Calculation of Suspension Separation Process in Centrifugal Sedimenter Rotor with Screw Sediment Discharge

E. V. Semenov ◽  
I. A. Nikitin ◽  
S. N. Chebotarev ◽  
V. A. Irkha
V.I. Pakhomov ◽  
S.V. Braginets ◽  
O.N. Bakhchevnikov ◽  
A.I. Rukhlyada ◽  

Low-traumatic technology of grain separation from an ear is developed. It consists in influence of an air jet on an ear.It leads to rolling of an ear on a surface of the threshing device concave and causes its partial abrasion which is followed by grains separation. Process of wheat ears low-traumatic threshing in the experimental device yields satisfactory results, provides reduces grain endosperm damage on 10-12% in comparison with traditional technology. Germ of grain damage decreases by 5%.Crushing of grain made no more than 0,5%. Use of the developed technology of the low-traumatic threshing will allow to reduce grain damage of cereal crops in case of the harvesting. It is important by cereal breeding.

Matheus Souisa ◽  
Paulus R. Atihuta ◽  
Josephus R. Kelibulin

Ambon City is a region consisting of hilly areas and steep slopes with diverse river characteristics. Research has been carried out in the Wae Ruhu watershed in Ambon City which starts from upstream (water catchment) to downstream. This study aims to determine the magnitude of river discharge and sediment discharge in the Wae Ruhu watershed. This research was conducted in several stages including, secondary data collection, research location survey, preparation of research tools and materials as well as field data retrieval processes which included tracking coordinates at each station point and entire watershed, calculation of river flow velocity, river geometry measurements, and sampling sediment. The results showed that the average river discharge in the Wae watershed in the year 2018 was 1.24 m3 / s, and the average sediment discharge was 6.27 kg / s. From the results of this study and the field observations proposed for flood prevention and the rate of sediment movement are the construction of cliffs with sheet pile and gabions.

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