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Updated Wednesday, 19 January 2022

Lenni Ashari ◽  
Azis Azis ◽  
Muhammad Saleh

This research is motivated by the many cases of marginalization found in women's themed novels written by one of the maestro of Indonesian literature, Pramoedya Ananta Toer. The novels written by Pramoedya Ananta Toer are known to often raise social problems that occurred at that time, including cases of marginalization of women. Midah Si Manis Bergigi Emas, Larasti and Gadis Pantai are several novels by Pramoedya Ananta Toer which tell the life journey of women as the main characters. The many forms of marginalization of rights experienced by women in these novels become something interesting for researchers. The purpose of this research is to uncover the representation of women's marginalization that occurs in the novels by Pramoedya Ananta Toer. The research method used is Sara Mills' critical discourse analysis which has been developed by Eryanto. Sara Mills' Critical Discourse Analysis emphasizes her study on the positioning of actors in the text or what is generally known as the subject-object position and the writer-reader position, however, the focus of this research is the subject-object position. The data collection technique used is literature study and documentation. The results of this study indicate that in the novel Midah Si Manis Bergigi Emas, Larasati, Gadis Pantai written by Pramoedya Ananta Toer, there are several forms of marginalization experienced by female characters in the novel. In addition to getting marginal treatment, the female character in the novel is also positioned as an object in the storytelling.

Menh Lueng Pha ◽  
Phoung Qu Lhe

This article discusses the point of view of spreading the culture and habits of young people through Korean Drama films. In this case, the dissemination of culture and habits of young people through Korean drama films is very rapid so that it affects the dress code, behavior, language and several other aspects. This has a positive and negative impact on a country. As a positive thing that is raised is the increase in knowledge and insight of teenagers, the existence of a new culture that can increase youth creativity. But apart from that, there are also negative impacts for adolescents, namely the existence of a gradual shift in culture so that adolescents will forget their own culture. In addition, the standard of beauty / good looks of society will increase, causing many things that are forced by teenagers so that they can look like Korean artists.

Syahrul Nur ◽  
Anshari Anshari ◽  
Nensilianti Nensilianti

The aims of this research are; (1) Describe the form of cultural signs in the novel Toraja; When Love Finds its Way Home based on Charles Sanders Pierce's semiotic theory. (2) Describe the meaning of cultural signs in the novel Toraja; When Love Finds Its Way Home.  This research is a qualitative research. The data in this study are data obtained from novels in the form of icons, indexes and symbols as well as data obtained from interviews. Sources of data in this study is a novel entitled Toraja; When Love Finds its Way Home by Endang, SSN, and also an informant who is the head of the Ke'te Kesu' tradition in North Toraja. The data collection technique used in this study is a documentation technique which includes observing and recording the various signs that are needed, as well as using open interview techniques.  The results of this study indicate that the form of the sign is more dominant in the novel Toraja; When Love Finds its Way Home is a symbol consisting of five data. In addition to symbols, researchers also found signs in the form of icons (one data) and indexes (two data). As we know that based on his criteria, Pierce distinguishes signs into three, namely icons, indexes and symbols.

Chenatip Thongprasom ◽  
Whirathep Pow ◽  
Youyen Pukklaw

This article discuss about worker saturation in facing changes in the work environment in the physiological impact of online jobs. During the Covid-19 epidemic, social segregation was implemented, and employees worked from home (WFH) via online platform. Some workers get saturation in facing the situation. A process that makes individuals feel ill, uneasy, or anxious as a result of their employment, workplace, or work circumstance. The capacity to adapt to and appreciate current circumstances transforms stress from distress to eustress. Effective stress management tactics include regular exercise, setting aside time for relaxation and self-care, balancing work and pleasure, and practicing time management and meditation

Nirwana Rasyid ◽  
Mahfuddin Mahfuddin ◽  
Irna Fitriana

The purpose of this study was to find the lexical form of religiosity and romanticism contained in the Mandar Sayang-sayang poetry. The type of research used is qualitative research, with qualitative descriptive methods. Sampling was done by using purposive sampling technique. The data collection procedure used a literature review procedure, listening method, note-taking technique, and reflective-introspective. The data analysis model used is an interactive model (interactive model). The results of the study found that the lexical containing the meaning of religiosity was found in the verse at the beginning of the text Sayang-sayang Mandar. Meanwhile, the lexical containing the expression of romanticism is found in almost all stanzas of the Mandar Sayang-Sayang text. The Mandar affectionate poetry is an expression of religiosity and the character of mutual love for fellow Mandar people and for all human beings in the world.

Badu Ahmad

Badu Ahmad, Study on learning organtzation in Local Government Makassar. The aims of this research was analyze the implementation of learning organization, factors which is support bulding learning bureaucracy as an effort to follow the changing environment and demand of society. This research applied and quantitative and qualitative technique which is used the stratified random sampling Meanwehile, to cathce the data, informant to be used namely the leaders in the body of local government in Makassar. Analysis of data is descriptive quantitative and also qualitative with frequency distribution technique. The research result showed that there are good tend to apply learning bureaucracy which indicated of the apparatus want to learn continually from experience, fault, and also they can catch new knowledge and working system and other aspect related to societies" demand. The other found that the commitment factors and working environment in a good sense in building the learning bureaucracy in local government of Makassar. Aspects that related cultural values also determined applying the learning bureucracy, such as siri’ (self-respect), sipukatau sipakalebbi’ (respect each other), sipakario (motivation). Those are urgently required in building self capacty simultaneously in local burraucracy of Makassar.

Muh. Firyal Akbar ◽  
Alwi Alwi ◽  
Nur Indrayati Nur Indar ◽  
Muhammad Tang Abdullah

This study aims to examine adaptive governance aspects of the issues from each stakeholder related to the management of Limboto Lake. The implementation of this research uses a qualitative deductive approach. The types of research that will be used are descriptive and explanative types. Sources of data from this research, namely documents and archival records grouped into documentation sources, interviews sourced from people/informants, and direct observation, observation of the role of physical devices grouped in observation sources, and Focus Group Discussions (FGD). The results of this study indicate that efforts to revitalize, rehabilitate and conserve are, of course, not the task of the Government alone but require the participation of the community in them. Conditions of good synergy between the Government, the community and the private sector in efforts to save and manage Lake Limboto are desirable, this is also in line with the achievement of the objectives of adaptive governance in terms of resilience to rapid and unpredictable environmental changes.

Mohamad Ahmad Saleem Khasawneh

This study investigated the attitudes of teachers of learning disabilities in English toward the use of virtual classrooms and e-learning in teaching writing skills to students with learning disabilities. The study adopted the descriptive approach and was applied to a sample of 65 teachers from Irbid city, Jordan. A questionnaire was developed to achieve this purpose after being checked for validity and reliability. The results showed that teachers’ attitudes toward virtual classes varied between high and moderate. For the realm of e-learning in general, the attitudes were high while for the realm of the effect of virtual classes in teaching writing skills were moderate. The study recommended providing intensive training to teachers of LDs in English language on the usages of e-learning and supporting teachers and students with the appropriate tools

Mohamad Ahmad Saleem Khasawneh

This study explored the effect of active learning on developing imagination skills among students with learning disabilities in English language in Irbid city, Jordan. The study used the experimental approach and was applied to a sample of 60 female and male students, who were chosen purposefully. The sample was divided into two groups, an experimental, which was taught using the active learning method, and a control group, which was taught according to the traditional method. The results revealed the existence of significant differences between the performance of the experimental group and the control group on the post-imagination test in favor of the experimental group. The findings also showed statistically significant differences between the scores of the two study groups on the post-imagination test due to the gender variable, and the difference was in favor of males. In light of the findings of the study, the researcher recommended preparing training programs on active learning and preparing a guide for teachers, which can be used to teach and learn reading, writing, and imagination skills in the basic stage.

Serach Heipakhon ◽  
Telaphon Seruchart ◽  
Do Somphorn

The purpose of  the study to ensuring legal certainty and order in the operation of buildings, each building must comply with the administrative and technical requirements of the building, and all work must be completed in a timely manner. There is always an apparent struggle over whether to take a position in favor of the environment or not. It is essential to exercise extreme caution in order to avert the potential of even higher losses to humanity. This study considered scenarios that may be faced by a variety of different administrations

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