scholarly journals Local Similarity Siamese Network for Urban Land Change Detection on Remote Sensing Images

Haeyun Lee ◽  
Kyung su Lee ◽  
Junhee Kim ◽  
Younghwan Na ◽  
Juhum Park ◽  
2020 ◽  
Vol 12 (2) ◽  
pp. 205 ◽  
Moyang Wang ◽  
Kun Tan ◽  
Xiuping Jia ◽  
Xue Wang ◽  
Yu Chen

Information extraction from multi-sensor remote sensing images has increasingly attracted attention with the development of remote sensing sensors. In this study, a supervised change detection method, based on the deep Siamese convolutional network with hybrid convolutional feature extraction module (OB-DSCNH), has been proposed using multi-sensor images. The proposed architecture, which is based on dilated convolution, can extract the deep change features effectively, and the character of “network in network” increases the depth and width of the network while keeping the computational budget constant. The change decision model is utilized to detect changes through the difference of extracted features. Finally, a change detection map is obtained via an uncertainty analysis, which combines the multi-resolution segmentation, with the output from the Siamese network. To validate the effectiveness of the proposed approach, we conducted experiments on multispectral images collected by the ZY-3 and GF-2 satellites. Experimental results demonstrate that our proposed method achieves comparable and better performance than mainstream methods in multi-sensor images change detection.

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