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Dr. Ravindra Sharma

Abstract: Disguised writing is any deliberate attempt to alter one’s handwriting characteristics to prevent recognition. Disguised writings throw several problems for document examiners when dealing with various disputed documents. The handwriting characteristics are subdued in the subconscious mind of an individual thus, cannot be altered or disguised easily. The present write up is to unfold the journey of FDE, examining writings or signatures having wilful modification for the purpose of concealing his/her identity. In this case, a person attempts to disguise his signatures on agreement of sell with an intention of denying the signatures at a laterstage. Keywords: Disguised writing, handwriting characteristics, signatures, freely executed, modification etc.

Karolina Kasprzycka ◽  
Stanisław Łącki-Zynzeling ◽  
Mateusz Winder ◽  
Jacek Ziaja ◽  
Dawid Szumilas ◽  

Jeffrey A Sanford ◽  
Stacy L Strausborger ◽  
Michael R Lewin‐Smith ◽  
Michael C Royer

2022 ◽  
pp. 1-3
Laura Marano ◽  
Gabriella Fabbrocini ◽  
Giuseppe Monfrecola ◽  
Fabrizio Martora

<b><i>Introduction:</i></b> Pemphigus is a potential life-threatening skin disorder belonging to the group of the autoimmune bullous diseases affecting the skin and mucosa. The most common subtypes are pemphigus foliaceus (PF) and pemphigus vulgaris. <b><i>Case Presentation:</i></b> We present the case of a young woman with scalp manifestations diagnosed as seborrhiasis who came to our office where a more careful history and clinical examination directed us toward another diagnostic suspicion. The histological examination confirmed our suspicion of pemphigus and therefore we believe it is important to report our experience to avoid misdiagnosis. <b><i>Discussion/Conclusion:</i></b> Our case may be useful in the literature to identify cases of PF with atypical manifestations that may mimic other diseases.

Cureus ◽  
2022 ◽  
Poonam Arora ◽  
Hari Prasad ◽  
Nishant Ranjan ◽  
Aadya Pillai ◽  
Naveen Joseph

Ricardo Costa ◽  
Maria João Sousa ◽  
Severo Torres

Amiodarone is commonly used in acute care due to its effectiveness in several arrythmias and safety if structural heart disease is present or unknown. However, it can have a proarrhythmic effect. We presented a case of iatrogenic arrhythmic storm due to concomitant use of amiodarone plus tiapride resolved with isoproterenol.

Cureus ◽  
2022 ◽  
Subrat Panda ◽  
Ananya Das ◽  
Rituparna Das ◽  
Nalini Sharma ◽  
Vinayak Jante

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