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Updated Monday, 29 November 2021

Ajay Kumar ◽  
Anmol Swaroop

The use of Internet of Things (IoT) may provide the boost which is required to improve the productivity of Indian agriculture system which is well below the world average and may help in improving the income and conditions of Indian farmer. The present paper presents the efforts done by the researchers in this direction to promote the use of Information technology in general and IoT in particular in Indian agriculture sector. The areas in which IoT helps are, robotics, decision support systems, smart irrigation, precision farming, use of social media for the benefit of Indian farmers. The use of agent based systems in Indian Agriculture scenario has also been discussed in this paper.

Mohammad Abdu Al-esaiy ◽  
Nagi Ali Al-Shaibany

ISMS is a set of policies, activities, and procedures implemented by the Information Security Department to maintain the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information from threats and risks. Activities and procedures include identifying security needs, strategies required for implementation, and measuring results for security improvement. This paper aims to review the previous literature to verify the factors that affect information security management. Examination of current information security frameworks and standards, and this paper concluded that, for an organization to adopt a specific framework, this framework must be evaluated based on the security needs of the organization. The framework must include all factors that affect information security from all organizational aspects, people, and technology. Otherwise, the organization will face difficulties and obstacles in implementing the framework and improving security.

Ziad A. Alqadi ◽  
Mohamad Tariq Barakat

The median filter is used to reduce the effect of noise, but it treats all pixels, whether they are noise points or not, which negatively affects many non-noise values in the digital image, and the negative effect increases as the noise ratio increases. In order to get rid of some of the disadvantages of the median filter, we will present in this research paper a detailed study that works on treating the unaffected and infected pixels so that this treatment leads to improving the performance of the filter by raising the values of the quality factors of the filter. The improvements added to the median filter will raise the efficiency of the noise reduction process, especially for high noise ratios.

Samer Hamed ◽  
Abdelwadood Mesleh ◽  
Abdullah Arabiyyat

This paper presents a computer-aided design (CAD) system that detects breast cancers (BCs). BC detection uses random forest, AdaBoost, logistic regression, decision trees, naïve Bayes and conventional neural networks (CNNs) classifiers, these machine learning (ML) based algorithms are trained to predicting BCs (malignant or benign) on BC Wisconsin data-set from the UCI repository, in which attribute clump thickness is used as evaluation class. The effectiveness of these ML algorithms are evaluated in terms of accuracy and F-measure; random forest outperformed the other classifiers and achieved 99% accuracy and 99% F-measure.

Manoj Kumar Malik ◽  
Harsh S Malkani ◽  
Prinshu Dahiya

Internet has become a platform for online learning, exchanging ideas and sharing opinions. Social networking site like Twitter is a widely used platform where millions of tweets are tweeted every day and most of these tweets never reach their intended audiences and fail fulfill their purposes because they are lost in a huge sea of tweets that are often irrelevant. Analysis of a segment of tweets might not truly reflect the real sentiments of the overall tweets on a topic which is a challenge. To tackle this problem, we introduce efficient techniques with which tweets are extracted, translated and sentiment analysis is performed on both text and images. These results are shown graphically and tabularly with other useful and important data such as username and hashtags used in tweets. For controlled access and security, login and registration features are incorporated.

Ronak Pansara

Master data governance is not a new field, and it has existed since the early 90s (8). However, the demand for master data governance has been rising recently due to the ever-increasing demand for cost optimization, faster product innovations, compliance with the set rules and regulations, and competitive advantage in the business field. One of the areas in which companies can achieve master data governance is through maintaining consistent data quality. Handling data is one of the pain areas in most companies due to the complicities involved in managing data. Still, companies that succeed in handling data compete well in their business since data leads to optimal decision-making. Data mismatch is putting so many companies projecting to accelerate their growth on brakes. This paper outlines the best practices of master data governance, which can help the companies solve and improve their odds in data governance and improve their business quickly, predictably when planning and implementing the decisions made.

Kamna Singh ◽  
Arpit Sharma

Safe cab android project is one such project which will responsible to provide taxis during your journey time. When you are in need to hire taxis for travelling purpose use this app and based on the information received from this app, taxi driver will able to get your location and available to provide you the service. This system uses the feature of GPS using which the taxi driver will locate you using its google map and with the help of GPS compass.

Ziad A. Alqadi ◽  
Sayel Shareef Rimawi

The stage of extracting the features of the speech file is one of the most important stages of building a system for identifying a person through the use of his voice. Accordingly, the choice of the method of extracting speech features is an important process because of its subsequent negative or positive effects on the speech recognition system. In this paper research we will analyze the most popular methods of speech signal features extraction: LPC, Kmeans clustering, WPT decomposition and MLBP methods. These methods will be implemented and tested using various speech files. The amplitude and sampling frequency will be changed to see the affects of changing on the extracted features. Depending on the results of analysis some recommendations will be given.

Esnehara P. Bagundang

Stress is a phenomenal problem that affects a large number of worker, regardless of the financial or social status, age and profession, a person exposed to stress may develop health problems that can interfere with work and his quality of life. Problems about stress should not be taken for granted as it may lead to health problems that causes sickness absenteeism. In this scenario it is important to have strategies that helps to deal with such problem. Nowadays technology has been used in different areas not only to help our day to day transactions easy but also provide assistance in coping with psychological problems like stress thru computer games, mainly those based upon Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR/AR) techniques because it offers players some experiences like: relaxation, sense of control, challenges, learning opportunities and immersion and so these characteristics can contribute to the control process of stress. In this paper, it aimed to describe a design intervention though virtual reality game controlled by breathing and simple body movements to relieve stress.

Raj Kumar Pal ◽  
Ranjan Keshri ◽  
Sandeep Verma ◽  
Subhomoy Chattopadhyay

YOLO Based Social Distancing Violation Detection. Covid 19 can be prevented if few norms are followed properly. Social distancing is one of the important norms to stop spreading COVID-19. Advanced Computer Vision technique can be implemented to identified if few persons are maintaining social distance or not. This can be used to spread awareness.

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