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Gergely Kiss ◽  
Miklós Laczkovich

AbstractIt is known that if $$f:{{\mathbb R}}^2\rightarrow {\mathbb R}$$ f : R 2 → R is a polynomial in each variable, then f is a polynomial. We present generalizations of this fact, when $${{\mathbb R}}^2$$ R 2 is replaced by $$G\times H$$ G × H , where G and H are topological Abelian groups. We show, e.g., that the conclusion holds (with generalized polynomials in place of polynomials) if G is a connected Baire space and H has a dense subgroup of finite rank or, for continuous functions, if G and H are connected Baire spaces. The condition of continuity can be omitted if G and H are locally compact or one of them is metrizable. We present several examples showing that the results are not far from being optimal.

2021 ◽  
Vol 76 (4) ◽  
Mohammed Bachir

2021 ◽  
Vol 500 (1) ◽  
pp. 125097
Jonathan Meddaugh ◽  
Brian E. Raines

V.Christy ◽  

In this paper, we introduce bipolar single valued neutrosophic Baire and bipolar single valued neutrosophic pre Baire spaces in bipolar single valued neutrosophic topological spaces. We also examine some of their properties and characterizations. KEYWORDS: Bipolar single valued neutrosophic Baire space and Bipolar single valued neutrosophic pre Baire space.

2021 ◽  
Vol 9 (1) ◽  
pp. 250-263
V. Mykhaylyuk ◽  
O. Karlova

In 1932 Sierpi\'nski proved that every real-valued separately continuous function defined on the plane $\mathbb R^2$ is determined uniquely on any everywhere dense subset of $\mathbb R^2$. Namely, if two separately continuous functions coincide of an everywhere dense subset of $\mathbb R^2$, then they are equal at each point of the plane. Piotrowski and Wingler showed that above-mentioned results can be transferred to maps with values in completely regular spaces. They proved that if every separately continuous function $f:X\times Y\to \mathbb R$ is feebly continuous, then for every completely regular space $Z$ every separately continuous map defined on $X\times Y$ with values in $Z$ is determined uniquely on everywhere dense subset of $X\times Y$. Henriksen and Woods proved that for an infinite cardinal $\aleph$, an $\aleph^+$-Baire space $X$ and a topological space $Y$ with countable $\pi$-character every separately continuous function $f:X\times Y\to \mathbb R$ is also determined uniquely on everywhere dense subset of $X\times Y$. Later, Mykhaylyuk proved the same result for a Baire space $X$, a topological space $Y$ with countable $\pi$-character and Urysohn space $Z$. Moreover, it is natural to consider weaker conditions than separate continuity. The results in this direction were obtained by Volodymyr Maslyuchenko and Filipchuk. They proved that if $X$ is a Baire space, $Y$ is a topological space with countable $\pi$-character, $Z$ is Urysohn space, $A\subseteq X\times Y$ is everywhere dense set, $f:X\times Y\to Z$ and $g:X\times Y\to Z$ are weakly horizontally quasi-continuous, continuous with respect to the second variable, equi-feebly continuous wuth respect to the first one and such that $f|_A=g|_A$, then $f=g$. In this paper we generalize all of the results mentioned above. Moreover, we analize classes of topological spaces wich are favorable for Sierpi\'nsi-type theorems.

2020 ◽  
Vol 66 (4) ◽  
pp. 418-437
Michał Korch ◽  
Tomasz Weiss

2020 ◽  
Vol 26 (1) ◽  
pp. 1-14

AbstractIn this paper, we consider a notion of nonmeasurablity with respect to Marczewski and Marczewski-like tree ideals $s_0$ , $m_0$ , $l_0$ , $cl_0$ , $h_0,$ and $ch_0$ . We show that there exists a subset of the Baire space $\omega ^\omega ,$ which is s-, l-, and m-nonmeasurable that forms a dominating m.e.d. family. We investigate a notion of ${\mathbb {T}}$ -Bernstein sets—sets which intersect but do not contain any body of any tree from a given family of trees ${\mathbb {T}}$ . We also obtain a result on ${\mathcal {I}}$ -Luzin sets, namely, we prove that if ${\mathfrak {c}}$ is a regular cardinal, then the algebraic sum (considered on the real line ${\mathbb {R}}$ ) of a generalized Luzin set and a generalized Sierpiński set belongs to $s_0, m_0$ , $l_0,$ and $cl_0$ .

Volodymyr Mykhaylyuk ◽  
Roman Pol

We construct a separately continuous function $e:E\times K\rightarrow \{0,1\}$ on the product of a Baire space $E$ and a compact space $K$ such that no restriction of $e$ to any non-meagre Borel set in $E\times K$ is continuous. The function $e$ has no points of joint continuity, and, hence, it provides a negative solution of Talagrand’s problem in Talagrand [Espaces de Baire et espaces de Namioka, Math. Ann.270 (1985), 159–164].

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