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Rennier Rodriguez ◽  
Jr. Edwin Graycochea ◽  
Frederick Ray Gomez

Die placement reference in die attach process is one of the critical aspects in measuring the actual die placement especially for the device that has a required measurement. This paper focused on the re-design on the layout of the substrate ball grid array (BGA) package with cross fiducials at the singulation lane which are located at the corner portions of the device. The cross fiducial would serve as a reference when measuring the actual placement of the Silicon die in the package. With this improvement, the technicians and operators could now easily identify the reference based on the mount and bonding diagram requirement.

Antonio Sumagpang Jr. ◽  
Rennier Rodriguez ◽  
Frederick Ray Gomez

With new and continuous technology development and breakthroughs, few to several challenges in semiconductor assembly manufacturing are inevitable. One critical assembly process often affected with these technology trends and changes is the wirebond process. In due course, this paper focused on the elimination of non-stick on pad (NSOP) assembly defect at the wirebond process. Fishbone analysis and why-why analysis were done to comprehensively investigate the root-cause and eventually address the problem. High NSOP rejection rate was identified to be attributed to clamp and insert design, and was verified through series of analysis, design of experiment (DOE) and validation runs. Results revealed that by using the modified clamp and insert design with more holes would address NSOP rejection with around 90% defect reduction.

Rennier S. Rodriguez ◽  
Maiden Grace R. Maming ◽  
Frederick Ray I. Gomez

Innovations and breakthroughs either through process, equipment or material is known in semiconductor industries as a positive option in overcoming the existing limitations and assembly handicaps. This presentation discusses the assembly methodology and packaging design of a quad-flat no-leads (QFN) devices using grid design molding tool and leadframe with exposed copper tie bar. Realization of this improved package design proposed the removal of mechanical blade as the primary cutting technique of separating the molded leadframes likewise assembly rejection and defect related to the mechanical blade material together with the processing limitations is mitigated as well. Furthermore, the improved design is realized to be a better alternative for manufacturing tighter clearances and unit-unit pitching requirement thus supports densified and critical package design.

2019 ◽  
Vol 12 (8) ◽  
pp. 3289-3301
Ramdoss Suresh Kumar ◽  
Hariram Balasubramanian ◽  
Kalyanaraman Lakshminarayanan ◽  
Srinivasu K. Mullapudi ◽  
Katkam Srinivas ◽  

2017 ◽  
Vol 30 (1) ◽  
pp. 38-51 ◽  
Christopher J. Nachtsheim ◽  
Bradley Jones

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