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2022 ◽  
Vol 3 (2) ◽  
pp. 295-302
Ni Wayan Suardiati Putri ◽  
Kadek Suryati ◽  
Ketut Sepdyana Kartini ◽  
Ni Wayan Eka Wijayanti ◽  
I Wayan Gede Wardika ◽  

From the results of discussions conducted with the Principal of the Kindergarten School. Kartika, it was agreed that the problems that were resolved in this activity were: 1) So that Partners had fun gardening media; 2) So that Partners have knowledge and skills in managing hydroponic gardens. The agreed solutions to solve the problems faced by Partners are as follows: 1) Procurement of hydroponic gardening equipment, so that gardening becomes cleaner and more attractive; 2) Training on hydroponic gardening procedures for teachers. The results of the activity showed that there was an increase in teachers' understanding of hydroponic farming by 90%. Besides that, there is also an increase in teacher skills in hydroponic farming as shown by good plant growth during the harvest period.

2022 ◽  
Vol 6 (1) ◽  
Nur Aida ◽  
Nursalam Nursalam ◽  
Rosleny Babo

Nur Aida, 2021. Implementation of teacher skills in varying social studies learning through online learning at Inpres Layang Elementary School, Makassar City. Supervised by Nursalam and Rosleny Babo. This research includes qualitative descriptive research. This study aims to determine the skills of teachers in varying IPS through online learning. The results of the study showed that the implementation of teacher skills in varying social studies learning at Inpres Layang Elementary School Makassar, namely a) Variation skills in teaching styles, b) Skills to open and close lessons, c) Skills to explain, d) Skills to ask, e) Skills to provide reinforcement, and f) Class management skills. 2. The results of the interview on the implementation of Teacher Skills in Social Studies Learning through online learning at Inpres Layang Elementary School, Makassar City a) The reaction of students who do not understand online learning, students are very bored because sometimes they do not listen b) Students do not like social studies in online learning by reason of the network less clear and intermittent voice, c) The method used is the lecture method, and the assignment method, and uses the powerpoint media. d) Students like the lecture and assignment method. e) The efforts taken by the teacher in overcoming the difficulties of learning social studies in online learning by reading a lot, students must be trained to be able to listen to learning and arrange the best possible schedule. f) Factors that cause difficulties in online learning, namely students' internal factors, and technical and external factors. g) make use of technology in learning using more via zoom. 3. Implementation of Teacher Skills in Varying Social Studies Learning through Online Learning, the teacher activates students during social studies learning activities through online learning, where students are given assignments, and use power points.Keywords: Teacher Skilss, Learning Variation, Online Learning

2022 ◽  
Vol 6 ◽  
Azam Syukur Rahmatullah ◽  
E. Mulyasa ◽  
Syahrani Syahrani ◽  
Fien Pongpalilu ◽  
Riana Eka Putri

This study aims to explain the challenges of teachers in the digital era 4.0 and readiness to face these challenges. Through literature review. The author explains that there are several ways to face challenges education in the era of the industrial revolution 4.0 through capacity building and teacher skills by playing an active role in school. In addition, this research is to see the role of digital in education and student psychology. This research is a descriptive qualitative research. Data was collected by means of observation, interviews, and giving a questionnaire. The analysis technique uses interpretive analysis of the results of activities based on instruments. The results showed that the digital era 4.0 considered important for teachers to master in the 21st century, including the ability of teachers to use digital-based learning media. While the teacher develops psychology, namely the ability to creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, communication, innovation, problem solving, ICT skills, and character.

2021 ◽  
Vol 1 (2) ◽  
pp. 70-78
Aria Bayu Setiaji ◽  
Enggal Mursalin

Abstrak: Media pembelajaran berperan penting dalam menunjang proses pembelajaran. Terlebih, adanya pandemi Covid-19 yang menyebabkan bentuk pembelajaran berubah menjadi pembelajaran jarak jauh (daring). Untuk itu, guru perlu memiliki keterampilan dalam membuat media pembelajaran untuk menunjang hal tersebut. Pelaksanaan kegiatan Pengabdian kepada Masyarakat (PkM) ini bertujuan untuk meningkatkan keterampilan guru dalam membuat media pembelajarn dengan menggunakan aplikasi AZ screen recorder. Melalui kegiatan PkM dalam bentuk pelatihan ini guru-guru diharapkan, 1) memiliki motivasi dalam menggunakan media pembelajran; dan 2) memiliki keterampilan dalam membuat media pembelajaran. Peserta pelatihan yakni sebanyak 22 orang guru-guru Yayasan Al-Ansor Kota Ambon yang terdiri dari guru MI. MTs, dan MA. Kegiatan pelatihan ini dilaksanakan melalui metode ceramah, diskusi interaktif dan demonstrasi. Pelatihan ini menunjukan hasil yakni, 1) meningkatnya motivasi gugu-guru dalam menggunakan media pembelajaran, 2) guru-guru memiliki keterampilan dalam membuat media pembelajaran (video) menggunakan aplikasi AZ screen recorder. Kegitan pelatihan yang dilakukan berjalan dengan lancar dan sesuai dengan tujuan yang diharapkan. Dari 22 peserta, tercatat 20 peserta telah berhasil membuat video pembelajaran menggunakan aplikasi AZ screen recorder.Kata Kunci: pelatihan guru; video pembelajaran; AZ screen recorder; pembelajaran daring; pandemi covid-19Abstract:  Learning media plays an important role in supporting the learning process. Moreover, the Covid-19 pandemic has caused the form of learning to change to online learning. For this reason, teachers need to have skills in making learning media to support this. The implementation of this Community Service (PkM) activity aims to improve teacher skills in making learning media using the AZ screen recorder application. Through PkM activities in the form of this training, teachers are expected to 1) have motivation in using learning media; and 2) have skills in making learning media. The training participants were 22 teachers from the Yayasan Al-Ansor in Ambon City, consisting of MI, MTs, and MA teachers. This training activity is carried out through lecture methods, interactive discussions, and demonstrations. This training shows the results, namely, 1) increased motivation of teachers in using learning media, 2) teachers have skills in making learning media (video) using the AZ screen recorder application. The training activities carried out ran smoothly and in accordance with the expected goals. Of the 22 participants, 20 participants have succeeded in making learning videos using the AZ screen recorder application.Keywords: teacher training, learning videos, AZ Screen Recorder, covid-19 pandemic

2021 ◽  
Vol 1 (2) ◽  
pp. 60-72
Nur Ismiati ◽  
Zaenal Mustakim ◽  
Saefudin Zuhri ◽  
Umi Mahmudah

One manifestation of teacher leadership is the existence of classroom management. For this reason, if teacher leadership is associated with teacher skills in classroom management, there is a very close relationship. The higher the quality of classroom management, the better the teacher’s leadership. Then further in a learning process in the classroom, it is expected to be able to create positive behavior when students are participating in learning activities. But in reality forming positive behavior when student are taking part in learning is not easy, it is necessary to have quality leadership and be accompained managment skills.the purpose of this study was to determine the effect of teacher ledership and classroom management skills on student learning behavior. Based on the result of the multiple linear based on the result of the multiple linear regression equation test conducted by the researcher, it can be concluded that teacher leadership and classroom management skills have an influence on student behavior. This is evidenced by the acquisition of the calculated F value 32,075 > F table 4,02

Oksana Tsiuniak  ◽  
Halyna Rozlutska 

The article actualizes the problem of introduction blended learning in higher education institutions during the quarantine period caused by the spread of corona virus infection COVID-19. Today, the whole world is in the conditions of strict quarantine measures, and learning in isolation has become a challenge for all participants in the educational process.The authors reveal the essence of the concept "blended learning". It is proved that blended learning is an innovative form of the educational process organization in HEI, a qualitatively new approach that transforms the structure and content of education, changing the traditional roles of a teacher and applicants of higher education. It is noted that blended learning due to its versatility and availability of a wide range of learning tools forms different models. That’s why, to solve the problem of using a certain model in the educational process, the educational opportunities of each of them are considered. In addition, the authors note that blended learning makes it possible to combine digital educational resources with a variety of online services for the implementation of educational activities in higher education institutions. It is concluded that an important aspect of blended learning is the separation of educational material studied in the classroom with that which will be studied in the electronic informative-educational environment. It is also necessary clearly defined the activities that a student will perform, teaching methods in various forms of educational work organization, the system of monitoring, control and self-control. Blended learning combines two important components - knowledge, teacher skills and technological tools that allow you to organize learning at a high level.

2021 ◽  
Vol 13 (4) ◽  
pp. 17-30
Oleksii Nalyvaiko ◽  
Оksana Zhukova ◽  
Liudmyla Ivanenko ◽  
Yaroslava Shvedova ◽  
Tetiana Nekrashevych

The paper discusses the main issues of organizing the learning process based on the gamification. The publication analyzes the main provisions of the application of elements of gamification in the process of teaching students. The study proposes to consider gamification as a new format of the project method in the context of blended learning in the study of disciplines of the pedagogical cycle by students of humanitarian and natural specialties. We analyzed the main didactic Classcraft platform capabilities. Developed by students within the framework of the “Pedagogy” discipline a brief structure of the “Adventurers” quest was present. The algorithm of the students' work included following steps: choosing a project theme (name of the game); composition of the game (stages); development of the game as a digital product (elements); analysis of the implementation of the game as a digital product (difficulties and prospects); analysis of the results of joint digital project activities of students, indicating positive and negative aspects. We considered the positive aspects of using digital applications and platforms to improve teacher skills. The conclusions provide consolidated proposals for the use of gamification, such as: its implementation in the educational process is aimed at the development of intellectual, social, emotional, technological segments of the personal development of students; the use of gamification has a positive impact on the development of students and teachers soft skills and helps to improve their professional skills.

2021 ◽  
Vol 5 (1) ◽  
pp. 25
Estu Sinduningrum ◽  
Isa Faqihuddin Hanif ◽  
Rosalina Rosalina ◽  
Nunik Pratiwi ◽  
Muchammad Sholeh

ABSTRAKPandemi covid-19 sekarang ini sangat berdampak besar disegala aspek kehidupan, tidak terkecuali bidang pendidikan, pelajaran secara keseluruhan dengan cara tatap muka dikehidupan normal, dituntut merubah metode pembelajaran, yaitu pembelajaran jarak jauh (PJJ), perubahan ini menuntut pengajaran (guru) untuk mempu menyesuaikan dengan kebutuhan pengajaran yang lebih menarik  dan dinamis. SMK 7 Muhammadiyah Jakarta membutuhkan metode pembelajaran tersebut, oleh karena itu tim pengabdian masyarakat dari fakultas teknik uhamka mengadakan pelatihan penggunaan aplikasi canva desaign grafis untuk mendesai beberapa hal secara mudah.  Tujuan dari pengabdian ini yaitu pelatihan pengunaan aplikasi canva berbagai materi pembelajaran dengan visualisasi yang mewakili isi pembelajaran itu sendiri, serta dapat meningkatkan keterampilan guru dalam berkreasi. Hasil pelatihan diadakan selama dua hari, metode praktik dengan media daring, kemudian kuesioner bermetode skala likert dilakukan untuk didapatkan timbal balik atau tanggapan mengenai pelatihan ini, dan ternyata didapatkan bahwa pengetahuan bertambah dengan adanya kegiatan ini sebesar 78,57% dengan total kepuasaan secara keseluruhan 85,71%. Kata kunci: pelatihan jarak jauh; pelatihan canva; guru SMK Muhammadiyah ABSTRACTThe current covid-19 pandemic has had a major impact on all aspects of life, including the field of education, the whole lesson is face-to-face in normal life, it is required to change the learning method, namely distance learning (PJJ), this change requires teaching (teachers) to be able to adapt to the needs of a more interesting and dynamic teaching. SMK 7 Muhammadiyah Jakarta requires this learning method, therefore the community service team from the Uhamka Faculty of Engineering held training on using the Canva Graphic Design application to design several things easily. The purpose of this service is to train the use of the Canva application for various learning materials with visualizations that represent the content of the learning itself, and to improve teacher skills in being creative. The results of the training were held for two days, the practical method with online media, then a questionnaire using the Likert scale method was carried out to obtain feedback or responses about this training, and it was found that knowledge increased by this activity by 78.57% with a total overall satisfaction of 85 ,71%. Keywords: canva training; distance training; muhammadiyah vocational school teacher 

2021 ◽  
Vol 1 (2) ◽  
pp. 155-167
Anita Grays Pantow ◽  
Ribka Ester Legi

Abstrak: Kajian ini menguraikan secara spesifik mengenai dampak ketrampilan guru Pendidik Agama Kristen dalam meningkatkan motivasi belajar siswa. Topik ini diangkat kara data faktual yang diterima peneliti, masih banyak ditemui para siswa dalam sebuah institusi motivasi belajar belum sepenuhnya antusias. Hal ini bisa disebabkan kurang terampilnya pendidik dalam mengajar. Tulisan ini menggunakan metode kualitatif dengan pendekatan deskriptif. Prosedur penelitian ini dilakukan dengan cara mengumpulkan data-data tentang dampak keterampilan guru PAK. Hasil uraian topik ini mengemukakan bahwa sebagai pengajar, guru dituntut untuk memiliki kecakapan dalam mengembangkan keterampilan mengajar. Adapun wujud dari ketrampilan pengajar itu mampu memahami isi Alkitab dengan baik dan benar, pengajar PAK mampu menjembatani persoalan dengan Alkitab. Kemudian pengajar PAK dapat membimbing dan mendampingi peserta didik, serta  pengajar PAK hendaknya memahami dan menetapkan tujuan pengajaran yang diajarkan kepada nara-didik . Dengan ketrampilannya sebagai pendidik, motivasi nara-didik akan tercipta karena guru menjadi role model mereka untuk meningkatkan intensitas belajar.Abstract: This study outlines the specifics of the impact of Christian Educator teacher skills in improving students' learning motivation.This topic is raised kara factual data received by researchers, there are still many students in a learning motivation institution not yet fully enthusiastic.This can be due to the lack of skilled educators in teaching.This paper uses qualitative methods with a descriptive approach.This research procedure is carried out by collecting data on the impact of PAK teachers' skills.The results of this topic description suggest that as teachers, teachers are required to have proficiency in developing teaching skills.As for the form of the teaching skills, it is able to understand the contents of the Bible properly and correctly, PAK teachers are able to bridge the problem with the Bible. Then PAK teachers can guide and accompany learners, and PAK teachers should understand and set the teaching objectives taught to learners. With his skills as an educator, the motivation of learners will be created because teachers become their role models to increase the intensity of learning.

2021 ◽  
Vol 2 (2) ◽  
pp. 74-78
Afif Khoiruddin ◽  
Imaniar Purbasari ◽  
Deka Setiawan

The purpose of this study is to describe the improvement of fourth grade student learning outcomes at SD 4 Karangbener through the application of the Jigsaw learning model.This research is a classroom action research conducted for 2 cycles, each cycle consists of 2 meetings. Each cycle consists of 4 stages, namely: planning, implementing actions, observing, and reflecting. The subjects of this study were teachers and fourth grade students of SD 4 Karangbener Bae Kudus, totaling 19 students. The method of data collection was done through tests, interviews, observations, and documentation. The instruments used were in the form of observation sheets for teaching teacher skills, observation sheets for students' affective and psychomotor aspects of learning outcomes, multiple choice tests, and interview guide sheets. The data analysis used is quantitative and qualitative data analysis.The results of this study showed that the first cycle obtained a percentage of 68.42%, an increase of 89.50% in the second cycle. Affective domain student learning outcomes in the first cycle an average score of 14 (good) increased to 16.64 (very good) in the second cycle. While the psychomotor learning outcomes obtained an average score of 15.5 (good) increased by 18 (very good) in the second cycle. The researcher concludes that the use of the jigsaw learning model can improve learning outcomes in learning theme 6 my ideals in class IV SD 4 Karangbener.

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