scholarly journals Establishment, Analysis, and Application of the Information Transmission and Response Model for Students of Vocational Colleges under Public Health Emergencies

2022 ◽  
Vol 2022 ◽  
pp. 1-12
Hengliang Chen ◽  
Zilin Li ◽  
Fei Luo

To provide a basic quantitative mathematical model for data analysis, decision-making support, and application of information systems oriented to emergency research, this paper established an information transmission response model for school students under such system mathematically based on actual school information transmission data during COVID-19 prevention. This paper proposes an emergency information management method—a two-step emergency information management method. It can be referenced for promotion of the development of IT-based school management, enhancement of IT application in school emergency information management, and improvement of the speed and accuracy of information transmission.

2017 ◽  
Vol 863 ◽  
pp. 361-367
Jun Zhong ◽  
Hong Bao ◽  
Yan Wang

As the current regulatory requirements of automobile disassembly and recycling are becoming strict increasingly, it is necessary to focus on environmental protection in the processing and information management system of disassembly and recycling. This paper studies on the information management method and system implementation of disassembly and recycling processing of automotive products. Firstly, the concept of parts-disassembly level is put forward and the level planning model is built together with the confirmed methods of parts-disassembly level scheme by LCIA. Then, a management system platform for disassembly process of automotive products is developed. Finally, the feasibility and availability of this system is verified by the application example of the disassembly level for a certain type automobile.

2012 ◽  
Vol 594-597 ◽  
pp. 2986-2989
Rui Wang ◽  
Deng Hua Zhong ◽  
Jun Ping Zhou

The work of construction consultant in hydropower project in China is different from other countries and the Chinese consultant is more like a supervisor whose work is constrained by the owner. Therefor the consultant has to coordinate among designers, owner and constructors and the information management becomes complex and trivial, especially in the manual management mode, it is difficult to communicate among departments and staffs and manage the information promptly and efficiently. This paper proposed a process control based information management method which includes the main consultant workflow and the consultant business database and used the workflow technology to develop a flexible and adaptable MIS (Management Information System) for construction consultant.

2020 ◽  
Pralay Kumar Lahiri ◽  
Riman Mandal ◽  
Sourav Banerjee ◽  
Utpal Biswas

Abstract The explosive epidemic of the coronavirus (COVID-19) has exposed the constraints in health care systems to handle public health emergencies. It's evident that adopting innovative technologies reminiscent of blockchain will facilitate in eective designing operations and resource deployments. Within the health care sector to improve the information management system by reducing delays in regulative approvals, communication between dierent stakeholders of the chain with the help of blockchain technology. To ensure authenticity of the information collected from public and government agencies, blockchain based system plays an important role. This paper tends to review implementation of blockchain application and opportunities in combating the COVID-19 pandemic. To trace according information involving in recent cases, deaths and recovered cases maintaining through blockchain storage system that has been proposed and implemented blockchain system based on Ethereum smart contract. An interactive model and respective algorithm has been explained with detailed analysis on information integrity, security, transparency and traceability.

The questions of analysis, research and development of game-theoretic optimization models, methods of informational influence, control and confrontation in multi-criteria information networks are considered. Keywords game and graph models; information network; network game; player coalition model; information management method; agents benefit

2013 ◽  
Vol 482 ◽  
pp. 335-340
Yang Xin Yu ◽  
Liu Yang Wang

In today's network environment, the semantic gap between machine language and human language is the most important challenge of information management. Processing of text plays an important role in information management and knowledge management. In this paper, a proposed method shows how a text is related to its background knowledge. By background knowledge, People mean the parts of domain ontology which are not expressed in the text, but are shared by the creator and potential readers. Given the text-ontology mapping, people may discover the semantic domain of a text and how the text covers the domain knowledge. The semantic relatedness between the concepts mentioned in a text, as a whole unit,and the other concepts of the domain should be measured. This measure is based on the semantic relations defined by the ontology among its concepts. The experimental results prove that proposed method presents better overall performance and is natural way to improve retrieval results of users needed.

1999 ◽  
Vol 5 (3) ◽  
pp. 180-186
Megan Murray ◽  
Jan Mokros ◽  
Andee Rubin

IT IS NO SECRET THAT MIDDLE SCHOOL STUdents spend significant amounts of free time playing software games, many of which fall into the “edutainment” category and many of which engage children in practicing mathematical skills. Middle school children and their parents spend a great deal of money on such software, often in the hopes of raising levels of mathematical achievement. The reasoning is as follows: If mathematical mastery can be accomplished in an entertaining and engaging manner, it is a win-win situation. Drill-and-practice games are especially popular, and in some instances they lead to modest increases in computational speed and accuracy (Becker 1990). But is it possible for children to go beyond drill and practice while using computer games? What are the ingredients of mathematical games that help students deepen their mathematical thinking? And to what extent are effective mathematical games also accessible to a range of children?

2012 ◽  
Vol 214 ◽  
pp. 320-326
Xin Jie Chu

The development of 3-D modeling CAD system on production platforms is mainly discussed in this paper. A suitable petroleum platform design by using software is developed according to the design status of domestic production platforms and the principle of structural life cycle method. The research results have been successfully applied to the 3-D graphic design of production platforms. The design level of offshore platform has been remarkably raised and the design quality has been improved. The technology research on developing method, design analysis method, parameterized modeling method, information management method, version management and etc, and can also be applied to other engineering designs and have certain popularization value.

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