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2022 ◽  
Vol 34 (4) ◽  
pp. 0-0

Patients’ emotions toward health IT can play an important role in explaining their usage of it. One form of health IT is self-managing care IT, such as activity trackers that can be used by chronic patients to adopt a healthy lifestyle. The goal of this study is to understand the factors that influence the arousal of emotions in chronic patients while using these tools. Past studies, in general, tend to emphasize how IT shapes emotions, underplaying the role of the individual user’s identity and, specifically, how central health is to the user’s self in shaping emotions. In this research, the authors argue that patients’ health identity centrality (i.e., the extent to which they consider health as central to their sense of self) can play an important role in forming their dependence on health IT by affecting their use of it directly and shaping their emotions around it.

Kratika Mohan ◽  
G V Sowmya ◽  
Shashwat Saxena ◽  
Samia Seraj

The COVID-19 has presented as a worldwide threat to global health. It is highly necessary to study signs and symptoms associated with this infection. This review highlights the role of dental practitioners to diagnose the early signs of oral lesions in COVID-19 infection. They can play an important role in managing pain, giving support to patient and improving the quality of life, by becoming a part of multi-disciplinary team to fight against this global pandemic.

2022 ◽  
Elizaveta V. Starikova ◽  
Ksenia M. Klimina ◽  
Anastasia O. Eudokimova ◽  
Ksenia A. Yeruslanova ◽  
Denis A. Gudkov ◽  

The microbial community of the human intestine is important for maintaining human health. It has been reported that the gut microbiome changes with age, and it can be enrichedwith certain beneficial bacteria while also losing certain commensal bacteria.Little is known about the gut virome of long-livers. Our research aimed to extract, sequence and analyze the viral fraction of long-livers’ gut microbiota in comparison with those of young adults and the elderly. We were thereby able to characterize the gut virome profiles and viral diversity of three age groups. Keywords: aging, gut microbiome, viral metagenomics, bacteriophages

Ameera Ibrahim Amer ◽  
Kholoud Saeed Almohammadi ◽  
Omar Sami Al-Majed ◽  
Sultan Hasan Al Harbi ◽  
Rahmah Mutlaq Aljohani ◽  

Early childhood caries is a common condition that affects children and young infants. In addition to the effect of the condition on the child's oral health, it has been furtherly shown that many systemic consequences are usually associated. Therefore, it has been reported that these conditions can significantly impair the quality of life of corresponding families based on economic and health-related burdens. Affected children usually present with variable degrees of the condition, and some complications might be associated. Many risk factors have been reported in the literature for developing the condition in children. These include the presence of certain bacterial pathogens (especially through vertical transmission), dietary habits, and poor oral hygiene. Evidence indicates that these risk factors significantly contribute to the development of early childhood caries and the importance of the child's socioeconomic status and his caregivers. Targeting these factors would significantly reduce the risk of developing the condition, in addition to fluoridation as suggested by various relevant investigations.

Erica L. Plummer ◽  
Kate Maddaford ◽  
Gerald L. Murray ◽  
Christopher K. Fairley ◽  
Shivani Pasricha ◽  

Given the role of the oral microbiota in human health, it is important to understand if and how external factors influence its composition. Mouthwash use is common in some populations, and the use of antiseptic mouthwash has been proposed as an alternative intervention to prevent gonorrhea transmission.

2022 ◽  
Vol 30 (1) ◽  
pp. 30-40
Malihe Ghiasvand ◽  
Fatemeh Nahidi ◽  
Sedigheh Sedigh Mobarakabadi ◽  
Hamid Sharif Nia ◽  
Hamid Alavi Majd

Background Around 70% of women who give birth vaginally experience perineal injury during childbirth, which may happen spontaneously or as a result of the incision made to facilitate childbirth. There are very few studies on the perceptions of episiotomy recipients about these services. Therefore, investigating these women's perception is crucial for providing appropriate care. Methods This qualitative study examined 20 women from hospitals and health centres who had undergone episiotomy using in-depth semi-structured interviews. Data were analysed using conventional content analysis and the accuracy and rigour of the data were assessed using the Lincoln and Guba criteria. Results The ‘change in perception and behaviour’ theme encompassed one category of negative experiences and views about episiotomy and a second category covering positive views. Conclusions Women's perceptions of episiotomy contained both positive and negative views. Since healthcare systems should support mothers' physical and mental health, it is recommended that health policymakers devise plans to boost factors that lead to positive views and eliminate those contributing to negative experiences and views.

2022 ◽  
Vol 75 (2) ◽  
Eurides Santos Pinho ◽  
Adrielle Cristina Silva Souza ◽  
Ana Caroline Gonçalves Cavalcante Moreira ◽  
Luzana Eva Ferreira Lopes Nogueira ◽  
Amanda Melo e Santos Limongi ◽  

ABSTRACT Objective: to map and identify nursing diagnoses targeted at night care users in a Psychosocial Care Center according to NANDA-I Taxonomy. Method: this is a descriptive-exploratory study, of documentary research type of 319 records in medical records. It was held in a Psychosocial Care Center III in Goiás, from 2014-2018. Nursing diagnoses and records were extracted with non-standardized language. Results: 813 records of nursing diagnoses identified in 53 different titles, in 10 domains, were identified. The most frequent diagnosis was risk for self-extermination. The domain with the highest number of diagnostic records was activity/rest. There was a predominance of diagnoses focused on the problem. Final considerations: mapping contributes to the planning of evidence-based nursing interventions and to the strengthening of professional identity in mental health. It is evident the need for practices that go beyond the symptoms in a preventive perspective, with a view to comprehensiveness.

2022 ◽  
Vol 52 (2) ◽  
Rodrigo Mendes Antunes Maciel ◽  
Junio Tavares Amaro ◽  
Fernanda Caroline Colombo ◽  
Pedro Manuel Oliveira Janeiro Neves ◽  
Adeney de Freitas Bueno

ABSTRACT: Anticarsia gemmatalis (Hübner: 1818) (Lepidoptera: Erebidae) is one of the main pests that affect soybean crops, causing defoliation. In the vegetative stages, defoliation occurs together with weeds, and in the reproductive stages with pathogens. In this sense, to maintain plant health, it is necessary to carry out the combined use of pesticides. Thus, this research determined the compatibility of the entomopathogenic virus AgMNPV with the main herbicides and fungicides used in soy at different times of the mixture. The artificial diet was immersed in the solutions of the pesticides and their mixtures and supplied to A. gemmatalis caterpillars, immediately and after one and two hours of mixing. The evaluation was performed by quantifying the number of dead caterpillars by mixing the AgMNPV virus with herbicides and fungicides, even after two hours of mixing if compatible. The observed scenarios showed a compatibility of the virus with the herbicides and fungicides, with mortality rates between 70 to 99% for A. gemmatalis.

2022 ◽  
pp. 233-251
Suprakash Chaudhury ◽  
Sana Dhamija

Many factors govern the behavior pertaining to anxiety regarding health – it may be stressors, triggers, adverse situations faced by people. Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, health-related anxiety has been widespread. December 2019 saw the occurrence of a form of pneumonia, not known at that time, from the Wuhan region of China to rapidly proceed into a worldwide pandemic and lockdown. This disrupted normal life across the globe and affected social and economic functioning. Cyberchondria has been one of the coping strategies seen during this time, pertaining to online health-related searches which offer answers and relief as seen at the surface but also bringing a plethora of mental health challenges. The authors in this chapter try to simplify what exactly cyberchondria is and how has it affected the lives of the worldwide population during the COVID-19 crisis, the biggest pandemic of recent times. The origin, development, and prevalence of the concept, along with coping, treatment, and prevention of the condition are discussed.

2022 ◽  
pp. 320-333
Siddhi Jain

Telepsychology, until recently, was slow-moving and half-heartedly acknowledged in the mental health profession. There is increasing scholarly discourse on the digital therapeutic space. This shift to a digital paradigm means re-evaluating the profession's identity. This chapter considers telepsychology in relation to social justice. It highlights access for underserved groups and the digital divide that limits a substantial population from accessing online services. It identifies the need to integrate telepsychology in community psychology interventions, a significant framework to challenge systemic inequalities in mental health. It outlines the inadequacy of the profession to support needs of diversity in the field and considers if telehealth is one way to bring a shift in the homogenous identity of the profession. Telepsychology has the potential to amplify adherence to social justice principles; however, this requires evolved responses on individual, institutional, and systemic levels to bring unconventional but substantial changes in training, research, and regulatory guidelines.

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