Performance of Cooperative Relay Protocol in 5G Mobile Communication Network over Rayleigh Fading Channel

2023 ◽  
Vol 1 (1) ◽  
pp. 1
Olalekan Ogunbiyi ◽  
Olusola Kunle Akinde ◽  
Ahmed Wasiu Akande ◽  
Akinyinka Olukunle Akande ◽  
Cosmas Kemdirim Agubor
Sensors ◽  
2018 ◽  
Vol 18 (12) ◽  
pp. 4390
Tingli Xiang ◽  
Hongjun Wang

In order to overcome the limitations of traditional road test methods in 5G mobile communication network signal coverage detection, a signal coverage detection algorithm based on distributed sensor network for 5G mobile communication network is proposed. First, the received signal strength of the communication base station is collected and pre-processed by randomly deploying distributed sensor nodes. Then, the neural network objective function is modified by using the variogram function, and the initial weight coefficient of the neural network is optimized by using the improved particle swarm optimization algorithm. Next, the trained network model is used to interpolate the perceptual blind zone. Finally, the sensor node sampling data and the interpolation estimation result are combined to generate an effective coverage of the 5G mobile communication network signal. Simulation results indicate that the proposed algorithm can detect the real situation of 5G mobile communication network signal coverage better than other algorithms, and has certain feasibility and application prospects.

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