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Arunabh Singh

Abstract: In this paper we attempt to explain and establish certain frameworks that can be assessed for implementing security systems against cyber-threats and cyber-criminals. We give a brief overview of electronic signature generation procedures which include its validation and efficiency for promoting cyber security for confidential documents and information stored in the cloud. We strictly avoid the mathematical modelling of the electronic signature generation process as it is beyond the scope of this paper, instead we take a theoretical approach to explain the procedures. We also model the threats posed by a malicious hacker seeking to induce disturbances in the functioning of a power transmission grid via the means of cyber-physical networks and systems. We use the strategy of a load redistribution attack, while clearly acknowledging that the hacker would form its decision policy on inadequate information. Our research indicate that inaccurate admittance values often cause moderately invasive cyber-attacks that still compromise the grid security, while inadequate capacity values result in comparatively less efficient attacks. In the end we propose a security framework for the security systems utilised by companies and corporations at global scale to conduct cyber-security related operations. Keywords: Electronic signature, Key pair, sequence modelling, hacker, power transmission grid, Threat response, framework.

Fizza Zafri

Abstract: Technology advancement since last few decades creates cyber attack a critical issue. Cyber security has become an important part today. It has also become an important and crucial subject in the field of forensic science. Increased in the growth of internet technology and internet devices have increased the risk of cyber attack. Almost every organization today are depends on the internet and devices. There are many types of cyber attack. This paper is the detailed review about Ransomware attack. This paper is consisted about vast of the information about What is Ransomware Attack, how does it work, how ransomware attack emerged. After reading this paper you will learn about the ransomware attacks in history of cyber world. This will help you to learn and understand about ransomware attack, how to prevent yourself from ransomware attack. As a forensic science student, it is always important to be aware about the attacks that have happened in the history of cyber world. Before writing this paper, I have read and analyze many research paper and internet articles, so that I can write a detailed review paper which can help students and for the forensic awareness. Keywords: Cyberattack, Hacking, Ransomware, cyberworld, cyber security, ransomware, forensic, network security

2022 ◽  
Usman Akanbi

The Covid-19 pandemic is an unforeseen occurrence that took the world by storm. Governments and businesses were unprepared, hence the large-scale impact it continuously has on the planet. It has permanently revolutionised how we live, work and interact with technology. With this new way of living, businesses and governments had to adapt to a new form of survival, and so did cybercriminals; there was a surge in cyber threats due to our newfound dependence on technology. This paper emphasises the common types of cyber threats and the targeted industries. These attacks were more successful because people were uneasy and desperate, which gave the criminals more incentive to attack businesses. To avoid being a cyber target, I have provided recommendations against future threats.

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