What is the ScienceGate “Author Search” tool?

Author Search” is a tool by which you can simply find your targeted researcher(s). “Author Search” includes metadata of more than 18 million unique authors categorized by country, affiliation, and more than 300 subject areas. This post is a short guide to help you find your targeted authors in a very simple manner using the ScienceGate “Author Search” tool.

Go to the “Author Search” page

Go to the ScienceGate website and select “Author Search” from the Services menu.

Insert name or affiliation

Insert any text regarding the author’s name, affiliation, and country(s) as shown in the following figure.

Select country

Select the country of the author(s) you need to find.

Select the subject category and subcategory

Select the subject category and related subcategory of your targeted author(s).

Click on the search button and enjoy the list of your targeted authors if exist. The results include the author’s name, affiliations, and the most contributed subjects published by that author. Some authors may be registered using several names and affiliations. All submitted names and affiliations can be displayed by clicking on “” at the end of each section.

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  • Hamid March 25, 2022

    Thank you. Author search is a very useful service.
    Best wishes

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