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Updated Tuesday, 14 September 2021

Anirwan Anirwan ◽  
Muhammad Akmal Ibrahim ◽  
Hasniati Hasniati ◽  
Suryadi Lambali

The implementation of poverty reduction policies in Makassar City is still reaping many problems. Various poverty reduction programs launched by the government have not been able to eradicate poverty effectively. In the implementation of these various poverty reduction programs, the response of the target group tends to be negative, causing fragmentation at the level of implementation. Therefore, this study aims to identify and analyze the process of implementing poverty reduction policies in Makassar City from the perspective of group behavior. The research method used is a qualitative method with data collection techniques through in-depth interviews, field observations, and review of poverty documents. The research data were analyzed by qualitative analysis. The results show that the community is basically very responsive to the existence of poverty reduction policies in the form of multi-purpose social security assistance distributed by the Makassar City Social Service because some of them feel helped by the assistance, but some also feel that the policies are not well targeted due to incomplete data collection. equitable and fair. The inaccuracy of policy targets (assistance for beneficiaries) for the poor causes social jealousy in the community which has an impact on street level publicity and policy performance so that it does not significantly reduce poverty in Makassar City.

Lalu Wiresapta Karyadi ◽  
Ridwan Ridwan ◽  
Nuning Juniarsih

This study aims to uncover and explain the meaning of change (development) for local communities, behavioral changes that occur in local communities, and what are the ideal expectations of local communities after the Batu Hijau mining company took place. This study uses qualitative methods and data collection by: in-depth interviews, involved observation and review of relevant documents. Data analysis used an interactive model and the validity of the data was controlled by triangulation. The results of the study show: (1) the local community interprets change as an improvement in living standards while maintaining the values and norms that have been adopted. (2) The presence of the Batu Hijau mining company has led to a transformation of the social behavior of the local community in general but not to the point of eliminating the basic principles of behavior originating from religious values and local traditions. The indications are: 1) the traditional knowledge system (indegenous knowledge) is not used as much in the decision to behave as before 2) the local value system and norms are reduced in their binding power and embracing power to the younger generation, 3) the social behavior and orientation of the cultural values of the local community has reflected the community. open and economically oriented. (3) The ideal hope of the local community is the realization of an environmental conservation system, the availability of job opportunities and business opportunities that become a vehicle for community interaction and the realization of the former mining area as an educational tourism area based on sustainable forest ecology.

Jounadi Kaseem ◽  
Aish Zhain ◽  
Kduoh Al Deen

This study discusses political communication and cultural approach in handling the Covid-19 pandemic. Existing cases are taken into account along in the discussion of this paper to illustrate how measures like communication by political figure influence the Covid-19 mitigation. The cultural relevance of the COVID-19 community engagement message is critical to its effectiveness. Culture-insensitive communication may be seen in the COVID-19 case study as well as in the Ebola information being communicated. It is nevertheless important to recognize that a culture's collection of signals regarding life experience may range from positive behaviours that should be promoted to negative practices that should be addressed

Gracia Gegajo

A  group of Filipino seminarians (experimental group) had an intervention of Positive thoughts enhancement and Interpersonal skills  developed by the researcher  (11 modules)  tailored fit for a Filipino culture seminarians and another  group of Filipino seminarians (controlled group) had a normal setting lecture of formation.  A pre-test and posttest of the seminarians’ psychosocial development with a Psychosocial Development measurement tool (The Modified Erikson Psychosocial Stage Inventory - MEPSI) was used to find out if there was an efficacy of the intervention. The posttest result of the experimental group was significantly higher than those of the control group which indicated that the intervention program (Positive Affirmation Skills Intervention – (PASI) was effective on the Psychosocial Development of the Seminarians. An incremental increase in the scores of the experimental group after exposure in the intervention and the participants in the experimental group experienced not only an enhancement of their psychosocial development attributes but had a high level of self-depth as compared to the control group which made an impact on their psychosocial development characteristics and attributes.

Irfan Yahya ◽  
M Tahir Kasnawi ◽  
Suparman Abdullah ◽  
Hasbi Hasbi

The values of the Systematic of Revelation as the basic -/pattern according to what the Hidayatullah - understands, believes, and practices in carrying out the process of social creation of a miniature Islamic Civilization are the topic of this study. The purpose of this research is to examine the process of externalizing Systematic Wahyu ideals like the Hidayatullah -' - in carrying out social construction activities in a tiny Islamic civilisation. This research looks at the reality of the Hidayatullah - congregation's consciousness, which reveals things about reality and the interpretation of the Systematic of Revelation as a -/archetype that is employed as a social construction reference. The process of externalizing the values of Systematic Revelation is a conscious, structured, and systematic effort by Hidayatullah actors to create humans as abdullah (servants of Allah) and caliph (representatives) of Allah SWT on earth, based on revelation's guidance, in order to build Islamic civilization. The Islamic boarding School Campus is employed as a model of Islamic civilisation, with all cadres, members of the congregation, and their students demonstrating faith in all parts of everyday life. Internalized Hidayatullah players objected to the values that are consistently presented and then generate cadres capable of providing enormous advantages to society. This corresponds to Berger's notion that human selfhood cannot possibly remain silent within itself, in a closed sphere, before moving outside to express itself in the world around it. Externalization is essentially what human selfhood is accomplishing.

Sumardi Sumardi ◽  
Armin Armin ◽  
Hasniati Hasniati ◽  
Nur Indrayati ◽  
Nur Indar

This article analyzes and seeks to measure the quality of population administration services at the Makassar City Population and Civil Registry Office. The indicators used in this study refer to the van Meter and van Horn models using three indicators: policy interpretation, organization, program implementation. thus causing long service queues every day, especially at the check/verification counter for the administrative file completeness requirements

Andry Wijaya ◽  
Suparman Abdullah ◽  
Rahmad Muhammad

One of the global developments that is fast and has quite an impact on the pattern of people's lives is developments in the field of technology and information, namely through the internet. YouTube has become an internet media that is in demand by various audiences around the world. Disbursing youtube adsense is fairly complicated, but the work as a youtuber is currently in great demand by Millennials. Youtuber is a new job that is synonymous with Millennials in this 4.0 industrial era. This study aims to determine the use of social capital trust by youtubers in increasing popularity, as well as to determine the use of social capital linking youtubers in increasing popularity. This study uses a qualitative approach, with informants namely millennial youtubers who live in the city of Makassar. Data collection techniques through observation, interviews and documentation, with data analysis techniques using: data reduction, data presentation and drawing conclusions and verification. The results of the study show that trust social capital is widely used by youtubers to increase their popularity, in this case increasing the number of subscribers and viewers on their youtube channel. Many YouTubers use social capital linking or networks to increase the number of subscribers and viewers. The social capital of the network used is by utilizing the friendship and community of YouTubers in the process of designing content, taking videos, editing to uploading videos and socializing YouTube channels in order to minimize the cost of managing YouTube channels for YouTubers

Maddukelleng Maddukelleng ◽  
Wahid Muhammad

Many people regard "siri" as having a bad connotation, which does not bode well for the Bugis. Because "siri" is frequently associated with violence and murder, the slogan "ejapi naeja" is frequently used (red later if you want red) It's always taken as a bloodbath. This value has become a sign associated with the Bugis ethnicity in every part of the country, even where the Bugis ethnicity is found. Siri culture is associated with a fighting attitude. Fight for justice, for humanity, and for the family's dignity. Many Bugis people are encouraged by Siri's ideals to work hard because they want to go on a pilgrimage as a mark of social prestige, and to work hard because they don't want to dishonor their families. If Siri is given room to think in the administration of the family economics, the dominance of the concept of decent value becomes an attractive positive value to be communicated. When it comes to revealing such events, a qualitative technique is ideal to apply because qualitative research takes place in a natural setting and aims to understand and interpret phenomena based on people's interpretations. Qualitative research involves the use and collection of various empirical materials, such as; personal experience, introspection, curriculum vitae, interviews, observations, historical, interactional and visual texts that describe routine and problematic moments, and their meaning in individual lives.

Y. Gabriel Maniagasi ◽  
Thahir Haning ◽  
Rakhmat Rakhmat ◽  
Nurdin Nara

Puskesmas (Community Health Center) is a public organization that is tasked with providing the best health services to the people who live in 139 villages and 5 sub-districts in Jayapura Regency. In fact, Community Health Center are not optimally performing their duties and functions because they experience delays in their human resources, supporting facilities, poor management of Community Health Center, no clear regulatory support and a lack of budget availability to support Community Health Center operations in their services. The problem in this research is How to Strengthen the Organizational Capacity of Puskesmas in Improving Health Services in Jayapura District? The purpose of this study was to analyze the Strengthening of Public Health Center Organizational Capacity in improving health services in Jayapura Regency. This research is expected to contribute to the Jayapura Regency Government, through the Health Office and in particular for Community Health Center as regional technical implementation units to improve the Organizational Capacity in Improving Health Services in Jayapura Regency. The results showed that the Organizational Capacity of Puskesmas can be improved by strengthening management governance, incentive systems, facilities, leadership, organizational culture, communication, and organizational structure.

Askariani Sahur ◽  
Muh. Akmal Ibrahim ◽  
Thahir Haning ◽  
Hamsinah Hamsinah

This study aims to analyze the disposition factors in the implementation of the National Health Insurance Program-Healthy Indonesia Card in Makassar City. This research uses qualitative methods. This research focuses on disposition factors in the implementation of health insurance service delivery policies at the Guarantee Administration with a phenomenological approach. Sources of data were collected through direct observation and in-depth interviews. The results showed that the disposition in the implementation of the National Health Insurance Program-Healthy Indonesia Card at the Makassar City Social Security Administration is through the appointment of employees in the Social Security Administering Bodies (BPJS) organizational structure at the level. Specific requirements (minimum S1, minimum 5 years work experience as supervisor for the Supervisory Board and directors for the Board of Directors) are considered qualified to hold the position. The selection of branch leaders is imposed by an internal selection system of BPJS Kesehatan. Incentives received by the leadership and employees for determining the amount of salary based on the provisions of the central level and adjusted to the region. The amount of salary / incentive for Makassar City BPJS Health employees is determined according to the lowest Makassar City Minimum Wage, the rest is based on position level. It can be understood that the performance of the Makassar City Healthcare BPJS has not provided the satisfaction of JKK KIS users because there are still complaints from prospective participants who are still taking care of membership, even though it is admittedly the process of validating data originating from the kelurahan, people still consider it slow.

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