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2022 ◽  
Vol 258 ◽  
pp. 04002
Vladyslav Shtabovenko

The width difference ΔΓs that can be extracted from lifetime measurements of the two mass eigenstates of the Bs0−B¯s0 system is one of the key flavor precision observables and has been experimentally measured at per cent level accuracy. The current theory prediction is much less accurate and a sizable reduction of scale uncertainties can only be achieved by means of evaluating the uncalculated 2- and 3-loop QCD corrections. This is precisely the issue addressed in this work where we report on the results that have been obtained so far and explain some of the technical and conceptual challenges that we encountered in the course of our calculations.

2022 ◽  
Vol 22 (1) ◽  
pp. 142-145
Subhransu Mohan Nanda ◽  

In the present study, to test the knowledge level of veterinary students on ICT, one hundred and seventy-one items were initially constructed on the basis of promoting thinking rather than rote memorization. It was designed in a manner that could differentiate the well-informed veterinary students from less informed ones. The scores of the respondents were subjects to item analysis to find the item difficulty index and item discrimination index. In the final selection, a total of 34 items with difficulty index between 30 and 80 and discrimination index ranging from 0.30 to 0.55 were selected. The reliability of the knowledge test developed was tested using split half technique. The coefficient of correlation value in split half test was 0.89, which was found to be significant at 1 per cent level of significance. It was found that, the developed knowledge test scale of Veterinary students on ICT was highly stable and can be used for measurement.

2021 ◽  
Vol 42 (3) ◽  
pp. 257-260

The role of EI-Nino in modulating tropical cyclone motion over Bay of Bengal during post monsoon season has been examined. Storms which formed during the years 1901-1987 have been classified into recuriving or those of which crossing north of 17° N and non-recurving or those of which crossing south of 17° N the east coast of India. It has been found that in most of the cases (87 %) during EI-Nino years, the tropical cyclones which formed over Bay of Bengal crossed south of 17° N, i.e. south Andhra Pradesh Tamil Nadu coast, whereas tropical cyclones, ed during the year prior to the EI-Nino years [El- Nino (-1 ) year] are seen crossing mostly (in 79% of cases) either h of 17°N or recurving m northeastward direction. In other years this kind of behaviour is not generally onseerved. The correlation between southern oscillation indices and the fractional values of storms crossing south of 170 N for the period 1901-1987 (n=87) is found to be ---0.63 which is significant at 1 per cent level.

S.H. Terde ◽  
S.R. Lande ◽  
S.S. Ramod ◽  
N.A. Suryawanshi ◽  
V.S. Dandekar

Background: Whey is the major by-product in dairy industry obtained during production of coagulated milk products like paneer, chaana, casein and cheese. Whey beverages are pure water containing sugar, flavour, edible acids and pigments and sometimes it was carbonated with carbon dioxide gas. Methods: In, present investigation kokum whey beverage was manufactured with different levels of honey and kokum syrup viz., 14 and 16 per cent level of honey and 10, 12.5 and 15 per cent level of kokum syrup incorporated with chhana whey. Result: The finished product was objected to physico-chemical analysis such as total solids, fat, protein, total sugar, ash and pH. Kokum whey beverage prepared with 14 per cent honey and 12.5 per cent kokum syrup found superior over rest of the treatments.

2021 ◽  
Vol 5 (5) ◽  
pp. 202-209
P Durairasu ◽  
C Sekhar ◽  
A Vidhyavathi

In Tamil Nadu, there were 32 Forest Development Agencies were functioning in 12 Forest Circles. Coimbatore forest circle is the one in which three FDAs were established and this formed the study area. The study was carried out in Coimbatore Forest Circle following a Multi Stage Random Sampling technique by selecting three hundred tribal households. FDAs were implementing several activities with the participation of tribes to avert man-animal conflicts and to improve the socio economic status of tribes. This study was focusing on documenting the activities and the participation of tribes in those activities. Among the activities, erection of Elephant trenches, plantation development and the Project Elephant schemes implemented by both Forest and Line Department officials have imparted some impacts in reducing the Man-Animal Conflicts by promoting higher employment generation. Because of higher employment opportunities, the participation of tribes were much influenced in FDA activities which are statistically significant at one per cent level. Besides, impact of FDA implementation, Plantation development activities and wild life protection measures are also discussed.

2021 ◽  
Vol 2021 (12) ◽  
Jared Barron ◽  
David Curtin ◽  
Gregor Kasieczka ◽  
Tilman Plehn ◽  
Aris Spourdalakis

Abstract Confining dark sectors with pseudo-conformal dynamics produce SUEPs, or Soft Unclustered Energy Patterns, at colliders: isotropic dark hadrons with soft and democratic energies. We target the experimental nightmare scenario, SUEPs in exotic Higgs decays, where all dark hadrons decay promptly to SM hadrons. First, we identify three promising observables: the charged particle multiplicity, the event ring isotropy, and the matrix of geometric distances between charged tracks. Their patterns can be exploited through a cut-and-count search, supervised machine learning, or an unsupervised autoencoder. We find that the HL-LHC will probe exotic Higgs branching ratios at the per-cent level, even without a detailed knowledge of the signal features. Our techniques can be applied to other SUEP searches, especially the unsupervised strategy, which is independent of overly specific model assumptions and the corresponding precision simulations.

2021 ◽  
Vol 22 (1) ◽  
pp. 47-58
J. A. DAS ◽  
A. K. MEHRA ◽  

By the method of regression analysis, forecast; formulae have been evolved for forecasting yield of autumn paddy/rice in Mysore State using meteorological factors. The study reveals that there is increase in average yield per acre due to technology from early fifties. In Coastal Mysore, restricted rainy days during July to 15 September and frequency of occasions of drought and floods during August and September are the principal weather factors having significant effect on yield. The corresponding factor for Interior Mysore North is occasions of droughts during July to September. In the Interior Mysore South, June and September rainfall have significant effect on  yield. By testing the formulae for the yields for 1965 to 1968, it is found that they agree well with the reported yields. All correlation coefficients obtained are significant at 0.1 per cent level.

K. Richa ◽  
S.K. Laskar ◽  
A. Das ◽  
M. Hazarika ◽  
S. Choudhury ◽  

Background: The present work was conducted to study the effect of incorporation of three different levels of black rice flour along with other non- meat ingredients on certain physico-chemical and sensory qualities of chicken nuggets. Methods: The chicken nuggets were prepared with the formulations i.e. control (0% black rice flour), T1 (1% black rice flour), T2 (3% black rice flour) and T3 (5% black rice flour). Emulsion stability (ES) and cooking yield were recorded for treated and control formulations on the day of preparation. The pH, water activity, TBARS value and sensory qualities were evaluated on day 1,5,10 and 15. Result: Addition of black rice flour at 1,3 and 5 per cent level resulted no adverse effect on physicochemical qualities of chicken nuggets. Sensory evaluation revealed that chicken nuggets could be prepared satisfactorily with addition of up to 5 per cent black rice flour without adversely affecting the organoleptic qualities of the products.

Hazera-Tun -Nessa

This study attempts to examine the effects of remittances on income inequality in Bangladesh over the period of 1990 to 2016. The study period has been chosen based on data availability at macro level. To serve the purpose, Autoregressive Distributed Lag (ARDL) cointegration technique is applied since unit root test confirms a combination of variables some which are stationary at level and others become stationary after first difference. The error correction model estimated by reparametrizing the ARDL model after having confirmation about the existence of long run relationship through bound test. An inverted U-shaped relationship between the remittances and income inequality has been found by the study. Remittances increase income inequality in short run and decrease income inequality in the long run.  In the long run an increase in remittances by 1 per cent reduces the income inequality by 11 per cent on an average. The adjustment coefficient has the expected negative sign at 1 per cent level of significance which ensure a monotonically convergent adjustment towards the equilibrium with the speed of 21.65 per cent. Among other control variables, private credit increases income inequality in the long run and decrease it in the short run. Exchange rate and inflation either have very negligible effects or no significant effects both in short run and in long run. Based on the findings, it could be suggested that the country should take proper steps to encourage investment of remittances in productive activities to accumulate capital which could ensure the path of accruing the beneficial impacts of remittances on income inequality in the long run.

James G Rogers ◽  
Akash Gupta ◽  
James E Owen ◽  
Hilke E Schlichting

Abstract The EUV/X-ray photoevaporation and core-powered mass-loss models are both capable of reproducing the bimodality in the sizes of small, close-in exoplanets observed by the Kepler space mission, often referred to as the ‘radius gap’. However, it is unclear which of these two mechanisms dominates the atmospheric mass-loss which is likely sculpting the radius gap. In this work, we propose a new method of differentiating between the two models, which relies on analysing the radius gap in 3D parameter space. Using models for both mechanisms, and by performing synthetic transit surveys we predict the size and characteristics of a survey capable of discriminating between the two models. We find that a survey of ≳ 5000 planets, with a wide range in stellar mass and measurement uncertainties at a $\lesssim 5{{\ \rm per\ cent}}$ level is sufficient. Our methodology is robust against moderate false positive contamination of $\lesssim 10{{\ \rm per\ cent}}$. We perform our analysis on two surveys (which do not satisfy our requirements): the California Kepler Survey and the Gaia-Kepler Survey and find, unsurprisingly, that both data-sets are consistent with either model. We propose a hypothesis test to be performed on future surveys which can robustly ascertain which of the two mechanisms formed the radius gap, provided one dominates over the other.

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