scholarly journals Analysis of Service Quality on Mustahiq Satisfaction using Importance Performance Analysis (IPA) and Kano Model: Case Study on Baitul Mal

. Anwar
Bapi Das ◽  
Tung Sheng Kuo ◽  
Yuan Shufang

In the recent era, service quality has played a key role in each organization. This study aims to evaluate the service quality performance of ChilliesineIndian restaurants located in Taichung city of Taiwan. In this context, we have adopted the DINERSERV questionnaire after reviewing various literature. Importance performance analysis methodology has been used to understand the service performance of each service item. The study will evaluate and analyze the service quality desired as per the customer in Taichung city under the context of the service quality. IPA being a marketing tool to give a vivid picture for managers to make decision and understand their competitive advantage and improve on the rest.

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