scholarly journals Effects of Vertical Ground Motion on Flat Slab Structure

Jaydeep H. Chotaliya ◽  
Dipak K. Jivani
2020 ◽  
Vol 47 (7) ◽  
pp. 790-800 ◽  
Hadi Aryan ◽  
Mehdi Ghassemieh

Field evidence of recent earthquakes shows serious bridge damages due to the direct compression or tension in the columns and some flexural and shear failures caused by the variation in axial force of the columns. These damages could not be produced solely by the horizontal seismic excitations; the vertical component of the earthquake is involved. This paper presents a numerical study highlighting the presence of vertical seismic excitation. Nonlinear time history analyses are conducted on detailed three-dimensional models of multi-span simply supported and multi-span continuous bridges using a suite of representative ground motions. The results showed the significant influence of vertical excitation on the bridge responses. Therefore, it is imperative to include more efficient criteria to upgrade the design codes and extend practical techniques that consider and cope with the structural effects of vertical ground motion along with the horizontal excitations.

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