Global adaptive output regulation for nonlinear output feedback affine systems

Hua Zhang ◽  
Fujin Jia ◽  
Junwei Lu
2016 ◽  
Vol 40 (1) ◽  
pp. 171-178 ◽  
Meichen Guo ◽  
Lu Liu

This paper discusses the global robust output regulation problem for a class of nonlinear output feedback systems. It is assumed that the exosystem and the high-frequency gain sign are unknown and that the unknown parameters can be arbitrarily large. To solve this problem, two major challenges are to be overcome. First, the concurrence of the unknown exosystem and the unknown high-frequency gain sign cannot be handled merely by designing estimators for the two unknown parameters respectively. Second, the conventional extended matching design approach cannot be directly implemented, owing to the arbitrarily large unknown parameters. To cope with these difficulties, a new estimator is developed, and the extended matching design approach is modified to obtain a suitable update law for the estimator. The effectiveness of the proposed adaptive controller is illustrated by an example.

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