scholarly journals Importance Performance Analysis of Service quality for Locals and Expats in Indian Restaurants in Taiwan: Case Study

Bapi Das ◽  
Tung Sheng Kuo ◽  
Yuan Shufang

In the recent era, service quality has played a key role in each organization. This study aims to evaluate the service quality performance of ChilliesineIndian restaurants located in Taichung city of Taiwan. In this context, we have adopted the DINERSERV questionnaire after reviewing various literature. Importance performance analysis methodology has been used to understand the service performance of each service item. The study will evaluate and analyze the service quality desired as per the customer in Taichung city under the context of the service quality. IPA being a marketing tool to give a vivid picture for managers to make decision and understand their competitive advantage and improve on the rest.

2021 ◽  
Vol 13 (2) ◽  
pp. 504
Patrícia Moura e Sá ◽  
Maria João Rosa ◽  
Gonçalo Santinha ◽  
Cátia Valente

This paper aims to measure the quality of the services delivered by a court by assessing the satisfaction of court users and service providers, i.e., magistrates and court officials. For that purpose, a case study was carried out and data were collected by means of a questionnaire based on the SERVPERF instrument, in which perceived service quality is measured, considering court users, magistrates, and court officials’ perceptions of post-service performance. One hundred and fifty-eight questionnaires were successfully returned. An in-depth interview was later conducted to the court administrator to gain a richer understanding of the results achieved and ask follow-up questions. Overall, findings revealed that court users, magistrates, and court officials clearly have a positive view of the services provided, although improvement is needed, particularly in the court’s facilities and technological equipment. The current research sheds some light on the potentialities and difficulties of assessing service quality in the judiciary and contributes to the validation of the SERVPERF instrument in this context.

Rizky Oktaviani Putri, Shantika Martha

Service Performance (SERVPERF) merupakan metode pengembangan dari Service Quality (SERVQUAL). SERVPERF menggunakan skala kinerja dan skala kepentingan untuk mengukur kualitas jasa, sedangkan  Important Performance Analysis merupakan metode yang memiliki kemampuan untuk mengidentifikasi prioritas yang diperlukan untuk perbaikan. Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk menganalisis kualitas pelayanan akademik FMIPA Untan pada mahasiswa tahun 2017/2018. Data dalam penelitian ini menggunakan data primer yang diperoleh melalui penyebaran kuesioner kepada responden yang telah ditentukan. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa ada beberapa atribut yang memerlukan perbaikan seperti kemudahan memperoleh informasi bagi mahasiswa (t3), proses pelayanan cepat dan tidak berbelit terkait dengan kebutuhan mahasiswa (r2), kesabaran petugas dalam menanggapi keluhan mahasiswa (e1).Kata Kunci: Kualitas Pelayanan, SERVPERF, IPA

An-Wen Lu ◽  
Ya-Hua Chang ◽  
Hsin-Hung Wu

Due to the market openness for the competitive tobacco and liquor market, Taiwan Tobacco and Liquor Corporation has to pay attention to service quality and customer satisfaction more than before for its retailers in order to maintain its marketplace and even increase its sales. In this research, a case study at South Branch Office in Taichung City, Taiwan is conducted with the effective sample of size of 178 retailing customers through phone purchase by multivariate analysis of variance. The results show that Item 20 has the lowest satisfaction and is the only item less than the value of 3 in a 5-point Likert scale. A platform for retailers to order goods from the internet should be placed in the highest priority. In addition, the age group of 36-45 years old perceived the lowest satisfaction on Item 16, which should be the focal point. Moreover, the other focal point is that the retailers purchasing tobacco through phone purchase has the second lowest satisfaction on Item 17. The management needs to address these two issues in order to provide better service for its retailers.

2021 ◽  
Vol 6 (1) ◽  
pp. 105
Busriadi Busriadi ◽  
Rahman Arifin

Purpose: This research analyzes the business phenomenon of PT. Pegadaian Syariah (Persero) Tbk. in Jambi province, in which the problem is how to build customer satisfaction to achieve the company goal. This research is designed to analyze the effect of service quality on customer satisfaction. This research aims to find answers to the flow of service quality performance. In addition, the modeling in this study also aims to provide a critical understanding of the concept and measurement of customer relationship management.Design/Method/Approach: This research used a descriptive analysis approach and a quantitative method to test the variables by using hypothesis testing. The research subjects were 110 customers of PT. Pegadaian Syariah (Persero) Tbk. of Jambi Province. To analyze the data, researchers used the Structural Equation Model (SEM) by using Amos 22 computer program.Findings: The results showed that service quality had a positive and significant effect on customer satisfaction. This study provides a contribution that strengthens the justification of previous research in which this research develops the effect of service quality by expanding the study on customer satisfaction.Originality/Values: The novelty of the study is identified from the issue which is studied consistently and the place of the research.

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