Combinatorial Mathematics, Proceedings of the International Colloquium on Graph Theory and Combinatorics

1982 ◽  
Vol 21 (01) ◽  
pp. 15-22 ◽  
W. Schlegel ◽  
K. Kayser

A basic concept for the automatic diagnosis of histo-pathological specimen is presented. The algorithm is based on tissue structures of the original organ. Low power magnification was used to inspect the specimens. The form of the given tissue structures, e. g. diameter, distance, shape factor and number of neighbours, is measured. Graph theory is applied by using the center of structures as vertices and the shortest connection of neighbours as edges. The algorithm leads to two independent sets of parameters which can be used for diagnostic procedures. First results with colon tissue show significant differences between normal tissue, benign and malignant growth. Polyps form glands that are twice as wide as normal and carcinomatous tissue. Carcinomas can be separated by the minimal distance of the glands formed. First results of pattern recognition using graph theory are discussed.

2018 ◽  
Vol 6 (10) ◽  
pp. 722-729 ◽  
Anwesha Chakraborty ◽  
Trina Dutta ◽  
Sushmita Mondal ◽  
Asoke Nath

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