Strain analysis in diametral compression test through digital image correlation

2022 ◽  
Vol 75 (1) ◽  
pp. 67-72
Ângelo Quintiliano Nunes Silva ◽  
Roberto Galery
2016 ◽  
Vol 869 ◽  
pp. 98-101
Francisco Rosendo Sobrinho ◽  
Francisco Alves da Silva Jr. ◽  
Rodrigo Nogueira de Codes

Concrete is very resistant to compression, although its tensile strength is limited and it is regarded as a brittle material. One way to overcome this problem is through the use of plasticizing additives, as well as the introduction of fibers in the cement matrix. The aim of this study is to determine changes in the mechanical tensile strength of concrete when substitutes are found for sand in the form of waste tire rubber, with the introduction of plasticizer additive properties. The analysis was conducted by carrying out a diametral compression test combined with digital image correlation to measure the displacement and strain fields obtained with the applied loads. It was observed from the stress and strain values obtained in these tests that there is a reduction in tensile strength. This is accompanied by an increase in composite deformability and a rise in the percentage of waste.

2012 ◽  
Vol 4 ◽  
pp. 206-214 ◽  
V. Tuninetti ◽  
G. Gilles ◽  
V. Péron-Lührs ◽  
A.M. Habraken

2012 ◽  
Vol 6 (6) ◽  
pp. 545-554 ◽  
Nagisa MIURA ◽  
Shuichi ARIKAWA ◽  
Satoru YONEYAMA ◽  
Miyako KOIKE ◽  
Motoko MURAKAMI ◽  

2012 ◽  
Vol 17 (3) ◽  
pp. 21-28 ◽  
Beata Marciniak ◽  
Tomasz Marciniak ◽  
Zbigniew Lutowski ◽  
Sławomir Bujnowski

Abstract In this paper, the analysis of the possibilities of using Digital Image Correlation (DIC) based on Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) for strain analysis in fatigue cracking processes is presented. The basic assumption for the discussed displacement and strain measurement method under time variable loads was obtaining high measurement sensitivity by simultaneously minimizing the measurement time consumption. For this purpose special computing procedures based on multiprocessor graphic cards were developed, which significantly reduced the total time of displacement and strain analysis. The developed digital procedure for correlation of images has been used for an example of displacement analysis in the method of fatigue crack propagation testing in airplane riveted joints. In this paper are presented the results of the researches of the team run by professor Antoni Zabłudowski

И.Н. Севостьянова ◽  
Т.Ю. Саблина ◽  
В.В. Горбатенко ◽  
С.Н. Кульков

The deformation behavior of ZrO2-Y2O3 ceramics under diametral compression was studied using the digital image correlation. Spatial-temporal patterns of strain localization along the axis of the deformable specimen εxx (x) and across the axis of the deformable specimen εyy (y) were obtained. It has been established that the accumulation of εxx and εyy deformations when testing ceramic ZrO2 (Y2O3) samples for diametral compression is non-uniform over the sample. In this case, the microstructural parameters change, such as the size of the coherently diffracting domains (CDDs) of the tetragonal phase and microstresses, the tetragonally monoclinic transformation is realized, and this localization correlates with the fixed non-uniform of the microstresses in the material volume.

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