scholarly journals Finding Out the Influence of Marketing Mix on Attitude of Customers for Providing Online Reviews

Priyo Das ◽  
Pranam Dhar
Evi Mariana

The purpose of this study was to analyze the factors that influence the decisionof the students chose to study in Obstetrics Prodi STIKES Muhammadiyah Ciamis and analyze the factors that most influence the decision of the students chose to study in Obstetrics Prodi STIKES Muhammadiyah Ciamis. Collecting data in this study was conducted using a survey by questionnaire to 114 students by stratified random sampling method. Methods of data analysis using multiple linear regression, F test and test T. The result is a marketing mix that significantly is the product, place, and physical evidence. And that does not affect the marketing mix is price, promotion, place, and processes

Liquidity ◽  
2018 ◽  
Vol 7 (2) ◽  
pp. 97-107
Esust Setiawati

This study aims to analyze how strategic management in the Firta Collection Boutique to develop its business, especially in providing services to customers. The method used in this research is a qualitative method that includes Marketing Mix (4P Analysis) and SWOT Analysis, to find out what external factors are opportunities or threats to the Firta Collection Boutique. The results of the study show that the strategies adopted by the Firta Collection Boutique are still inappropriate and need to use other strategies. Changes in the external environment have continued to increase so that it is an opportunity and anticipates threats by utilizing strengths and minimizing weaknesses by innovating and improving approaches and gaining customer trust in product quality, in order to compete in the fashion sector.

Nazwirman Nazwirman ◽  
Efendy Zein

The research objective describes an integrated marketing communication strategy in developing Sakura Syariah Hotel to see a comprehensive marketing communication strategy. Hotel Sakura Syariah is a 3-star syariah concept hotel which has 70 rooms. The analytical method uses the 7P (marketing mix) approach. The research results to increase the number of guests staying the strategy consisted of products, which offer a sharia concept with various types of representative rooms. Pricing, using the appropriate price preferences. Place, hotel location that is close to the center of the district capital and easy access. Promotion, with direct selling in accordance with local government and private selling by participating in various marketing events, sales proposals and advertising. People, conduct trainings to improve human resource capabilities. Physical evidence, a physical building that has Sharia characters and is supported by fairly good technology. Process, reservation service is quite fast and excellent. The development of this Sayriah hotel must be supported by related parties, especially the local government in order to increase the number of hotel guests

2018 ◽  
Vol 2018 ◽  
pp. 200-200
Kok Wei Khong ◽  
Fon Sim Ong ◽  
Babajide AbuBakr Muritala ◽  
Ken Kyid Yeoh

2020 ◽  
Vol 4 (02) ◽  
Farida Nur Solikhah ◽  
Bambang Mursito ◽  
Supawi Pawenang

This study aims to analyze the effect of the marketing mix strategy on customer decisions at Toko Sugeng. This research uses the mix method. The strategy used is squential explanatory. The research were obtained from questionnaires, interviews, observation and documentation. The population in this study are all customers who have made repeat purchases. Samples taken as many as 100 customers. Result research shows the effect of price on customer satisfaction is 14,726%. The effect of the product on customer satisfaction is 13.764%. Effect of location on customer satisfaction of 18,470%. The effect of promotion on customer satisfaction is equal to 37.074%. The effect of price, product, location, and promotion on customer satisfaction is 84%. The marketing strategy applied by Toko Sugeng in increasing customer satisfaction, namely by implementing a marketing formulation strategy, segmenting, targeting, positioning and the marketing mix strategy or marketing mix which consists of four elements, namely product, price, place, promotion. The purpose of this is to attract buyers and retain existing customers. Toko Sugeng uses a SWOT analysis for improve customer satisfaction. In the calculation of the SWOT analysis both in terms of the matrix, EFAS and IFAS and the Cartesian diagram, show that Toko Sugeng is in the quadrant I position, namely (+, +). This position proves a strong and likely shop. Tactic recommendations given is progressive. So that it is really possible to continue to expand, enlarge growth and achieve maximum progress. Keywords: marketing mix, strategy, customer satisfaction

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