Arabic environment on Prodi PIT STIT Raden Wijaya. 2) Knowing the supporting factors in shaping Arabic environment on PAI STIT Raden Wijaya Prodi. 3) Knowing the obstacles faced by Prodi PIT STIT Raden Wijaya in shaping Arabic environment at Prodi PIT STIT Raden Wijaya. This study uses oriented approach (paradigm) Descriptive-Qualitative, While the type of research is using case studies (Santoso, 2005). In this study the researchers themselves or with the help of others are the main data collectors. This research was conducted at Tarbiyah High School of Raden Wijaya Kota Mojokerto, on Islamic Religious Education Study Program. In this study, the primary data obtained by researchers is: the results of interviews with the Chairman of the Study Program of Islamic Education and Students Semester I (One). In this study used in analyzing data that has been obtained is by descriptive (non statistical) descriptive that is explorative. The conclusions of this research are: 1) Effort-uaha done Prodi in making effective learning arab language in Prodi PIT STIT Raden Wijaya are: a. He held yaum al-'araby twice a week on Friday. b. It was called shabah al-lughah a week twice before ta'lim afkar al-islamy began. c. The existence of study club on each mabna. 2) Factors that become supporters in forming bi'ah al-'arabiyah are: a. Attachment of mufradat in strategic places. b. Make plaques that are written / spoken in Arabic to make it easier to remember. c. Songs in foreign languages ​​(Arabic and English) to increase students' insight in developing the language. 3) The constraints faced in creating bi'ah al-'arabiyah namely: a. Ability and basic students are different. b. There is no class classification that suits the ability of each student. c. Lack of facilities / facilities and infrastructure. d. Competence musyrif / ah who are not all able to speak. e. The curriculum and materials that are presented have not been neatly arranged. f. The absence of a strict iqob for students who do not communicate arabic language everyday.

2018 ◽  
Vol 4 (01) ◽  
pp. 13
Hasbullah Hasbullah

Abstract. Educational environment is needed in the education process, because the educational environment serves to support the process of teaching and learning, a comfortable environment and support for the implementation of an education is needed. The environment is distinguished into the biological environment, the non-living natural environment, the artificial environment and the social environment. Education is one of the first obligations for parents. In Islam, the person most responsible for the education of the child is the parent. The family is the "smallest people" who have leaders and members, has a division of work and work, and the rights and obligations of each member. The best exemplary education for children is if both parents are able to connect their child with the example of Rasûlullâh SAW, as uswah of all mankind. A positive school environment is a school environment that provides facilities and motivation for religious education. Keywords. Environment, Education   Abstrak. Lingkungan pendidikan sangat dibutuhkan dalam proses pendidikan, sebab lingkungan pendidikan berfungsi menunjang terjadinya proses belajar mengajar, lingkungan yang nyaman dan mendukung bagi terselenggaranya suatu pendidikan sangat dibutuhkan. Lingkungan dibedakan menjadi lingkungan alam hayati, lingkungan alam non-hayati, lingkungan buatan dan lingkungan sosial. Pendidikan merupakan salah satu kewajiban pertama bagi orang tua. Dalam Islam, orang yang paling bertanggung jawab dalam pendidikan anak adalah orang tua. Keluarga adalah “umat terkecil” yang memiliki pimpinan dan anggota, mempunyai pembagian tugas dan kerja, serta hak dan kewajiban bagi masing-masing anggotanya. Pendidikan keteladanan terbaik bagi anak, ialah jika kedua orang tua mampu menghubungkan anaknya dengan keteladanan Rasûlullâh SAW, sebagai uswah seluruh umat manusia. Lingkungan sekolah yang positif yaitu lingkungan sekolah yang memberikan fasilitas dan motivasi untuk berlangsungnya pendidikan agama. Kata Kunci. Lingkungan, Pendidikan Daftar Pustaka Ahmadi, Abu dan Nur Uhbiyati. 2001. Ilmu Pendidikan. Jakarta: Rineka Cipta. Badudu, Js. 1996. Kamus Umum Bahas Indonesia. Jakarta: Pustaka Sinar Harapan. Juhji. 2015. “Telaah Komparasi Konsep Pembelajaran Menurut Imam Al-Zarnuji dan Imam Al-Ghozali”. Tarbawi. 1(02): 17-26 Juli - Desember 2015. Terdapat dalam Nata, Abudin. 2010. Sejarah Pendidikan Islam. Jakarta: Raja Grafindo Persada. Nizar, Samsul dan Zainal Efendi Hasibuan. 2011. Hadist Tarbawi. Jakarta: Kalam Mulia. Purwanto, Ngalim. 1996. Psikologi Pendidikan. Bandung: Remaja Rosda Karya. Ramayulis. 2008. Ilmu Pendidikan Islam. Jakarta: Kalam Mulia. Soejono, Ag. tt. Pendahuluan Pendidikan Umum. Bandung: CV. Ilmu. Suwarno. 1982. Pengantar Umum Pendidikan. Jakarta: Aksara Baru. Tafsir, Ahmad. 2000. Ilmu Pendidikan dalam Perspektif Islam. Bandung: Remaja Rosda Karya. Tafsir, Ahmad. 2003. Metodologi Pengajaran Agama Islam. Bandung: Rosdakarya. Uhbiyati, Nur. 1997. Ilmu Pendidikan Islam. Bandung: Pustaka Setia.

2018 ◽  
Vol 2 (2) ◽  
pp. 257
Zulparis Zulparis

This research is a classroom action research. The formulation of the problem in this research is whether theapplication of the firing line strategy can improve the learning outcomes of Islamic religious education materialnatural of jaiz for Allah SWT grade IV students SDN 005 Koto Perambahan Kecamatan Kampa KabupatenKampar? This research aims to increase learning outcomes Islamic religious education grade IV SDN 005 KotoPerambahan Kecamatan Kampa Kabupaten Kampar through the strategy of the firing line. The research wasconducted two cycles. The data outlined are prior to action, in cycle I and cycle II. Each cycle is done in twomeetings. As for the stages in each cycle, that is 1) action planning/ preparation, 2) action implementation, 3)observation, and 4) reflection. Based on the research result of the application of the firing line strategy on PAIsubjects, it is known that there is an increase in learning outcome test from before action, cycle I to cycle II.Before the students learning outcomes were medium by percentage with an average of 56.8%, there is anincrease in learning outcomes from cycle I to cycle II. In the cycle I, students learning outcomes were 72.2% inthe medium category. In the cycle II, students learning outcomes were 85,2% in the good category. From theabove data it is known that the results of student learning on the subjects of Islamic religious education on thematerial nature of jaiz for Allah SWT can be increased through the application of the strategy of the firing line.

2019 ◽  
Vol null (31) ◽  
pp. 342-361

2017 ◽  
Vol 1 (1) ◽  
pp. 196-204
Sulistiawati Sulistiawati

This research is intended to search and information about the strengthening of Islamic religious education (PAI) through the recitation of furudhul Ainiyah which is carried out in Nurul Jadid Paiton Junior High School. The method of this research is by qualitative method with case study method, to express. That is more intense and deep with the above phenomenon. Technique of completion of data and information is done through interview, observation, study study, and literature study. The findings of this research are 1). Students or students are required to complete the recitation of Furudhul Ainiyah as a condition to take the odd semester and even semester exam and become a requirement for class and graduation increase. 2). the implementation of the furudhul Ainiyah memorization is performed on Thursday and Friday nights and Tuesday nights, and can also be done during normal day breaks, 3). The responsible and recipient of the rote deposit are PAI teachers and their homeroom teachers, 4). For students and students who can not read written Al-qur'an is not subject to rote burden, but get special coaching related to Al-Qur'an reading written by the religious coordinator of students. 5). Memory materials include Aqidah, Fiqih or Amaliyah materials, and daily prayers for students of VII and VIII semerter 1 and 2, while for classes IX semesters 1 and 2 cover the material of the Qur'an and Fiqh. 6). (a). Principal, (b). Vice Principal of the curriculum section, (c). Coordinator of students' religious activities, (d). Teacher / teacher of PAI, (e). Homeroom, (e). Student religious coordinator, (f). Student.

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