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2022 ◽  
Vol 3 (1) ◽  
pp. 08-23
Abdelatif RAJJI ◽  
Amina Wafik ◽  
Abdessamad Najine ◽  
Amroumoussa Benmoussa

The application of specialized natural hazard mapping is an absolute necessity for the management and prevention of natural hazard events. This paper treats the description of all the procedures carried out in order to produce a map of vulnerability and susceptibility to cave-ins, calculated and evaluated by the multicriteria method (AHP) and by using the GIS tool in the old Medina of Beni Mellal, which is recognized from time to time by cave-ins. The objective of this study is to develop a new method for analyzing the vulnerability of cavities to collapse, which presents a real risk in the urban area of the old cities. The methodology, applied to the old city of Beni-Mellal, consists in identifying and quantifying the stakes linked to the collapse of a cavity using a geographic information system. The weight of each parameter and factor exposed in the vulnerability was estimated using the hierarchical multicriteria method (AHP). The result is presented in the form of a spatialized and synthetic vulnerability map. The detection, mapping and assessment of areas vulnerable to the collapse of these cavities, particularly for large areas of the city, offers the possibility of reducing damage by intervening upstream and introducing preventive and corrective measures against any risk of collapse in the areas deemed vulnerable by our study. The maps show three zones with different degrees of vulnerability. The low and medium vulnerability zones occupy respectively 30 and 20% of the total area of the old city, while the high and very high vulnerability zones occupy respectively 16% and 4%.

Wei Liu ◽  
Fangni Zhang ◽  
Xiaolei Wang ◽  
Chaoyi Shao ◽  
Hai Yang

This study examines the pricing strategy of a parking sharing platform that rents the daytime-usage rights of private parking spaces from parking owners and sells them to parking users. In an urban area with both shared parking and curbside parking, a choice equilibrium model is proposed to predict the number of shared parking users under any given pricing strategy of the platform. We analytically analyze how the pricing strategy of the platform (price charged on users and rent paid to parking owners or sharers) would affect the parking choice equilibrium and several system efficiency metrics. It is shown that the platform is profitable when some parking owners have a relatively small inconvenience cost from sharing their spaces, but its profit is always negative at minimum social cost. Numerical studies are conducted to illustrate the analytical results and provide further understanding.

2022 ◽  
Murad Md. ◽  
Hossain Md. ◽  
Jahan Tasnim ◽  
Huq Ferdous ◽  
Islam Muhaiminul

2022 ◽  
Torres Chicoma Susy Milagros ◽  
Gálvez Tirado Raúl

О.В. Ковалева ◽  
П.Б. Амзараков ◽  
П. М. Леус

Статья посвящена итогам исследований археологического памятника «Курганный могильник Абакан-7», проведенным в 2018 г. в рамках охранно - спасательных работ в центре г. Абакан. Несмотря на разрушение большей части культурного слоя, произошедшего в результате разновременного освоения городской территории, под техногенными напластованиями удалось обнаружить нетронутый участок, включавший частично сохранившийся курган раннего железного века с более поздним впускным погребением. В результате раскопок выявлены конструкции четырех погребений, содержавших 18 изделий из бронзы и кости (ножи, шилья, вток чекана, наконечник стрелы, украшения) и 8 фрагментарно сохранившихся керамических сосудов. Выявленный курган относится к подгороновскому этапу тагарской археологической культуры (8-9 вв. до н. э.), а впускное погребение - к тесинской археологической культуре (2-1 вв. до н. э.). The article is devoted to the results of the research of archaeological site “Abakan-7 burial ground”, which was conducted in 2018 within the rescue operations in the center of Abakan. Despite the destruction of most of the cultural layer, caused by the development of the urban area at diff erent times, under technogenic layers, researchers could fi nd an intact deposit, which included a partially preserved barrow of the Early Iron Age with a later inlet burial. As a result of the excavation, the structures of four burials were revealed, which contained 18 items made of bronze and bone (knives, awls, a handle spike of a pickaxe, arrowheads, jewelry) and 8 fragmentary preserved ceramic vessels. The discovered barrow belongs to the Podgornovo stage of the Tagar archaeological culture (8th-6th centuries BC), and the inlet burial belongs to the Tes archaeological culture (2nd-1st centuries BC).

Mayuri S. Bawankar ◽  
Damini S. Mahanubhav ◽  
Prachi M. Suryawanshi ◽  
Nandkumar M. Salunke

Background: In patients’ overall perception of their hospital experience it is widely recognized that food and other aspects of foodservice delivery are important elements and health care teams have committed to deliver appropriate food to their patients on daily basis. The provision of hospital foodservice should not only meet, but, also exceed patients’ expectations so as to gain the patients’ confidence in hospital food. Nutrition is an important element of care. A balanced nutrition is extremely important for patients who have been infected with COVID-19.Methods: To see the feedbacks of COVID-19 patients admitted in dedicated COVID hospital, the present hospital based cross sectional study was undertaken in various wards of dedicated COVID hospital of metropolitan city of western Maharashtra.Results: Mean age of participants was 41 years. Mean duration of hospital stay was 9.1 days. 60% patients were in age group between 31 to 60 whereas only 3% participants were above 80 years of age. 59% were male, 85% were from urban area. 55% participants were taking mix diet. 54% participants stayed for 8 to 10 days. 58% participants were presented with different co morbidities. 73.07% participants had normal diet during their stay in the hospital. Variables like age, gender and hospital stay had significant association with the feedback to nutritional services (p<0.05).Conclusions: Participants were satisfied towards nutrition and nutritional services provided in dedicated COVID hospital.

2022 ◽  
Diana Sînziana Duca ◽  
Maria Doina Schipor ◽  

We investigate in this work the relationship between the perceived demands of the teaching profession and the general sense of teachers’ self-efficacy in on-site and online teaching contexts. We present the results of a study with N= 127 Romanian teachers, with ages ranged from 19 to 55, with a mean age of 39,26 years, SD = 9,20 (123 females, 4 males; 73 from urban area, 54 from rural area). Our results show that the self-efficacy of teachers is lower in online professional activities, compared to the self-efficacy of teachers perceived in the on-site professional activities. In the case of the online teaching environment the teachers with high scores on teachers’ self-efficacy tends to consider as being more challenging when dealing with different levels of children's development, working with children with learning disabilities, who have a small number of attendances, who do not follow the received instructions and with children who need more time and energy compared to other children. We discuss implications of our results for policies and strategies to enhance the quality of teaching practices.

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