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2022 ◽  
Vol 24 (4) ◽  
pp. 19-24
Valery V. Zaitsev ◽  
Alexander V. Karlov

For sampling of time in a differential equation of movement of Thomson type oscillator (generator) it is offered to use a combination of the numerical method of finite differences and an asymptotic method of the slowl-changing amplitudes. The difference approximations of temporal derivatives are selected so that, first, to save conservatism and natural frequency of the linear circuit of self-oscillatory system in the discrete time. Secondly, coincidence of the difference shortened equation for the complex amplitude of self-oscillations in the discrete time with Eulers approximation of the shortened equation for amplitude of self-oscillations in analog system prototype is required. It is shown that realization of such approach allows to create discrete mapping of the van der Pol oscillator and a number of mappings of Thomson type oscillators. The adequacy of discrete models to analog prototypes is confirmed with also numerical experiment.

2022 ◽  
pp. 2110198
Victor D. Li ◽  
John T. Li ◽  
Jacob L. Beckham ◽  
Weiyin Chen ◽  
Bing Deng ◽  

Devin Crichton ◽  
Moumita Aich ◽  
Adam Amara ◽  
Kevin Bandura ◽  
Bruce A. Bassett ◽  

2022 ◽  
Jiayi Fan ◽  
Andrew T Moreno ◽  
Alexander S Baier ◽  
Joseph J Loparo ◽  
Craig L Peterson

The histone variant H2A.Z is a conserved feature of nucleosomes flanking protein-coding genes. Deposition of H2A.Z requires ATP-dependent replacement of nucleosomal H2A by a chromatin remodeler related to the multi-subunit enzyme, yeast SWR1C. How these enzymes use ATP to promote this nucleosome editing reaction remains unclear. Here we use single-molecule and ensemble methodologies to identify three ATP-dependent phases in the H2A.Z deposition reaction. Real-time analysis of single nucleosome remodeling events reveals an initial, priming step that occurs after ATP addition that likely involves transient DNA unwrapping from the nucleosome. Priming is followed by rapid loss of histone H2A, which is subsequently released from the H2A.Z nucleosomal product. Surprisingly, the rates of both priming and the release of the H2A/H2B dimer are sensitive to ATP concentration. This complex reaction pathway provides multiple opportunities to regulate the timely and accurate deposition of H2A.Z at key genomic locations.

Aron Laxdal ◽  
Andreas Ivarsson

The purpose of this study was to examine the relationship between legal stops and winning in team handball. Real-time analysis was performed on all games played in the Icelandic elite division for both males and females (regular season and playoffs) between 2017–2021 (854 games [570 male games, 284 female games], 32,392 legal stops in total). Legal stops were assessed as any physical action by a defensive player that resulted in the stop of play, without the defensive player being penalized or the offensive player receiving a 7-meter throw. The results from a multinomial logistic regression analysis indicated that legal stops were significantly associated with winning games in the male league. No statistically significant relationship was found between illegal stops and game outcome for either sex. However, 2-minute suspensions were found to be positively associated with winning in the male league.

2022 ◽  
Vol 2022 ◽  
pp. 1-14
Qihui Peng ◽  
Wen-ming Cheng ◽  
Peng Guo ◽  
Hongyu Jia

Assessing the seismic performance of the gantry crane is significant since the structure is more vulnerable to earthquakes with the increase in size and lifting weight capacity. This paper aims to investigate the seismic response of the gantry crane incorporating near-field ground motions using incremental dynamic and endurance time analysis (IDA and ETA) methods. To model the structure accurately, a nonlinear finite element model of the gantry crane considering the viscoelastic effect is developed in the OpenSees platform. Then, the IDA method is also carried out for a comparison with the ETA method. The results of the two methods are consistent with a correlation of 93.9% while the computational demand of the ETA method is much less than those of the IDA method. To study further, both the seismic incident angle and the application of viscous dampers using the Maxwell model are analyzed and discussed in detail. The results show that seismic incident angle has a distinct influence on the maximum seismic displacement and viscous dampers can significantly reduce the seismic demand of the gantry crane. These findings support the seismic design of gantry cranes and evaluate the structural seismic performance efficiently.

Chi-Yat Lau ◽  
Man-Ching Yuen ◽  
Ka-Ho Yueng ◽  
Cheuk-Pan Fan ◽  
On-Yi Ko ◽  

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