induction motor drive
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2021 ◽  
Shuvra Prokash Biswas ◽  
Safa Haq ◽  
Md. Rabiul Islam ◽  
Md. Kamal Hosain ◽  
Rabindra Nath Shaw

Cuong Dinh Tran ◽  
Tien Xuan Nguyen ◽  
Phuong Duy Nguyen

<span lang="EN-US">An improving field-oriented control technique without current sensors is proposed to control rotor speed for an induction motor drive. The estimated stator currents based on the slip frequency are used instead of feedback current signals in the FOC loop. The reference signals and the estimated currents through computation steps are used to generate the control voltage for the switching inverter. Simulations were performed in Matlab/Simulink environment at rated speed and low-speed range to demonstrate the method's feasibility. Through simulation results, the FOC method using virtual sensors has proved its effectiveness in ensuring the stable operation of the IMD over a wide speed range.</span>

Sanjeev Kumar ◽  
H.K. Verma ◽  
M.P.S. Chawla ◽  

A hybrid structured asymmetric switching capacitor multilevel inverter (ASC-MLI) is suggested in this work. The notion behind presenting this topology is to reduce the device count and DC sources as compared with conventional MLI. The step by step operating mode of single phase ASC-MLI is presented and by doing slight modifications the same configuration is used in three phase utility application and electric drive. The proposed configurations utilize major benefits of self-voltage balancing capability of capacitor voltage, which is independent from different load type and modulations index. To generate the switching pulse for corresponding switches the multi-carrier based sinusoidal pulse width modulation (MCS-PWM) technique is used; in addition to this simulation result are obtained using MATLAB/Simulink 2016b software version. Simulation results of an induction motor drive connected as three phase load highlights good performance of 17-level MLI.

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