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2020 ◽  
Vol 27 (6) ◽  
pp. 1283-1297 ◽  
Jingru Li ◽  
Jian Zuo ◽  
Weiping Jiang ◽  
Xizeng Zhong ◽  
Jinggang Li ◽  

PurposeThis study aims to identify and quantitatively evaluate the factors that influence the construction and demolition waste (CDW) policy instrument choice, and provide a systematic framework for local governments to select the appropriate policy instruments with a consideration of their specific situations.Design/methodology/approachLiterature review and expert interviews were conducted to identify the key factors. These factors were quantitatively evaluated via a questionnaire survey. Exploratory factor analysis (EFA) was employed to explore the underlying structure of these variables and organize the factors into a systematic framework.FindingsResource, clarity of policy problem and goal, legitimacy, acceptance of targeted group and environmental concern of public are the five top variables, which should be emphasized in the selection of CDW policy. The respondents with experience in policymaking and those without experience had slightly different views on the importance of these variables. A total of six latent factors were identified and organized into a framework.Research limitations/implicationsThe questionnaire survey was conducted with government staff via a snowball sampling method, which may affect the representativeness of conclusions to a certain extent.Practical implicationsThis study provides a useful reference for local government to choose appropriate policies to address the CDW problem. Matching attributes of policy instruments with the policy goal and the problem is the starting point in choice of the CDW policy. The matched instruments will be further narrowed by social context, i.e. environmental concern and socioeconomic situation. The final selection must undergo bargaining between policymakers and targeted groups.Originality/valuePolicy instruments choice is a complicated process, which is shaped by the interaction of many influential factors. However, the impact of these factors on CDW policy choice is largely overlooked. This study will contribute to the knowledge body pertaining to policy selection in the CDW field.

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