Development of head and neck pathology in Europe

2022 ◽  
Henrik Hellquist ◽  
Abbas Agaimy ◽  
Göran Stenman ◽  
Alessandro Franchi ◽  
Alfons Nadal ◽  
2009 ◽  
Vol 119 (S3) ◽  
pp. S242-S242 ◽  
Tim A. Iseli ◽  
Claire E. Iseli ◽  
J. Blake Golden ◽  
Virginia L. Jones ◽  
Arthur M. Boudreaux ◽  

2011 ◽  
Vol 5 (2) ◽  
pp. 97-99 ◽  
Parul Goel ◽  
Veena Gupta ◽  
Anjali Narwal ◽  
Jigyasa Duhan

ABSTRACT Actinomycosis is an infectious disease characterized by chronic granulomatous and suppurative lesions often caused by Actinomyces group. Actinomycosis has been referred to as the chameleon of head and neck pathology because of its varied clinical picture which can resemble various pathologies ranging from benign infection to metastatic tumour. Nowadays, the diagnosis of the same may be difficult because the number of patients with typical symptoms has decreased, and there is a low success rate in culturing the microorganism. Mandibular osteomyelitis is also underappreciated by many clinicians in their assessment of head and neck infections. Most cases are traced to an odontogenic source, with periapical tooth abscess and posttraumatic or surgical complication as key antecedent events. A case of osteomyelitis of mandible initiated from a vital but peridontally compromised tooth is reported. Radiography of this case revealed bone destruction, and H & E of the biopsied tissue showed branching filaments resembling ray fungus.

Lebedev M.V. ◽  
Zakharova I.Yu. ◽  
Kerimova K.I.

In 2021, an organizational experiment was conducted to improve the provision of specialized care to patients with head and neck pathology using the example of the Center for Maxillofacial Surgery at the N. N. Burdenko. The chief freelance specialist of the Ministry of Health of the Penza region, the head and doctors of the department, the deputy chief physician for the medical and surgical part, doctors of the quality control department of the N. N. Burdenko evaluated the treatment and diagnostic measures, the feasibility of attracting consultants of related specialties. Taking into account the results obtained, in 2021, on the basis of the Center for Maxillofacial Surgery, an organizational experiment was conducted to optimize the provision of medical care to patients of all ages with head and neck pathology, followed by an assessment of its effectiveness. The organizational experiment consisted of an interdisciplinary approach in the treatment of 15 patients in the conditions of the Center for Maxillofacial Surgery of the N.N. Burdenko. Doctors of related specialties (otorhinolaryngologist, plastic surgeon, oncologist, endoscopist, psychiatrist) participated in the provision of specialized care. The hospitalization of the patient and his treatment are provided at the optimum time by the same specialists. As a result of the experiment, patients saved time, received an integrated approach, reduced risks of postoperative complications, full work capacity or faster recovery and rehabilitation. The experiment showed that for one inpatient treatment, the patient receives an integrated approach to the problem, subject to close interaction of specialists from medical organizations, with the possibility of using specialized equipment without the cost of purchasing it for a medical organization. The conducted organizational experiment improves and improves the quality of care for patients with head and neck pathology. This experiment should be implemented in multidisciplinary medical organizations providing assistance in the field of "maxillofacial surgery".

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