Educational research project in physics based on open data

2022 ◽  
Irina Kuznecova ◽  
Mihail Prohorov

One of the forms of teaching physics in high schools with a natural science specialization and in the junior courses of universities can be an educational research project. The use of modern open scientific data makes it possible to make the project interesting, modern, relevant and multidisciplinary. The implementation of such a project allows the student to understand some areas of modern scientific research and the relationship between various natural sciences. Direct comparison of the project results with published fundamental research and discussion of the differences obtained are possible. As the first example of a training project, the determination of the frequency of asteroids and large meteorites (of the Tunguska and Chelyabinsk class) falling to Earth by counting craters on the surface of the Moon and Mercury is considered. Meets the requirements of the federal state educational standards of higher education of the latest generation. For students of higher educational institutions studying in natural science specialties: physics, astronomy, geography, geology, soil science, biology, etc—, and students of engineering and technical specialties of full-time and distance learning.

2020 ◽  
Vol 12 (2) ◽  
Aleksej Lyalin ◽  
Anton Zozulya ◽  
Tatyana Eremina ◽  
Pavel Zozulya

Companies are poorly satisfied with the level of training of specialists and put forward a number of requirements for specific professional competencies of the applicant in the field of engineering. Building a model of such a specialist is complicated by the fact that engineering services are not part of an independent branch of the national economy of Russia. The training of University students is regulated by Federal state educational standards. For specialists in the field of engineering, it is necessary to involve representatives of the professional community in the development of Professional standards. This will allow us to offer outstanding professional competence in the engineering field, which will meet modern market needs and take into account the experience of the best world practices. Modern specialists in the field of engineering should have a balanced combination of practical programs with traditional training, allowing students to apply their knowledge in real conditions. World experience shows another feature of training these specialists, which is aimed at developing non-technical skills in addition to mastering the basic curriculum in order to professionally succeed. In many respects, the effectiveness of applicants in the engineering field will be determined by their knowledge and skills in the organization and management of key stages of the life cycle of their projects. The state University of management shares its experience in training project-oriented specialists in the field of management and engineering. At the University, the training program is based on engineering education using modern training technologies, methods and tools of project management, as well as direct communication between students and teachers. Active implementation of digital technologies improves academic mobility and contributes to increasing the share of the online segment of educational services.

2011 ◽  
Vol 8 (3) ◽  
pp. 4-5
Liudmila Korozhneva

Beginning of the 21st century - the time of rapid changes. In 2009-2010 in Russian Education has been approved new federal state educational standards for elementary and general education. The basis of the Standard is a systemic-activity approach. The main need is to develop content and technology of education, determine the ways and means to achieve the level of personal and cognitive development of students. Systemic-activity approach as a methodological principle determines the need to study the content of any school subject as a system. Especially the great importance realization of systemic-activity approach gets into natural science education. Realization of systemic-activity approach, which provides a guaranteed achievement of planned results, is possible in applying various educational tech-nologies in science education. The scientific-methodical journal “Natural Science Education” invites the scientists and teachers to take part in discussion of problems of natural science education. Key words: educational standard, systemic-activity approach, content and technology of education, educational technologies.

2019 ◽  
Валентина Софронова ◽  
Valentina Sofronova

The textbook deals with the most topical issues of the theory and practice of financial stability management of credit institutions; approaches to the assessment of financial stability, based on the econometric method of assessing the probability of default of the Bank. Innovations in the field of regulation of various aspects of financial stability assessment and financial stability management in crisis situations are analyzed. The main methods of financial stability assessment used by banking supervision bodies and commercial banks are presented. It contains practical examples of evaluation using the presented techniques, educational tasks, tests, compiled by the author, to verify the knowledge gained by students. Meets the requirements of the Federal state educational standards of higher education of the last generation. It is intended for practical development of students of bachelor's and master's full-time and correspondence forms of training of economic specialties of methods of assessment of financial stability of banks, and also for courses of advanced training of financiers.

Николайкин ◽  
N. Nikolaykin ◽  
Николайкина ◽  
Natal'ya Nikolaykina ◽  
Мелехова ◽  

In the textbook are provided the main data on formation history and developments of ecology as sciences; are considered the main regularities of organisms relationship with the environment at all organization levels; the biosphere in general, limits of its stability; a role and a place of the person in it; and also are stated the reasons and features of ecological crises modern ideas; the undertaken measures on ensuring ecological safety and biosphere and the person sustainable development. Conforms to requirements of higher education Federal State Educational Standards last generation. For students of the higher educational institutions which are trained in the technical and natural-science directions.

Василий Алексеенко ◽  
Vasiliy Alekseenko ◽  
Оксана Жиленко ◽  
Oksana Zhilenko

The manual outlines the basic principles of design of low-rise buildings with walls of autoclaved aerated concrete blocks. Variants of design of low-rise buildings, selection of the main bearing and protecting designs and their connections are considered. The main purpose-to acquaint students and technical workers with the principles of design of buildings with walls of autoclaved aerated concrete blocks, realizing the advantages of autoclaved cellular concretes. Meets the requirements of the Federal state educational standards of higher education of the last generation. For full-time and part-time students of the direction of training "Construction".

2021 ◽  
Vol 3 (37) ◽  
pp. 42-48
Valentina V. Zarubina ◽  
Larisa G. Ladaeva ◽  

The article discusses the issues of organizing design and educational research activities of students using tutoring. The relevance of this topic is due to the need for high-quality implementation of the Federal State Educational Standards of General Education, which formulate the task of forming and developing design and research skills of students. The authors propose criteria and tools for diagnosing the success of tutor support, tested in pedagogical practice, cite the results of diagnostics, testifying to the positive influence of tutor support on the formation of schoolchildren’s internal motives and a steady interest in design and research, on the improvement of students’ skills in choosing a topic and formulating a project and research problem, on an increase in the quality of finished works. The article was prepared on the basis of research materials carried out in 2018–2021 in Ulyanovsk Gymnasium No. 34.

2021 ◽  
Mariya Ermilova ◽  
Elena Altuhova ◽  
Natal'ya Gryzunova ◽  
Ol'ga Zhdanova ◽  
Yuliya Cerceil ◽  

The textbook includes theoretical material on the basics of investment activity, including the concept and essence of investments and their management, the subjects, objects, sources of financing and risks of investment activity are presented. The methodology for ensuring investment activity in real assets and the implementation of investments in financial assets, as well as the economic analysis of investment alternatives, is disclosed. Questions for self-control and situational tasks that complete each chapter will allow you to master the presented material as effectively as possible. Meets the requirements of the federal state educational standards of higher education of the latest generation. For full-time, part-time and part-time students in the areas of training 38.03.01 "Economics", 38.03.02" Management", 38.03.04"State and municipal management".

2021 ◽  
Marina Rogulina ◽  
Tat'yana Kopalina ◽  
Galina Nevedrova ◽  
Natal'ya Mitina ◽  
Inessa Labutina ◽  

The textbook is developed in accordance with the working program of the discipline "Fundamentals of financial literacy". At the present level, the questions devoted to the basics of financial literacy are revealed. The given theoretical material, test and practical tasks contribute to the study of the educational material during independent work, which ensures effective assimilation and practical application of the acquired knowledge. Meets the requirements of the federal state educational standards of secondary vocational education of the latest generation. For full-time and distance learning students of educational organizations of secondary vocational education.

2021 ◽  
Irina Klyuchevskaya

The specifics of the formation and promotion of a hotel product related to the peculiarities of the development of the hotel services market are considered, tools and strategies for promoting a hotel product are analyzed. The issues of advertising and PR activities of hotels, Internet technology of promotion, formation of the image and brand of a hotel enterprise are covered. At the end of each chapter, tasks and questions are given to consolidate the theoretical material. Meets the requirements of the federal state educational standards of higher education of the latest generation. For students of educational institutions of higher education studying in the areas of training 43.03.03 "Hotel business" and 43.03.02 "Tourism" (bachelor's degree level), and for students of secondary vocational education institutions studying in the specialty 43.02.11 "Hotel service". It can be used to train students of organizations of additional professional education, students of both full-time and distance learning, and individual chapters can be useful for college students.

2019 ◽  
Александра Смык ◽  
Aleksandra Smyk ◽  
Галина Тимофеева ◽  
Galina Timofeeva ◽  
Татьяна Ткачева ◽  

The manual is intended for independent work of students of technical universities and other engineering universities associated with the mastery of the basic methods of solving physical problems. Meets the requirements of the Federal state educational standards of higher education of the last generation in the discipline "Physics" for natural science and technical areas of bachelor's degree. It can be used both by students for self-preparation and development of a course of physics, and by teachers for preparation for occupations, and also by all interested in physical bases of natural science.

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