Automatic Trash Segregator With Mobile Application

Engr. Jose Marie B. Dipay

This disquisition was conducted to design, flourish and beforehand perpetrate the Automatic Trash Segregator with Mobile Application. Specifically, it identified the dilemmas encountered in dissociating the junk by the purchasers; the right features of the machine that can be improved to address the dilemmas encountered, and the respondents’ level of espousal of the user toward the enhanced machine when it comes into the field of performance, portability, operability, and efficacy. Today, solid-junk management conditions in the developing world are often quite dire and reminiscent of those found in the enhanced world several generations ago. As the world becomes more urbanized and enhanced consumption rates are on the rise. An inevitable consequence of more consumption is the rapid increase in thenumber of junk that is produced. The impact of inadequate solid junk management practices on natural and human environments is now being acknowledged.Qualitative-quantitative disquisition method was used for this disquisition that utilized a researcher made questionnaires and many interview questions. Traditional junk segregation that may lead to have poor junk disposal, filthiness all over the environment, destruction of the land that our farmers use to grant food for the country, burden of working on junk collection or landfill works and importance for the cleanliness of the country are the dilemmas encountered in dissociating the junk by the purchasers. There are many respondents for this disquisition; I have ten (10) street sweepers and six (6) janitor and janitress and fifty (50) trash collectors. The government or other authorities will accommodate the suitable use of the propose machine to avoid having a problem in dissociating. The schools should also be having a seminar about how the technology helps in make our life easier, with this, they will get an idea to improve or to grant better machine that the proponent made. It is also recommended to have a sensor for biodegradable, thus having more classification in automatic way. There are many possible suitable features for this machine that can be enhanced to address the dilemmas encountered, first is the use of sensors to make the process of junk segregation quick and easy. Next one is the last possible feature, saying that successfully enhanced unit would be a stand-alone machine that will allow a one-at-a-time processing of solid junks, dissociating biodegradable and non-biodegradable. The respondents’ ratings for Automatic Trash Segregator with Mobile Application were extremely receivable in terms of performance (4.62); portability (4.52); operability (4.68); and efficacy (4.59).

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