Automated Text Classification of Maintenance Data of Higher Education Buildings Using Text Mining and Machine Learning Techniques

2022 ◽  
Vol 28 (1) ◽  
Sungil Hong ◽  
Junghyun Kim ◽  
Eunhwa Yang
Padmavathi .S ◽  
M. Chidambaram

Text classification has grown into more significant in managing and organizing the text data due to tremendous growth of online information. It does classification of documents in to fixed number of predefined categories. Rule based approach and Machine learning approach are the two ways of text classification. In rule based approach, classification of documents is done based on manually defined rules. In Machine learning based approach, classification rules or classifier are defined automatically using example documents. It has higher recall and quick process. This paper shows an investigation on text classification utilizing different machine learning techniques.

Damian Alberto

The manual classification of a large amount of textual materials are very costly in time and personnel. For this reason, a lot of research has been devoted to the problem of automatic classification and work on the subject dates from 1960. A lot of text classification software has appeared. For some tasks, automatic classifiers perform almost as well as humans, but for others, the gap is still large. These systems are directly related to machine learning. It aims to achieve tasks normally affordable only by humans. There are generally two types of learning: learning “by heart,” which consists of storing information as is, and learning generalization, where we learn from examples. In this chapter, the authors address the classification concept in detail and how to solve different classification problems using different machine learning techniques.

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