scholarly journals Massive MIMO signal transmission in spatially correlated channel environments

Chan-Sic Park ◽  
Yong-Suk Byun ◽  
Jeong Woo Lee ◽  
Yong-Hwan Lee
Patel Sagar ◽  
Bhalani Jaymin

Spatial correlation is a critical impairment for practical Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) wireless communication systems. To overcome from this issue, one of the solutions is receive antenna selection. Receive antenna selection is a low-cost, low-complexity and no requirement of feedback bit alternative option to capture many of the advantages of MIMO systems. In this paper, symbol error rate (SER) versus signal to noise ratio (SNR) performance comparasion of proposed receive antenna selection scheme for full rate non-orthogonal Space Time Block Code (STBC) is obtained using simulations in MIMO systems under spatially correlated channel at transmit and receive antenna compare with several existing receive antenna selection schemes. The performance of proposed receive antenna selection scheme is same as conventional scheme and beat all other existing schemes.

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