Construct a Teaching System Combining Image Linguistics and Multimedia Technology

2021 ◽  
Vol 2021 ◽  
pp. 1-11
Yan Yuejue ◽  
Sun Xinze ◽  
Li Bingyue ◽  
Wang Xiaoyuan

At present, the research on the theoretical system of multimedia image linguistics in my country is very limited. In order to further improve and develop the theoretical system of multimedia picture linguistics, this article extracts effective knowledge from the research results of educational technology, linguistics, psychology, and semiotics and establishes a teaching system based on image linguistics. Multimedia picture linguistics consists of three parts: structure, semantics, and pragmatics, corresponding to the artistic laws of multimedia pictures, the cognitive laws of multimedia pictures, and the humanization and naturalization of picture design. Therefore, the research in this article is an important part of establishing multimedia image linguistics. Starting from the research methods of multimedia technology and picture linguistics, this article introduces the theoretical framework and the relationship between the multimedia learning cognitive theory and Mayer’s multimedia learning cognitive theory and conducts in-depth discussion and demonstration. The thesis constructs a teaching system that combines picture linguistics and multimedia technology and makes it a language tool for developing and designing multimedia learning materials. Experiments have proved that the teaching system combining picture linguistics and multimedia technology proposed in this paper can provide a framework, ideas, and methods for the related research of multimedia picture linguistics and multimedia technology and make multimedia picture language a multimedia learning material design and development The language tools that can be followed can effectively improve the teaching effect under the background of information technology.


Machine vision technology has attracted a strong interest among Finnish research organizations, which has resulted in many innovative products for industry. Despite this goal users were very skeptical towards machine vision and its robustness in harsh industrial environments. Therefore the Technology Development Centre, TEKES, which funds technology related research and development projects in universities and individual companies in Finland, decided to start a national technology program, "Machine Vision 1992–1996". Led by industry, the program boosts research in machine vision technology and seeks to put the research results to work in practical industrial applications. The emphasis is on nationally important, demanding applications. The program will create new business for machine vision producers and encourage the process and manufacturing industry to take advantage of this new technology. So far 60 companies and all major universities and research centers in Finland are working on our forty different projects. The key themes are Process Control, Robot Vision and Quality Control.

2014 ◽  
Vol 64 (Supplement-1) ◽  
pp. 201-224 ◽  
Endrit Lami ◽  
Holger Kächelein ◽  
Drini Imami

Over the last decades, there has been plenty of research and publications on Political Business Cycles (PBC), aimed at analysing and explaining the use of fiscal and monetary instruments to stimulate economic growth before elections, with the intention of impressing potential voters. Previous research on PBC in Albania reveals clear evidence of fiscal expansion before elections, but no significant changes in GDP and inflation as theory predicts. One possible explanation of this result could be economic agents’ expectations, which is the subject of this paper. We analyse consumers’ expectations before elections, the main factors underlying expectations, and the way in which these expectations influence their behaviour toward spending, and consequently the macroeconomic outcomes, deploying standard econometric methods widely applied in PBC related research. According to our research results, households’ consumption spending decreases before elections because of the higher uncertainty about their future economic situation due to the highly politicised public employment.

2017 ◽  
Vol 7 (10) ◽  
pp. 907
Yanmei Lu

Chinese resultative construction was the hotspot of grammar researches and also the difficult point of second language teaching and learning. From the aspects of syntax, semantics and pragmatics, this paper analyzed the ontology researches of Chinese resultative construction, reviewed the research results of second language learners’ acquisition of Chinese resultative construction and also provided some references and directions of related researches.

Günter Daniel Rey

<span>Students (N = 101) used an introductory text and a computer simulation to learn fundamental concepts about statistical analyses (e.g., analysis of variance, regression analysis and General Linear Model). Each learner was randomly assigned to one cell of a 2 (with or without time advice) x 3 (with learning questions and corrective feedback, with learning questions without feedback or without learning questions) between subjects factorial design. Time spent with the simulation as well as retention and transfer tests were used as dependent measures. Neither the time advice presented immediately before students chose to finish the simulation nor the learning questions presented during the simulation significantly improves learners' retention or transfer performances. Students who were asked to employ more time on the computer simulation or who received learning questions with corrective feedback spent significantly more time with the simulation than did students for whom the time advice or the learning questions were absent. The results were discussed on the basis of the </span><em>cognitive theory of multimedia learning</em><span> and the </span><em>cognitive-affective theory of learning with media</em><span>, as well as in conjunction with adaptive computer simulations.</span>

2019 ◽  
Vol 4 (2) ◽  
pp. 213
Sarifudin Sarifudin

This paper aims to reopen the discussion on the plurality of thoughts in interfaith marriages from the perspective of Islamic law and legislation in Indonesia. The method used is the literature study. Where the author tries to understand clearly the concept of interfaith marriage through books, documents and related research results. Whereas, in analyzing these data using the verstehen method. In this method, an interpretative analysis process is carried out on the concept of interfaith marriage. This interpretive analysis requires the writer to provide scientific arguments and criticisms in interpreting research data. In many cases in the community, interfaith marriages always create resistance. Religious arguments are always raised to oppose the marriage. One of the verses of the Koran which is popular for opposing interfaith marriages is QS al-Baqarah verse 221. But strangely, some people (muslims) continue to carry out interfaith marriages in the Civil Registry Office. The conclusion of this paper confirms that the legality of interfaith marriage is still debatable, both in Islamic law and regulations in Indonesia. Therefore, the new rules are needed that are clearer about interfaith marriages, because they are binding on each individual citizen, so that legal certainty and justice will be created.

2017 ◽  
Vol 5 (2) ◽  
pp. 274
Sabahan Sabahan ◽  
Yuliansyah Yuliansyah

This study aims to examine the competitiveness of tourism sector Sambas Regency to the surrounding area. The study conducted in the form of analysis of factors that determine the competitiveness of tourism sector of Sambas Regency and the preparation of policy strategies that must be done by regional governments to improve the competitiveness of tourism sector of Sambas Regency. The method of analysis used in this research is the shift share method and composite index. The data used are the number of tourist objects, the number of labor, the number of foreign tourists, the number of domestic tourists, the condition of road circulation, the government budget, the number of hotels, restaurants (restaurants), and travel agencies, and other data related research. Based on the research results, tourism sector in general Sambas Regency has great tourism potential, this is supported by the existence of natural resources, culture and history. Nevertheless, this study shows that Sambas Regency is still experiencing slow growth and less competitive than other areas around Sambas Regency. The most determining factor of tourism competitiveness of Sambas Regency is the supporting and related industry factors, especially the number of restaurants and travel agencies and the number of manpower engaged in tourism is still limited in number. The development of supporting infrastructure and tourism promotion is a condition that must be done by the government in order to improve the competitiveness of tourism sector of Sambas Regency.    

2012 ◽  
Vol 468-471 ◽  
pp. 2292-2295
Shou Yi Liu ◽  
Dong Ling Wei ◽  
Jia Jun Liu

[Purpose] To explore the network publishing formed by the combination of the network and the traditional publishing industry, the rapid development of new media and its effect on the editorial activities. [Process and method] Adopting the combining of empirical analysis with normative analysis, system analysis with statistical analysis, and actual investigation with literature research.[Results] To demonstrate the concept and connotation of network publishing, to discuss rich and colorful, blending, invariance properties of editing activities under the environment of network publishing, from the collection of information, research, planning, organizing, peer review, editing, proofreading to graphic design and other aspects, which has effect of the network publishing on editorial activities. [Conclusions] Network and multimedia technology promotes the development of editing industry, has profound effect on editing activities and challenges the editing staff.

2019 ◽  
Vol 2 (1) ◽  
pp. 31-48 ◽  
Henryk Dźwigoł

Findings from domestic and foreign literature analyses on the research methods and techniques applied in the management sciences confirmed the necessity to elaborate a certain procedure of selecting proper research methods, with consideration given to new management trends. With reference to the foregoing, the article presented qualitative studies (interviews, experts’ opinions) and quantitative ones (surveys) in order to diagnose the problem in a proper way by providing answers to five research hypotheses. As a result of the research effort, the anticipated goal of the article was achieved, i.e. the readers were presented with an elaborated procedure (Dźwigoł, 2018) of selecting the methods and techniques for the sake of the management-related research process, and with essential components of the research process used for designing the procedure in question. Since the research hypotheses were positively assessed, the author was able to present recommendations as to putting the procedures into practice, which were supported by a dedicated online tool. What is more, the achieved goal allowed not only to determine the application rate of the particular methods and techniques, or their combined versions, but also to identify certain rules as to recognising the research process in the present context and in terms of other variables, since the latter may influence whether the selected methods and techniques, related to the research subject in the context of management sciences, are essential. All foregoing steps were aimed at enhancing the reliability, quality and level of the research studies being carried out. Furthermore, it was recommended to perform further research studies aimed at verifying the adopted model and procedure of selecting research methods and techniques in the management sciences, especially in the practical context.

Changhui Xia

to facilitate improvement of education and teaching modernization level in China, and promote maturity and development of multimedia teaching technology, this paper established continuous animation multimedia teaching system based on continuous animation production technology. Meanwhile, this paper took gymnastics teaching of 2015 gymnastics class in Hubei University of Arts and Science in Hubei province of China as the objects of experiment and explored teaching effect of this multimedia teaching system combined with continuous animation production technology. The results show that this multimedia teaching system combined with continuous animation production technology can significantly improve students’ theoretical and practical examination scores. Based on case study of application of continuous animation and multimedia technology in gymnastics teaching, this paper aims to make certain contributions to promotion and development of multimedia teaching technology.

Minsheng Lou

Based on the diversification theory, this paper designed a multimedia technology-based English teaching system framework which is used to assist English teaching in classroom. The whole system framework consists of two parts: the part of learning resource allocation and the part of English teaching activities. Learning resource allocation is mainly to expand English learning materials from the traditional printed resources to audios, videos, animations and other forms of resources; the use of multimedia resources for teaching activities is achieved mainly through the English speech teaching and lecturing device designed with the function of playing multimedia files. In order to test the application effect of multimedia technology in English teaching, this paper chose the public course of “Vocational English” as the experimental content, and compared the effect of respectively using multimedia technology to teach freshmen of Grade 2016 and adopting the traditional teaching method to teach students of Grade 2015. The outcome shows that the use of multimedia technology in English teaching can improve students’ interest in learning, reduce their pressure of learning English, and enhance their sense of accomplishment in learning, indicating that multimedia-assisted teaching can effectively improve English teaching results.

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