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Renusree Varma Mudduluri ◽  
Akhila Golla ◽  
Sushanth Raghava ◽  
Tammana Jyothi Sai ◽  

The world changing at a fast pace and more than ever there’s this need to secure data and preserve one’s privacy. Advanced algorithms and technologies that can be used for secure transmission of texts, images and videos are being tried and tested. We have used the Rubik’s Cube Technology for secure encryption and decryption of colored images.

Najlae Falah Hameed Al Saffar ◽  
Inaam R. Al-Saiq ◽  
Rewayda Razaq Mohsin Abo Alsabeh

Asymmetric image encryption schemes have shown high resistance against modern cryptanalysis. Massey Omura scheme is one of the popular asymmetric key cryptosystems based on the hard mathematical problem which is discrete logarithm problem. This system is more secure and efficient since there is no exchange of keys during the protocols of encryption and decryption. Thus, this work tried to use this fact to propose a secure asymmetric image encryption scheme. In this scheme the sender and receiver agree on public parameters, then the scheme begin deal with image using Massey Omura scheme to encrypt it by the sender and then decrypted it by the receiver. The proposed scheme tested using peak signal to noise ratio, and unified average changing intensity to prove that it is fast and has high security.

2022 ◽  
Younes Qobbi ◽  
Abdeltif Jarjar ◽  
Mohamed Essaid ◽  
Abdelhamid Benazzi

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