Design of Wireless Individual-Drive System for Variable-Reluctance Stepping Motor

Li Fang ◽  
Hong Zhou ◽  
Wenshan Hu ◽  
Jing Chen ◽  
Ao Zhu ◽  
2011 ◽  
Vol 19 (4) ◽  
pp. 797-804 ◽  
李先峰 LI Xian-feng ◽  
颜昌翔 YAN Chang-xiang ◽  
于平 YU Ping

2021 ◽  
Cheng Deng ◽  
Erhui Bian ◽  
Zhishen Ge

Abstract In order to meet the needs of operation and management of stepping motors in the Internet of things environment, this paper designed the software and hardware of the stepping motor drive system under the control of a single-chip microcomputer based on LabVIEW, which is a graphical programming platform developed by National Instruments Corporation of the United States, and tested and verified the functions of the system. The software part transmitted data between the host computer and the driver terminal based on a service cloud platform called Easy-Control, realizing the network real-time online management operation function. The hardware design made full use of the existing functions of the STM32F407ZGT6 single-chip microcomputer; moreover, the design of circuits was simplified by the special driver chip LV8726TA for stepping motor to increase system stability. The software and hardware of the system were developed on the LabVIEW platform, which had the advantages of high efficiency, short development cycle, low cost, and convenient function expansion. This work provides a scheme for the design and implementation of similar systems.

1973 ◽  
Vol 120 (12) ◽  
pp. 1539
P.J. Lawrenson ◽  
A. Hughes ◽  
I.E.D. Pickup ◽  
D. Tipping

2011 ◽  
Vol 143-144 ◽  
pp. 726-730
Xue Feng Wu ◽  
Yu Fan

A measurement based on image process is proposed for detecting the hole on a barrel. The barrel image is separated from background with the image edge detection technology. The different detection operators are compared and the sobel operator is used for edge detection. The actual space position of the hole on barrel is computed by circle detecting method. Gradient hough transform is used for detecting circle position information, including circle radius and two dimension coordinates. The stepping motor drive system is consists of a control card, stepping motor drive units and two two-phase hybrid stepping motors. Automatic positioning is achieved through stepping motor drive system.

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