A Method Based on Multi-Body Dynamic Analysis for A Floating Two-Stage Buffer Collision-Prevention System Under Ship Collision Loads

2021 ◽  
Vol 35 (6) ◽  
pp. 828-840
Kai Lu ◽  
Xu-jun Chen ◽  
Hui Yuan ◽  
Heng Huang ◽  
Guang-huai Wu
2021 ◽  
Vol 224 ◽  
pp. 108729
Shujie Zhao ◽  
Xun Meng ◽  
Huajun Li ◽  
Dejiang Li ◽  
Qiang Fu

2012 ◽  
Vol 51 ◽  
pp. 1-15 ◽  
L. Sun ◽  
R. Eatock Taylor ◽  
Y.S. Choo

Henry T. Wu ◽  
Neel K. Mani

Abstract Vibration normal modes and static correction modes have been previously used to model flexible bodies for dynamic analysis of mechanical systems. The efficiency and accuracy of using these modes to model a system depends on both the flexibility of each body and the applied loads. This paper develops a generalized method for the generation of a set of Ritz vectors to model flexible bodies for dynamic analysis of multi-body mechanical systems. The Ritz vectors are generated using the distribution of dynamic loading on a flexible body. Therefore they form the most efficient vector basis for the spatial distribution of the loadings. The Ritz vectors can be re-generated when the system undergoes significant changes of its configuration and the regeneration procedure is inexpensive. The combinations of vibration normal modes and the proposed Ritz vectors thus form more efficient and accurate vector bases for the modeling of flexible bodies for dynamic analysis.

2014 ◽  
Yuan feng Xia ◽  
Jian Pang ◽  
Chengtai Hu ◽  
Cui Zhou ◽  
Cong Wu

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