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Updated Thursday, 03 June 2021

Y. Gabriel Maniagasi ◽  
Thahir Haning ◽  
Rakhmat Rakhmat ◽  
Nurdin Nara

Puskesmas (Community Health Center) is a public organization that is tasked with providing the best health services to the people who live in 139 villages and 5 sub-districts in Jayapura Regency. In fact, Community Health Center are not optimally performing their duties and functions because they experience delays in their human resources, supporting facilities, poor management of Community Health Center, no clear regulatory support and a lack of budget availability to support Community Health Center operations in their services. The problem in this research is How to Strengthen the Organizational Capacity of Puskesmas in Improving Health Services in Jayapura District? The purpose of this study was to analyze the Strengthening of Public Health Center Organizational Capacity in improving health services in Jayapura Regency. This research is expected to contribute to the Jayapura Regency Government, through the Health Office and in particular for Community Health Center as regional technical implementation units to improve the Organizational Capacity in Improving Health Services in Jayapura Regency. The results showed that the Organizational Capacity of Puskesmas can be improved by strengthening management governance, incentive systems, facilities, leadership, organizational culture, communication, and organizational structure.

Askariani Sahur ◽  
Muh. Akmal Ibrahim ◽  
Thahir Haning ◽  
Hamsinah Hamsinah

This study aims to analyze the disposition factors in the implementation of the National Health Insurance Program-Healthy Indonesia Card in Makassar City. This research uses qualitative methods. This research focuses on disposition factors in the implementation of health insurance service delivery policies at the Guarantee Administration with a phenomenological approach. Sources of data were collected through direct observation and in-depth interviews. The results showed that the disposition in the implementation of the National Health Insurance Program-Healthy Indonesia Card at the Makassar City Social Security Administration is through the appointment of employees in the Social Security Administering Bodies (BPJS) organizational structure at the level. Specific requirements (minimum S1, minimum 5 years work experience as supervisor for the Supervisory Board and directors for the Board of Directors) are considered qualified to hold the position. The selection of branch leaders is imposed by an internal selection system of BPJS Kesehatan. Incentives received by the leadership and employees for determining the amount of salary based on the provisions of the central level and adjusted to the region. The amount of salary / incentive for Makassar City BPJS Health employees is determined according to the lowest Makassar City Minimum Wage, the rest is based on position level. It can be understood that the performance of the Makassar City Healthcare BPJS has not provided the satisfaction of JKK KIS users because there are still complaints from prospective participants who are still taking care of membership, even though it is admittedly the process of validating data originating from the kelurahan, people still consider it slow.

Guirado Schröck ◽  
Steuble Falkesgaard

This article discusses Public Trust in the Information Media for the Spread of Covid-19. Framing the news is necessary to maintain a positive perspective from the public towards the government. This will be an important action for the government to solve the pandemic because collaboration between the community and the government is needed. There have been efforts made by the government in fighting COVID-19 until finally guaranteed public trust should be the main goal of online news framing in the current pandemic situation. The general public should be able to sort out which news is right and which is wrong so that we do not have bad speculations about the people who are victims of this Covid-19. Framing the news is necessary to maintain a positive perspective from the public towards the government. This will be an important action for the government to solve the pandemic because collaboration between the community and the government is needed. There have been efforts made by the government in fighting COVID-19 until finally guaranteed public trust should be the main goal of online news framing in a pandemic situation.

Nur Aisyah

This study aims to look at the quality of life and empowerment of women in Central Sulawesi. The quality of life and women's empowerment is the essence that is always put forward by the Ministry of Women's Empowerment and Child Protection in the midst of gender imbalances in various fields of development, as well as to realize the International commitment of 50 gender equality: 50 by 2030. This research uses qualitative research methods with data collection techniques. secondary from various institutions. The results showed that the development achievement gap between men and women can be seen from the Gender Development Index in Central Sulawesi of 92.25. Although Central Sulawesi shows good results compared to other provinces in Indonesia, the acceleration of development of women in Central Sulawesi is still slower than men. Meanwhile, in general, Indonesia's human development is still at the middle level with the Human Development Index (HDI) 66.76. Furthermore, the Central Sulawesi Gender Empowerment Index is at 65.57. The Gender Empowerment Index describes the quality of life and empowerment of women in politics, economy and decision making and control of economic resources.

Nuraisyah Ambo ◽  
Andi Febri Herawati

The Field Officers play a role to convey family planning information and services. Thus, the community members can receive and understand family planning information properly and giving feedback. The problem posed is on how the role of Family Planning Field Officers in increasing the long-term contraceptive usage in Parigi Moutong Regency, Central Sulawesi Province. This research was conducted with the aim of revealing new concepts about the role of the Field Officers. This research was conducted using qualitative approach. Data collection is done through interviews, observation, and document study. The results of the study illustrate that the role of the Field Officers in communicating Family Planning Programs to increase couples participation using long-term contraception has not yet materialized, because the quality of information delivered is insufficient.Local cultural factors also do not approve vasectomy because it is contrary to religious values. Based on the results of the study, the new findings raised were the capacity of the Field Officers, the social cultural and economic aspects of husband and wife, as well as the environment which greatly influenced the Field Officers’ role in increasing community participation of long-term contraceptive usage in Parigi Moutong Regency.

Que Duy Truong ◽  
Nguyen Tien Manh

This study discusses the role of decision making in public organization. Comprehensive decision-making analysis is the application of methods within the setting of narrowing the choice in this conclusion that each decision requires examination utilizing elective strategies of investigation to limit down the elective choices. Issues that emerge are impediments that happen and influence vital things so that objectives are deferred. The presence of an issue gets to be degenerate and not in agreement with what was arranged, anticipated but not running appropriately. This can be what influences a choice that already had to analyze the issue, to begin with. Issues are more often than not recognized promptly but can be settled by analyzing them. It ought to be famous that somebody who makes the choice to create for the organization more often than not has inspirations that depend on the character of the elective confronting elective results and personal objectives. In the event that there are as well numerous choices, at that point ordinarily, individuals will make they possess a decision-making system agreeing to their identity.

Baharuddin Andang ◽  
Amir Imbaruddin ◽  
Hamsu Abdul Gani ◽  
Muchlis Madani

This study aims to describe the interaction model of the Regional People's Representative Council and the regional government of Sidenreng Rappang Regency regarding the timely ratification of the Regional Budget (APBD). The method in this research is descriptive with a qualitative approach. The total number of informants was 16 (sixteen) people. Data / information is collected through interview techniques equipped with observation techniques. The data collected were analyzed using qualitative analysis techniques, namely interactive analysis models, then the results of the analysis were presented in narrative form. The result of the research shows that the interaction in the policy context involves various elements and elites who interact with each other, but the phenomenon that occurs is sometimes contravention which often occurs in the midst of elite interaction. The interaction takes place in the form of bargaining after there is a difference in perceptions of a number of program and activity nomenclature along with the nominal value stated in the draft. The interactions that occur between the actors of the Regional People's Representative Council (DPRD) and the Regional Government since the preparation of the General Budget Policy - Temporary Budget Ceiling Priority (KUA-PPAS) to the determination of the APBD, have always been colored by dissociative, associative forms of interaction but finally resolved with a local wisdom approach.

Chu Yi-wei ◽  
Ho Meng-chian

This article discusses the dynamics in organizations, specifically about the comparison of organizational learning with adaptive organizations. This study used a survey method by relying on observational reviews of Organizations X and Y. Data collection was carried out on all staff from 2 organizations totaling 100 people each, 50 respondents each. The results showed the level of activity in the use of Organizational Technology, especially during the COVID-19 era, the role of information technology was a challenge and an opportunity for organizational performance owners to adapt so that their organizational performance could remain productive and effective. The results showed that the dynamics of the organization require adaptive technology, information technology has an influence on organizational development. This condition requires organizations to continue to learn and provide training in accordance with the times, this is certainly relevant to the concept of learning organization with the impact that requires organizations to acquire and transfer organizational knowledge to individuals in the organization.

Nur Wahid ◽  
Sangkala Sangkala ◽  
Nur Sadik ◽  
Nurdin Nara

The purpose of this study is to determine the implementation of leadership styles in increasing local government innovation. This research method is based on the approach used in this study is a qualitative approach. This research was conducted in North Luwu Regency, South Sulawesi Province, to be precise at the Regent Office of North Luwu Regency. Data collection was carried out through observation and interviews. The results showed that the leader has carried out his function as a spokesman. The output of the aforementioned activities has brought the good name of the North Luwu Regency Government as a regency that has the ability to speak professionally, where organizing international and national scale events require optimal lobbying and negotiations. The implementation of the leader in giving natural rewards to employees turns out to be able to improve performance and motivation on the pretext that the work given is an award because not everyone is able to complete the job well, on the other hand, employees feel that tasks that can be completed properly are opportunities for further increase his potential and competence so that it will be easier to get strategic positions in the future. Leaders play a role in creating a positive mindset towards developing potential employees from various dimensions, namely the dimensions of HR development, the dimensions of skill development, and the dimensions of decision making.

Indah Anugrah Supardi ◽  
Wahyu Nurdiansyah Nurdin

This study aims to discusses abpout the development strategy for the Tanjung Palette Tourism Area This study used a qualitative approach using the Kearns SWOT matrix. The result of the study The Tanjung Palette tourism area certainly has a very complex environment in it. Especially the cultural climate that local people with foreign cultures enter through foreign tourists. Therefore, environmental management, both physical and cultural, must be an important concern for all interested parties. Development of Tourist Market Share The development of tourist market share is an effort to identify the wants / needs of tourism consumers, determine the products offered, determine prices, promote, and research tourism market share.

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