Early Dietary Treated Patients With Phenylketonuria Can Achieve Normal Growth and Mental Development.

J.L. Carson ◽  
A.M. Collier

The ciliated cells lining the conducting airways of mammals are integral to the defense mechanisms of the respiratory tract, functioning in coordination with secretory cells in the removal of inhaled and cellular debris. The effects of various infectious and toxic agents on the structure and function of airway epithelial cell cilia have been studied in our laboratory, both of which have been shown to affect ciliary ultrastructure.These observations have led to questions about ciliary regeneration as well as the possible induction of ciliogenesis in response to cellular injury. Classical models of ciliogenesis in the conducting airway epithelium of the mammalian respiratory tract have been based primarily on observations of the developing fetal lung. These observations provide a plausible explanation for the embryological generation of ciliary beds lining the conducting airways but do little to account for subsequent differentiation of ciliated cells and ciliogenesis during normal growth and development.

1997 ◽  
Vol 42 (7) ◽  
pp. 654-654
Terri Gullickson

1976 ◽  
Ileana Recagno-Puente ◽  
Maria Rosa de Orantes

2015 ◽  
pp. 20-36 ◽  
S. Afontsev

Economic sanctions against Russia form a completely new context for public and private efforts to cope with crisis trends in Russian economy. With limited access to global goods, capital, and technology markets, it can at best minimize costs of the crisis but not come back to the normal growth path. Strategies to find new trade partners and sources of capital outside the group of countries that have introduced economic sanctions against Russia are welcome, but their potential is rather limited. Under these circumstances, crisis management should be centered neither on the alleged ‘Russia’s pivot to the East’ nor on the wide-scale import substitution but on normalization of economic relations with key country partners, regaining currency stability, and structural reforms aimed at moving national economy away from commodity specialization.

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