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1477-0539, 1477-0520

Manish Kumar Singh ◽  
Mahesh K Lakshman

To large extent, the physical and chemical properties of peptidomimetic molecules are dictated by the integrated heterocyclic scaffolds they contain. Heterocyclic moieties are introduced into a majority of peptide-mimicking molecules...

Fei-fei Sheng ◽  
En-Ci Li ◽  
Jing-Wen Bai ◽  
Cai-Xia Wang ◽  
Guang-Qi Hu ◽  

We disclose a silver catalyzed H/D exchange reaction, which can introduce deuterium atom at β position of thiophene rings without the assisstance of any coordinating groups. The advantages of this...

Mohamad Zarif Mohd Zubir ◽  
Nurul Fajry Maulida ◽  
Yoshihiro Abe ◽  
Yuta Nakamura ◽  
Mariam Abdelrasoul ◽  

Stereochemical elucidation of molecules with multiple chiral centers is difficult. Even with VCD spectroscopy, excluding all but one diastereomeric structural candidates is challenging because stereochemical inversion of one chiral center...

Andrew G. Durant ◽  
Eric A. Nicol ◽  
Brandon M. McInnes ◽  
Adrian L. Schwan

DFT modelling predicts proximal boron groups can accelerate sulfenate alkylation reactions, depending on boron substituents and boron distance from the reaction site.

Subhadra Ojha ◽  
Niranjan Panda

A novel Pd-catalyzed protocol desulfitative Heck type reaction of N-methoxy aryl sulfonamides with alkenes was reported. The cross-coupling reaction was performed successfully with a variety of olefins to obtainaryl alkenes....

Hanli Ruan ◽  
Xiaogang Peng ◽  
Shuang Zhou ◽  
Junjun Liu ◽  
Ying Gao ◽  

Three pairs of novel heterodimeric polyketide enantiomers, (±)-usphenethylones A−C (1−3), were isolated from the culture extract of Aspergillus ustus 3.3904. Compounds 1−3 represent two unique heterodimerization patterns of a phenethyl...

Jinyuan Jiang ◽  
Jidan Liu ◽  
Zhenke Yang ◽  
Jieying Zheng ◽  
Xin Tian ◽  

An efficient rhodium(III)-catalyzed direct C-H oxidative annulation of isoquinolones with allyl alcohols as C1 synthons has been successfully developed. This protocol enables the straightforward synthesis of structurally diverse isoindolo[2,1-b]isoquinolin-5(7H)-ones with...

Elliot S Williams ◽  
Hassan Gneid ◽  
Sarah Ruth Marshall ◽  
Mario J González ◽  
Jorgi A Mandelbaum ◽  

Lipids fulfill a variety of important physiological functions, such as energy storage, providing a hydrophobic barrier, and signal transduction. Despite this plethora of biological roles, lipids are rarely considered a...

Carlos Santiago ◽  
Xabier Jimenez-Aberasturi ◽  
Eztizen Leicea ◽  
Marta G. Lete ◽  
Nuria Sotomayor ◽  

The use of MW allows the efficient palladium(II)-catalysed C-3 acylation of thiophenes with aldehydes via C(sp2)-H activation for the synthesis of (cyclo)alkyl/aryl thienyl ketones (43 examples). Compared to standard thermal...

Xiaohui Zhang ◽  
Yueji Feng ◽  
Yanyan Tuo ◽  
Qing-Zhong Zheng

A novel metal-free sulfonylation of arenes with N-fluorobenzenesulfonimide (NFSI) toward the synthesis of diarylsulfones has been developed. The reaction represents a rare example of sulfonylation reaction using NFSI as efficient...

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