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2022 ◽  
Vol 166 ◽  
pp. 108687
Steven P. Hamilton ◽  
Thomas M. Evans ◽  
Katherine E. Royston ◽  
Elliott D. Biondo

Sushanta Ghuku ◽  
Kashi Nath Saha

Abstract Theoretical and experimental large deflection and stress analysis of a master leaf spring considering stress concentration effect of clamping is reported. The non-uniformly curved master leaf spring under three point bending subjected to moving boundaries is modeled. Geometrically nonlinear strain-displacement relations, as necessary for the theoretical analysis, are derived through visualization of physics behind the large deformation problem. An embedded curvilinear coordinate system is considered, to study the combined effects of non-uniform curvature, bending, stretching and shear deformation including cross-sectional warping. Governing equation of the non-uniformly curved beam system is derived in variational form using energy method, based on linear material constitutive relations and the derived nonlinear kinematic relations. An iterative solution scheme through successive geometry updation is developed and executed in MATLAB® software to solve the governing equation involving strong geometric nonlinearity together with complicating moving boundary effect. Experimental deflection profiles under static loading are obtained through manual image processing technique using AutoCAD® software. Whereas, strain measurements are performed using strain gauges with data acquisition system (HBM-MX840B). Comparison between the theoretical and experimental results lead towards observation on stress concentration effect due to presence of geometric discontinuity in form of a small hole in the physical system. A modified formulation is proposed using domain decomposition method incorporating effect of geometric discontinuity through an equivalent curved beam geometry of variable cross-section. The modified theoretical model is validated successfully with the experimental results, and observations on stress characteristics and effect of hole diameter to beam width ratio are made.

2022 ◽  
Nikhil Iyengar ◽  
Dushhyanth Rajaram ◽  
Kenneth Decker ◽  
Christian Perron ◽  
Dimitri N. Mavris

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