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2021 ◽  
Vol ahead-of-print (ahead-of-print) ◽  
Barbara Egilstrød ◽  
Kirsten Schultz Petersen

Purpose The purpose of this study is to gain a deeper understanding of female spouses’ lived experiences of changes in everyday life while living with a husband with dementia. Design/methodology/approach Nine individual interviews of female spouses were conducted in 2017. A phenomenological narrative approach was applied during data collection, and the analysis was inspired by Amedeo Giorgi’s analytic steps. Findings Female spouses experienced changes in their marital relationships, and found ways of managing these changes, although they realized life was marked by loneliness and distress. The identified themes reveal how female spouses experienced changes in everyday life as the disease progressed. Everyday routines gradually changed and they actively sought ways to uphold everyday life and a marital relationship. Research limitations/implications Research should focus on developing supportive interventions, where the people with the lived experiences in relation to dementia are involved in the research process, to better target the needs for support, when developing interventions. Practical implications Insight into everyday life can help health-care service providers to better the support to female spouses and contribute with more individualized support, which may contribute to the quality of care. Originality/value In this study, the authors disclose the envisible and silent work that takes place in an everyday life, when living with a husband with dementia during the time span of caregiving. Spouses’ experiences are important to include, when developing intervention to support spouses to better tailor the interventions.

2021 ◽  
Vol 23 ◽  
pp. 101283
Rebecca Karstens Brandt ◽  
Sonja Haustein ◽  
Mette Møller

2021 ◽  
Vol 4 (4) ◽  
Derya Cinar ◽  

Today, the perceptions of individuals who are performing the teaching profession are very important. The purpose of this research is; to investigate the metaphorical perceptions that teachers have regarding the concept of the teaching profession and to compare the metaphorical perceptions of classroom teachers and branch teachers. The research is a qualitative study and the data are examined by content analysis. As a data collection tool, 60 teachers were told to "Teaching profession...... it's like. Because......" they were asked 3 times to complete the sentence. According to the results of the study; the number of metaphors produced by teachers is 155 and all are valid. The created metaphors are collected in 5 different categories. It was observed that the classroom teachers and branch teachers who participated in the study produced metaphors mostly in the category of "Expressions Related to An Object." Teachers in the study group perceive the teaching profession most with the metaphors of "parenting, motherhood and candles." According to the findings of the study; When comparing metaphorical perceptions of classroom teachers and branch teachers in all categories, it was determined that classroom teachers produced more metaphors than branch teachers, while branch teachers could not produce little or no metaphors.

Lire Journal ◽  
2021 ◽  
Vol 5 (2) ◽  
pp. 214-232
Sudarsono Sudarsono

The present study aims to investigate the code-switching applied by educated bilinguals. It is a quantitative and qualitative study. The data were collected from the participants doing Master and doctoral degrees at several universities in Melbourne, Australia and their spouses. The data were sorted out of the corpora recorded from discussions, conversations, a monologue equivalent with 50,117 words of talks. They were recorded from natural speeches in natural settings. The data were analyzed and interpreted analytically. The research found out that the bilinguals code-switched in their speech at a system, not at random. The code-switching patterns were categorized into Single Lexical Code-switching, Phrasal Code-switching, Intra-sentential Code-switching, and Inter-sentential Code-switching. Bilinguals code-switched from the matrix language into the embedded language to show their communicative strategy, social-cultural values, and self-expression.

2021 ◽  
Griffin S. Collins ◽  
Hannah Beaman ◽  
Alvin M. Ho ◽  
Michelle L. Hermiston ◽  
Harvey J. Cohen ◽  

BMC Nursing ◽  
2021 ◽  
Vol 20 (1) ◽  
Sedighe Ghobadian ◽  
Mansour Zahiri ◽  
Behnaz Dindamal ◽  
Hossein Dargahi ◽  
Farzad Faraji-Khiavi

Abstract Background Clinical errors are one of the challenges of health care in different countries, and obtaining accurate statistics regarding clinical errors in most countries is a difficult process which varies from one study to another. The current study was conducted to identify barriers to reporting clinical errors in the operating theatre and the intensive care unit of a university hospital. Methods This qualitative study was conducted in the operating theatre and intensive care unit of a university hospital. Data collection was conducted through semi-structured interviews with health care staff, senior doctors, and surgical assistants. Data analysis was carried out through listening to the recorded interviews and developing transcripts of the interviews. Meaning units were identified and codified based on the type of discussion. Then, codes which had a common concept were grouped under one category. Finally, the codes and designated categories were analysed, discussed and confirmed by a panel of four experts of qualitative content analysis, and the main existing problems were identified and derived. Results Barriers to reporting clinical errors were extracted in two themes: individual problems and organizational problems. Individual problems included 4 categories and 12 codes and organizational problems included 6 categories and 17 codes. The results showed that in the majority of cases, nurses expressed their desire to change the current prevailing attitudes in the workplace while doctors expected the officials to implement reform policies regarding clinical errors in university hospitals. Conclusion In order to alleviate the barriers to reporting clinical errors, both individual and organizational problems should be addressed and resolved. At an individual level, training nursing and medical teams on error recognition is recommended. In order to solve organizational problems, on the other hand, the process of reporting clinical errors should be improved as far as the nursing team is concerned, but when it comes to the medical team, addressing legal loopholes should be given full consideration.

2021 ◽  
Vol 21 (1) ◽  
Ratnasari D. Cahyanti ◽  
Widyawati Widyawati ◽  
Mohammad Hakimi

Abstract Background Indonesia, the largest archipelago globally with a decentralized health system, faces a stagnant high maternal mortality ratio (MMR). The disparity factors among regions and inequities in access have deterred the local assessments in preventing similar maternal deaths. This study explored the challenges of district maternal death audit (MDA) committees to provide evidence-based recommendations for local adaptive practices in reducing maternal mortality. Methods A qualitative study was conducted with four focus-group discussions in Central Java, Indonesia, between July and October 2019. Purposive sampling was used to select 7–8 members of each district audit committee. Data were analyzed using the thematic analysis approach. Triangulation was done by member checking, peer debriefing, and reviewing audit documentation. Results The district audit committees had significant challenges to develop appropriate recommendations and action plans, involving: 1) non-informative audit tool provides unreliable data for review; 2) unstandardized clinical indicators and the practice of “sharp downward, blunt upward”; 3) unaccountable hospital support and lack of leadership commitment, and 4) blaming culture, minimal training, and insufficient MDA committee’ skills. The district audit committees tended to associated maternal death in lower and higher-level health facilities (hospitals) with mismanagement and unavoidable cause, respectively. These unfavorable cultures discourage transparency and prevent continuing improvement, leading to failure in addressing maternal death’s local avoidable factors. Conclusion A productive MDA is required to provide an evidence-based recommendation. A strong partnership between the key hospital decision-makers and district health officers is needed for quality evidence-based policymaking and adaptive practice to prevent maternal death.

2021 ◽  
Daniela Rodríguez ◽  
Remco Timermmans ◽  
Emma Holling ◽  
Oniosun Temidayo Isaiah

This paper is the result of an international, intercultural and interdisciplinary study on the outreach challenges of preparing students between the ages of 15 and 25 years for a career in the space industry. This qualitative study aimed to find and compile the best outreach practices and recommendations for engaging young people in an increasingly diverse world. Traditionally, space outreach has been biased and limited to a small number of careers in leading nations in the space industry. With the industry undergoing huge changes, new space actors are emerging even in nations that lack a national space program. Thus a new challenge for outreach professionals is to paint a realistic and updated picture of the paths towards a career in space in this new industry for their young audience. Not only have opportunities for space outreach grown in new geographies, with their own cultural and lingual characteristics, but also in traditional space nations, which are driving towards a more inclusive and diverse communication to their audiences.This paper is built around a literature study into outreach for diversity in the space industry, plus a survey among space outreach practitioners around the world. The analysis of this survey, in the context of literature findings, leads to new insights into outreach practices for new space audiences, the challenges involved in engaging these new audiences, and in providing them with an objective perspective of career opportunities in the local and international space sector. The analysis includes topics like the diversity of role models and the advantages of using varied channels to reach young audiences. The paper concludes with a set of practical recommendations for space outreach professionals and researchers.

2021 ◽  
pp. 238008442110537
E. Wolf ◽  
S. Månsson ◽  
L. Wallin ◽  
G. Priebe

The aim was to analyze perceptions of oral health in adults who have been exposed to child sexual abuse. Eleven participants (10 women), 19 to 56 y of age, who had experienced sexual abuse as children were purposively selected and interviewed in-depth. The participants were encouraged to describe how they perceived the effect of the sexual abuse on their oral health as adults. The interviews were recorded digitally and transcribed verbatim. The collected material was analyzed according to qualitative content analysis. The theme “challenging conditions for maintaining oral health” was identified, comprising 2 categories: first, “the emotional significance,” with the subcategories 1) emotional barriers and 2) powerful relief, and second, “the obstacles to oral health,” with the subcategories 1) daily self-care with complications and 2) dental appointments with difficulties. The findings indicate that the experience of sexual abuse during childhood can have a negative impact on oral care in adulthood. The informants stated that oral health was of utmost importance but also associated with strong emotions. There were obstacles to maintenance of oral health that were difficult to surmount. Knowledge Transfer Statement:The study provides access to the attitudes of survivors of child sexual abuse regarding oral health and the needs and obstacles that they experience. This is important knowledge for dental professionals to optimize dental care.

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