Implementation Of Regulation Of The Minister Of Kominfo Number 20 2016 In Disdukcapil Sleman, Temanggung, And Gianyar District

abstrakpenelitian ini dilatarbelakangi oleh menguatnya wacana mengenai pentingnya perlindungan data pribadi  dan terbitnya peraturan menteri komunikasi dan informatika nomor 20 tahun 2016 tentang perlindungan data pribadi dalam sistem elektronik. adapun tujuan penelitian adalah untuk mengetahui kinerja implementasi peraturan menteri tersebut di lingkungan pemerintah kabupaten. penelitian  dilakukan di dinas kependudukan dan pencatatan sipil pada pemerintah kabupaten gianyar, temanggung, dan sleman dengan menggunakan metode studi kasus, sedangkan pengum­pu­lan data menggunakan teknik studi pustaka, wawancara, dan observasi. pembahasan dilakukan dengan menggunakan konsep implemen­tasi model edwards yang melihat implementasi berdasarkan variabel komunikasi, sumber-sumber, kecenderungan-kecenderu­ngan, dan struk­tur birokrasi. hasil penelitian menunjuk­kan bahwa penyelenggaraan administrasi kependudukan yang di dalamnya termasuk perlindungan data pribadi oleh dinas kependudukan dan pencatatan sipil merujuk pada peraturan menteri dalam negeri nomor 61 tahun 2015, sedangkan peraturan menteri komunikasi dan informatika nomor 20 tahun 2016 sama sekali belum mereka ketahui. abstractthis research is motivated by the strengthening of discourse regarding the importance of protecting personal data and the issuance of minister of communication and information regulation no. 20 of 2016 concerning protection of personal data in electronic systems. the research objective is to determine the performance of the implementation of the ministerial regulation within the district government. the study was conducted at the department of population and civil registration at the government of the regency of gianyar, temanggung, and sleman by using a case study method, while data collection using literature study techniques, interviews, and observations. the discussion was carried out using the concept of implementation of edwards model that looked at implementation based on communication variables, sources, trends, and bureaucratic structure. the results showed that the administration of population administration which included the protection of personal data by the population and civil registry office referred to the minister of home affairs regulation no. 61 of 2015, while the minister of communication and information regulation no. 20 of 2016 was completely unknown to them Show More ... ... Show Less

  • Personal Data
  • Case Study
  • Data Collection
  • District Government
  • Edwards Model
The Influence Of Digital Media Use On Sales Level Of Culinary Package Product Among Female Entrepreneur

the development of new media has changed the pattern of communication and market interaction. cyberspace is a modern business model that provides space for buying and selling transactions. it requires entrepreneur to master technology, including womanpreneur. its appearance is triggered by the facilities and opportunities of social media technology. this quantitative-descriptive research focus on the positive influence of digital media to increase the sales of specialty food products among womanpreneur in makassar. the number of sample is 139 respondents, who are micro entrepreneurs and has been established at least six months and used social media were facebook or instagram. the independent variable is digital media utilization (x), the control variable is marketing mix (z), and the dependent variable is level of sales (y). the results of this research obtained that the variable digital media utilization (x) and marketing mix (z) has an influence on the level of sales (y). h1 is accepted whereas h0 is rejected, stating that digital media (e-marketing) utilizatin is a positive influence on increasing the sales of specialty food products among womanpreneurs in makassar Show More ... ... Show Less

  • Digital Media
  • Social Media
  • Food Products
  • Positive Influence
  • Marketing Mix
Implementasi Metode Action Research Untuk Peningkatan Daya Saing Umkm Melalui E-Commerce

bandung city has binong jati knitting textile center established since 1965. this region is famous to neighboring countries because its knitted products are exported to singapore, brunei darussalam, and malaysia. wanina store and karimake store is a production house located in binong knitting village. production capacity has decreased significantly due to decreased sales volume so that it affects the level of business profits and impact on the low level of production. these smes are still using conventional ways in marketing their products and their knowledge in innovating technology is still low. both partners are still using traditional marketing methods. they have not taken advantage of the existing marketplace or social media, due to the level of skills in the mastery and utilization of information technology is very low. so, the solution to the problem is (1) create an e-commerce-based website to increase market share expansion and sales management. (2) provide training on the use of e-commerce that has been made. (3) provide training on the utilization of top 5 popular. the research method used in this research is the action research method and to measure the success of the system that has been implemented using the delone & mc lean framework.keywords : action research, smes, e-commerce, improving, delone &mc lean Show More ... ... Show Less

  • Action Research
  • Research Method
  • Information Technology
  • Social Media
  • Brunei Darussalam
Relation Of Media On Adolescents’ Reproductive Health Attitude And Behaviour

media as a tool that is widely used by adolescents in seeking information has an impact on their attitudes and behavior, including adolescent reproductive health behaviors. this article aimed to determine the relationship of the media with adolescent reproductive health attitudes and behaviors. the research design was a cross-sectional approach. data collection was done through questionnaires and were analyzed using frequency distribution and chi-square test. the population of this study were students of smpn and sman in kabupaten bandung totaling 12,000, samples were selected by stratified random sampling and totaling 668 students. the results found that the handbook (p = 0.31), newspapers (p = 0.46), tv (p = 0.63), radio (p = 1.00), vcd (p = 0.92), and the internet (p = 0.13) had no relationship with attitude. however, internet (p = 0.03), newspapers (p = 0.01), and radio (p = 0.02) related to behavior, while handbooks (p = 0.14), tv (p = 0.49), and vcd (p = 1.00) did not have relationship with behavior. media of internet, radio, and newspapers relate to adolescent reproductive health behavior. the media can be used as a means of education in adolescents, especially behavior about adolescent reproductive health.keywords: attitude, adolescent reproductive health, behavior , media Show More ... ... Show Less

  • Adolescent Reproductive Health
  • Health Behavior
  • The Media
  • Attitudes And Behaviors
Kerukunan Dalam Komunikasi Antar Kelompok Agama Islam Dan Hindu Di Lombok

it is not easy to reach a harmonious society in a multicultural country, the absence of good communication between stakeholders and groups that are related can create conflict. one of the key variables in fostering and realizing harmony is tolerance. the lombok region which is the majority inhabited by muslim communities can live in harmony and side by side with hindu community. based on the data obtained, lombok is the city with the highest level of tolerance. this study examines how harmony can be created there and how the role of communication in creating harmony and communication between the two groups of different religions. this research was conducted with qualitative methods with a case study approach. research data was obtained from interviews and observations. the results show that hindu groups in lombok live in the lingsar region and in the area get along well because there are several factors, namely time, intermarriage, religion, and interaction. communication also has a role in creating harmony because the basic condition of interaction is the existence of communication.keywords : coordinated management of meaning Show More ... ... Show Less

  • Case Study
  • Qualitative Methods
  • Harmonious Society
  • Hindu Community
Eksperimen Naïve Bayes Pada Deteksi Berita Hoax Berbahasa Indonesia

website and blog are popular as a media to spread news. the validity of an article of news’s can either be valid or fake. a fake article of news is usually called a hoax news article. the purpose of making hoax news is to persuade, manipulate, affect to people to do something that contradicts or prevents the right action. a hoax news usually used threats or misleading information to make them believe things that are not real. this research proposes an experiment using naïve bayes to detect hoax news in bahasa indonesia. in this research, we use our own dataset consisting of a total of 600 valid and hoax articles. we asked three reviewers to conduct manual classification for our dataset. final tagging was obtained by adopting the maximum score from the three reviewers. in our experiment, we show that naïve bayes can classify indonesian online news articles with term frequency feature using the php-ml library component’s. we obtained an accuracy is 82.6% with static testing and 68.33% with dynamic testing. we give free access to the dataset so the future research can replicate, comparing the result and make a baseline testing.keywords : hoax news detection, naïve bayes classifier Show More ... ... Show Less

  • Naive Bayes
  • Naïve Bayes
  • Frequency Feature
  • Bahasa Indonesia
  • Manual Classification
Evaluasi Sistem Pemerintahan Berbasis Elektronik Menggunakan E-Government Maturity Model (Kasus Di Pemerintah Kota Gorontalo

utilization of information and communication technology in the implementation of the current government process is a priority scale that needs to be continuously developed by the government. in its implementation there is a problem that is the lack of an evaluation process carried out, especially at the level of local government towards the use of information and communication technology. the purpose of this research is to evaluated of an electronics based governance system by measuring the maturity level. measuring the maturity level on  the technical function capability using e-government maturity models and assessing 3 domains, 7 aspects and 35 indicators contained in an electronic based governance system. the research method used is survey method, in the environtment of government of gorontalo city. the results of this research showed that the implementation of an electronic based government system in the government of gorontalo city achieve “good” predicate with a total index value of 2.88. some indicators that have the lowest indeks value from the measurement and assessment results are informed in this study to further become recommendations for improvement the utilization of information and communication technology by the government of gorontalo city.keywords : evaluation, information technology, public service, maturity level Show More ... ... Show Less

  • Information And Communication Technology
  • Maturity Level
  • The Government

in the last five years, the number of smes in indonesia has continued to increase. however, only 4.9% made use of digital access as a sales medium, either through social media or e-commerce. in 2017, the number of smes going online increase to 8%, and is targeted to increase in 2018 by the minister of cooperatives and smes of the republic of indonesia. increasing e-commerce is a challenge for bukalapak. to continue to maintain its exixtance, bukalapak formed the ‘komunitas pelapak’ as a communication network between ‘pelapak’ (seller) in each region. this community allows pelapak to share strategies to increase productivity. this study aims to describe the communication network of ‘komunitas pelapak’ in the jakarta area and analyze it’s role in improving the productivity of pelapak in the community. this research method is qualitative descriptive using a case study spproach. the study, which used in-depth interview techniques with members of the komunitas bukalapak jakarta area, found that within the bukalapak community in jakarta, there were four (4) individuals who were chosen by members of the community. the four individuals constitute opinion leaders who are active in providing information and motivation to other community members through social media channels, the whatsapp group of the bukalapak community, and offline activities such as ‘kopdar’ and social activities. by communicating with information and motivation in every community activity, it can increase enthusiasm and innovation for the products and also the sales method. this will ultimately increase the productivity of community members in doing business in the world of e-commerce Show More ... ... Show Less

  • Social Media
  • Communication Network
  • Community Members
  • Case Study
  • The World

academic inbreeding is a practice of educational institution which hires their graduates in their institutions. research about academic inbreeding has been done in many countries. academic inbreeding research in indonesia has not been done yet so far. the present research purposed to show the existence of academic inbreeding in indonesia. field of communication which selected in this research because the number of doctoral program and master of communication science still limited. this problem brings up an assumption that the institutions which have doctoral program tend to have academic inbreeding. the result of his research found that academic inbreeding affected by geographical factors, historical factors, and university status Show More ... ... Show Less

  • Academic Inbreeding
  • Doctoral Program
  • Educational Institution
  • Science Program
  • Historical Factors

abstract the latest news about the celebrities can not only be obtained from television infotainment only, but also through gossip accounts in social media. one of them in instagram account @ lambe_turah. this account is very profitable for business because it can be a media promotion of various products. but by revealing the privacy of people without thinking about the implications and reactions of society because it becomes a problem. until here hegemony (power) as a social media seems to dominate this phenomenon. therefore, the purpose of this study is to get an overview of the economic, social and political hegemony of social media on the @lambe_turahgossip account. this research method using literature study. the results conclude that the economic strength of @ lambe_turah can be seen from the messages distributed simultaneously, when and where it can be accepted by its followers consisting of various audiences’ class. with the number of millions followers, @lambe_turah enter the line of endorsement programs that generate economic benefits. political hegemony @ lambe_turah can be seen freely they post any news about the celebrities either the positive or negative. this unlimited power has made @lambe_turah several times having problems with a number of artists especially if the news is negative. while the cultural hegemony in @ lambe_turah is symmetrically illustrated by the many postings that are like and commented on indicate that netizen's attention is very high. @lambe_turah also has a major influence in the formation of public opinion. keywords: hegemony, social media, gossip account, instagram, lambe_turah Show More ... ... Show Less

  • Social Media
  • Public Opinion
  • Research Method
  • Cultural Hegemony
  • Very High

every companies that run the business, they always focus on distributing products and services to all of their consumers in public. companies, must be able to create strategies to broaden distribution action and awareness about the company itself. customers, residing in the public have the right to understand a product or service that is, and without any doubt they have to be always able to obtain information about the company. in today's era, ideally it is no longer difficult to get any information with the help of internet. similarly, the ideal company has been optimizing the use of the internet as a performance tool. the author of this research, put forward the concept that can bridge the company with consumers through the relationship with using microblogging available on social media that is twitter. public relations practitioners, can communicate further to conduct a communication campaign on the increasingly segmented consumer, thanks to twitter and the delivery of information is now not limited space and time.keywords : microblogging, twitter, social media, public relations, communication Show More ... ... Show Less

  • Social Media
  • Public Relations
  • The Internet
  • Limited Space
  • The Ideal

the main tasks of the computer laboratory staff are: practical administration services, preparation ofpracticum, recruitment and guidance of computer lab assistants, monitoring and supervising theimplementation of practicum and practice test. selection of laboratory staff at this time made only directappointment by the leadership so the performance of staff is not good because the selected staff not inaccordance with the expertise it has. from these problems will be raised research comparative method ofsimple additive weighting (saw) and analytical hierarcy process (ahp) for selection of computerlaboratory staff in stmik widya cipta dharma samarinda. the comparative results resulting from thesimple additive weighting (saw) method and the analytical hierartical process (ahp) method recommendthe appropriate analytical hierartical process (ahp) method in the selection of laboratory staff, where theanalytical hierarchical process (ahp) method is considered appropriate to represent natural thinking tendto group system elements to different levels of each level containing similar elements so it is better to use forthe selection of laboratory staff that involves many criteria with different hierarchy levels. in addition, the32ahp method also provides measurement scales and methods to get priority for all hierarchy criteria, sinceeach criterion has unequal priorities.keyword :comparative, simple additive weighting (saw), analytical hierarchy process (ahp),computerlaboratory staff selection Show More ... ... Show Less

  • Laboratory Staff
  • Ahp Method
  • Simple Additive Weighting
  • Similar Elements

abstractthe problems that occur when the housewife working as female labor (tkw) abroad, causing the relationship of communication patterns with the family is not running effectively, and no attention to children left behind, so the child does not get the full affection of his mother. to bridge the child in protection and compassion, the obligations and responsibilities of caring for, educating and raising children are left to the nuclear family and extended family. the applicable patterns of communication are the stimulus-response model, the abx model, the interactional model. the purpose of the study describes the communication patterns of tkw families. determination of infroman with the technique of snow ball (snowball technique). research location in polorejo village, district of babadan, regency of ponorogo. the results of this study that the errors of communication patterns to children can lead to personal deviant children such as materialistic, child delinquency, promiscuity of children, and other deviant behavior. while the pattern of communication between father / husband to the wife abroad that is not intertwined in an intense and effective, it can cause berbabagi problems in family relationships such as divorce.keywords: communication pattern, family, tkw Show More ... ... Show Less

  • Communication Patterns
  • Extended Family
  • Patterns Of Communication
  • The Family
  • Children Left Behind

health is the main factor that attracts the public attention today. in an effort to improve the quality of social welfare and public health, the government also conducts health promotion of family planning programs (kb) in various regions. this family planning program has various options, but the government currently being pushed is the use of kb iud. this health promotion activity also took place in the village of cimanggu, west bung. dinas kesehatan cooperate with cimanggu village to conduct health promotion of kb iud program. but, in fact, the program is not as easy as it thinks. therefore, the authors raised this study which aims to determine the barriers of communication in the health promotion of family planning program (kb) iud in cimanggu village, west bandung. the research approach is qualitative approach with descriptive method. in determining informant, writer use purposive sampling technique, got 4 person informant. the data collection techniques are observation, interview, and documentation study. the results of the research show that communication barriers in health promotion of iud family planning program in cimanggu village, west bupang regency cover: (1) education barrier of cimanggu villagers as communicant in health promotion program of iud family planning program; (2) cultural barriers of cimanggu villagers, which are still strong with the values of local wisdom developed in cimanggu village; (3) psychological barriers, feelings of fear and fear of excessive pain experienced by the society, certainly in this case is women in the productive age Show More ... ... Show Less

  • Health Promotion
  • Family Planning Program
  • Communication Barriers

this paper aims to describe the implementation of the broadcasting act as a policy of multicultural communication in indonesian television. this is the government's attempt to control foreign cultural imperialism. through the broadcasting act, the government of indonesia seeks to protect indonesian culture and encourage the emergence of multicultural values on indonesian television. but now local culture on indonesian television face the hegemony and invasion of foreign cultures. this is relevant with cultural imperialism theory that western media has dominated the world. in fact, the indonesian broadcasting act faces media capitalism and cultural imperialism. therefore, the indonesian broadcasting commission and the public need to work together to maintain the value of indonesian multiculturalism not to be displaced by foreign cultures.keywords: multicultural communication, broadcasting act, television, cultural imperialism Show More ... ... Show Less

  • Cultural Imperialism
  • Local Culture
  • The Public
  • The World
  • Western Media