scholarly journals Damage localization and quantification in the Catwalk of Foroozan offshore complex using improved modal strain energy method

2021 ◽  
Vol 5 (2) ◽  
pp. 11-21
Mehdi Alavinezhad ◽  
Madjid Ghodsi Hassanabad ◽  
Mohammad Javad Ketabdari ◽  
Masood Nekooei ◽  
Hoi Wai Shih ◽  
David Thambiratnam ◽  
Tommy Chan

Assessing the structural health state of urban infrastructure is crucial in terms of infrastructure sustainability. This chapter uses dynamic computer simulation techniques to apply a procedure using vibration-based methods for damage assessment in multiple-girder composite bridges. In addition to changes in natural frequencies, this multi-criteria procedure incorporates two methods, namely, the modal flexibility and the modal strain energy method. Using the numerically simulated modal data obtained through finite element analysis software, algorithms based on modal flexibility and modal strain energy change, before and after damage, are obtained and used as the indices for the assessment of structural health state. The feasibility and capability of the approach is demonstrated through numerical studies of a proposed structure with six damage scenarios. It is concluded that the modal strain energy method is capable of application to multiple-girder composite bridges, as evidenced through the example treated in this chapter.

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