hammerstein system
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2021 ◽  
Vol 21 (3) ◽  
pp. 160-174
Julakha Jahan Jui ◽  
Mohd Ashraf Ahmad ◽  
Mohamed Sultan Mohamed Ali ◽  
Mohd Anwar Zawawi ◽  
Mohd Falfazli Mat Jusof

Abstract This paper presents the identification of the ThermoElectric Cooler (TEC) plant using a hybrid method of Multi-Verse Optimizer with Sine Cosine Algorithm (hMVOSCA) based on continuous-time Hammerstein model. These modifications are mainly for escaping from local minima and for making the balance between exploration and exploitation. In the Hammerstein model identification a continuous-time linear system is used and the hMVOSCA based method is used to tune the coefficients of both the Hammerstein model subsystems (linear and nonlinear) such that the error between the estimated output and the actual output is reduced. The efficiency of the proposed method is evaluated based on the convergence curve, parameter estimation error, bode plot, function plot, and Wilcoxon’s rank test. The experimental findings show that the hMVOSCA can produce a Hammerstein system that generates an estimated output like the actual TEC output. Moreover, the identified outputs also show that the hMVOSCA outperforms other popular metaheuristic algorithms.

Soumaya Marzougui ◽  
Asma Atitallah ◽  
Saida Bedoui ◽  
Kamel Abderrahim

2021 ◽  
WANG Hongwei ◽  
ZHANG Qian ◽  
ZHA Qin ◽  
Mutalifu Ahemaide

Abstract Aiming at the modeling issues of fractional order Hammerstein system with scarce measurements, a novel multi-innovation hybrid identification algorithm is proposed to deal with them. Firstly, a multi-innovation estimation algorithm based on auxiliary model is presented to estimate the parameters of the nonlinear fractional order system, and a multi-innovation Levenberg-Marquardt algorithm are derived to confirm the fractional orders. Secondly, the convergence properties of the proposed algorithm are analyzed using the lemmas and theorems. Finally, in order to illustrate the effectiveness of the proposed algorithm, two fractional order nonlinear systems with scarce measurements are studied to prove the validity.

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