scholarly journals Quadrotor stabilization under time and space constraints using implicit PID controller

Siyuan Wang ◽  
Andrey Polyakov ◽  
Gang Zheng
2011 ◽  
pp. 140-151
A. Golubev

Practicability of viewing economy not as a mechanism but as an organism is grounded. The concept of "genetic economics" that is considered in time and space is defined. The orders of economic constancy are recommended. "Genetic economics" axiomatic statements are formularized.

2007 ◽  
Vol 4 (3) ◽  
pp. 331-358

I begin my exploration of ‘Ali Mubarak (1823/4–1893) and the discourses on modernization ‘performed’ in his only attempt at fiction, ‘Alam al-Din (The Sign of Religion, 1882), with a quote from Guy Davenport because it elegantly sums up a key theoretical principle underpinning any discussion of cultural transformation and, more particularly, of modernization. Locating ‘Ali Mubarak and his only fictional work at the juncture of the transformation from the ‘traditional’ to the ‘modern’ in the recent history of Arab culture and of Arabic narrative, I find Davenport's pronouncement tantalizingly appropriate. He not only places the stakes of history and geography in one another, but simultaneously opens up the imagination to the combined forces of time and space that stand behind these two distinct yet related disciplines.

Stuart Murray

Care’ is a shifting, plural word when used in the context of discussions of health. It suggests attention and compassion when articulated as a verb, but has overtures of regulation and control when used as a noun – to be ‘in care’ is usually not unproblematic. Two chapters in this section – those by Sarah Atkinson and Lucy Burke – speak specifically to the complexities of this idea. As Atkinson makes clear in her chapter, care invokes questions of resource just as much as it outlines interpersonal relationships; it presents what she terms ‘dilemmas, paradoxes and challenges’ when conceived of as a totality and, especially in global contexts, suggests entangled modes of time and space.

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