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Updated Thursday, 19 August 2021

Priyo Das

This present scenario of partial lockdown is quite different from the nationwide lockdown. Presently people basically have access to almost everything but they have to follow some rules and regulations as imposed by the Government of West Bengal. As a result, the behavior of customers will also be different from the past scenario, thus to find out this difference author had carried out this research to find out factors that influence the behavior of customers. For achieving this objective to make it more specific and to fill a gap, the author had used essential products. Data were collected by using the convenience sampling technique and before collecting data a pilot study was conducted to check the reliability of the data collection instrument. Data was collected from 225 respondents from Khardah, West Bengal, India. For finding out the factors, Exploratory Factor Analysis was used and 4 major factors had been identified and based on these factors, recommendations had been made which have practical implications.

Dwi Atmaji ◽  
Zuly Qodir

Local government in Indonesia adapted to the development legislation of an ideal tourist destination; ethically and aesthetically the local area is known as value-local culture. Gunungkidul Regency is an area that has tourism potential with the number of tourists increasing every year; this can indicate that these tourism objects are well managed. However, Gunungkidul Regency is still one of the areas with underdevelopment, the highest poverty rate indicator in DIY. Community groups have not been thoroughly involved as well as several other tourist objects that have not been managed as tourist destinations. Tourism activities need to be supported by policies that regulate tourism actors in carrying out their activities. This research method is a qualitative method with a literature study model that aims to describe the implementation of policies to increase tourist destinations based on local wisdom which comes from various other types of reading, such as previous research, news articles, and others. Target indicator sets more towards material things. The current policy for increasing tourist destinations in Gunungkidul Regency has not prioritized the value base of local wisdom. Furthermore, it discusses the implementation and obstacles faced in relation to the policies to increase tourist destinations based on local wisdom. The implementation of policies in terms of resources leads to the value of local wisdom in developing human resources which ultimately leads to material benefits. There has been no implementation that leads to local wisdom values of natural resource conservation, social, ethical, and moral meanings. The implementation of policies in terms of communication between the public and the government is good enough, however, among tourism business actors is not optimal.

Yash Sharma ◽  
Kausik Mukherjee

Investment planning for a person who aspires safe and steady return is simple, but the thought process, in general, makes it difficult and less effective. In general, it seems that people have a perception that only a fixed deposit can give a fixed and constant return, but that is just a myth, because if we put the money into different buckets like FD, mutual funds, and stocks, then also we can get safe and steady returns.

Esha Jain ◽  
Jonika Lamba ◽  
Nitika Soni

The Indian economy is facing a financial crunch due to a surge in the number of credit defaulters. The debt crisis has been observed throughout the world. NPAs are found to be at the center of the economic problem of the banks. The drive of this learning is to explore the influence of non-performing assets (NPA) on the financial performance of the banks and to analyze gross and net non-performing assets in public, private and foreign banks and assess the soundness, assets quality, stability, and competence of banks. It was found that there is positive relation in all over banking industry between Total income and Gross Non-Performing Asset whereas negative relation in case of total profit and gross NPA. This means that with an increase in total income there is an increase in Non-Performing Asset on the contrary there will be a decrease in profit with an increase of Non-Performing Assets. But if we categorized them into private, public, and foreign they all have different natures.

Deepak Pal ◽  
Laveena Sharma

Six decades ago, Mahatma Gandhi observed, "Agriculture is the backbone of the Indian economy." The scenario is still the same now, with agriculture, which is the mainstay of the communities, supporting practically the whole economy. It accounts for around 52 per cent of the Indian population's employment and generates 16 per cent of the country's overall GDP. The rapid growth of agriculture is necessary not just for self-sufficiency but also to earn crucial foreign exchange. Despite the fact that millions of farmers are marginal and small, Indian farmers are unrivalled in terms of production and productivity. They are just as quick to accept improved agricultural technologies as farmers in rich countries. It is believed that by providing timely and enough inputs such as fertilisers, seeds, and pesticides, as well as making reasonable agricultural loans and crop insurance available, Indian farmers will secure the nation's food and nutritional security. As a result, on April 9, 2002, the ‘Agri-Clinics and Agri-Business Centres' plan was created to increase technology transfer and extension services, as well as provide self-employment opportunities to technically skilled people. Herein after, we imagined the state of Madhya Pradesh from a worm's-eye perspective, which is a view of a scheme from below, as if the observer were a worm; it can be used to make an object appear big, strong, and mighty while the viewer feels childish or helpless. So, we here go through the actual facts by covering about the scheme, NTIs, trained candidates &venture established.

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