Enhanced Data Security from Single Clouds to Multiclouds

Umesh Banodha ◽  
Praveen Kumar Kataria

Cloud is an emerging technology that stores the necessary data and electronic form of data is produced in gigantic quantity. It is vital to maintain the efficacy of this data the need of data recovery services is highly essential. Cloud computing is anticipated as the vital foundation for the creation of IT enterprise and it is an impeccable solution to move databases and application software to big data centers where managing data and services is not completely reliable. Our focus will be on the cloud data storage security which is a vital feature when it comes to giving quality service. It should also be noted that cloud environment comprises of extremely dynamic and heterogeneous environment and because of high scale physical data and resources, the failure of data centre nodes is completely normal.Therefore, cloud environment needs effective adaptive management of data replication to handle the indispensable characteristic of the cloud environment. Disaster recovery using cloud resources is an attractive approach and data replication strategy which attentively helps to choose the data files for replication and the strategy proposed tells dynamically about the number of replicas and effective data nodes for replication. Thus, the objective of future algorithm is useful to help users together the information from a remote location where network connectivity is absent and secondly to recover files in case it gets deleted or wrecked because of any reason. Even, time oriented problems are getting resolved so in less time recovery process is executed.

2020 ◽  
Aumreesh Kumar ◽  
Shivendra Dubey ◽  
M Arshad ◽  
Shivani Saxena ◽  
Sitesh Kumar Sinha ◽  

2019 ◽  
Vol 7 (2) ◽  
pp. 144-147
Manoj V. Bramhe ◽  
Dr. Milind V. Sarode ◽  
Dr. Meenakshi S. Arya

2015 ◽  
pp. 2274-2287
Yaser Jararweh ◽  
Ola Al-Sharqawi ◽  
Nawaf Abdulla ◽  
Lo'ai Tawalbeh ◽  
Mohammad Alhammouri

In recent years Cloud computing has become the infrastructure which small and medium-sized businesses are increasingly adopting for their IT and computational needs. It provides a platform for high performance and throughput oriented computing, and massive data storage. Subsequently, novel tools and technologies are needed to handle this new infrastructure. One of the biggest challenges in this evolving field is Cloud storage security, and accordingly we propose new optimized techniques based on encryption process to achieve better storage system security. This paper proposes a symmetric block algorithm (CHiS-256) to encrypt Cloud data in efficient manner. Also, this paper presents a novel partially encrypted metadata-based data storage. The (CHiS-256) cipher is implemented as part of the Cloud data storage service to offer a secure, high-performance and throughput Cloud storage system. The results of our proposed algorithm are promising and show the methods to be advantageous in Cloud massive data storage and access applications.

2014 ◽  
Vol 13 (7) ◽  
pp. 4625-4632
Jyh-Shyan Lin ◽  
Kuo-Hsiung Liao ◽  
Chao-Hsing Hsu

Cloud computing and cloud data storage have become important applications on the Internet. An important trend in cloud computing and cloud data storage is group collaboration since it is a great inducement for an entity to use a cloud service, especially for an international enterprise. In this paper we propose a cloud data storage scheme with some protocols to support group collaboration. A group of users can operate on a set of data collaboratively with dynamic data update supported. Every member of the group can access, update and verify the data independently. The verification can also be authorized to a third-party auditor for convenience.

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