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2022 ◽  
Vol 147 ◽  
pp. 112586
Ying-Yi Lin ◽  
Chung-Yi Chen ◽  
Dik-Lung Ma ◽  
Chung-Hang Leung ◽  
Chu-Yu Chang ◽  

2022 ◽  
Vol 294 ◽  
pp. 118660
Gabriel Goetten de Lima ◽  
Tainá Wilke Sivek ◽  
Mailson Matos ◽  
Emanoela Lundgren Thá ◽  
Ketelen Michele Guilherme de Oliveira ◽  

2022 ◽  
Vol 430 ◽  
pp. 132633
Peng Yu ◽  
Xu Zhang ◽  
Guohui Cheng ◽  
Haizhen Guo ◽  
Xiaoen Shi ◽  

Mahak Chittoda

Abstract: The system proposed here signifies Vegan food delivery process. This system will allow restaurants to quickly and easily manage an online menu which customers can browse and use to place orders with just a few clicks. The system then relays these orders to restaurant’s employees through an easy to navigate graphical interface for efficient processing. Keywords: Vegan food delivery, customers, vegan vibes, food order etc.

Shubham Shitole

Abstract: For the past few years, there has been a considerable research on the basis of Novel drug delivery system, using particulate vesicle systems as such drug carriers for small and large molecules. Nanoparticles, Liposomes, Microspheres, Niosomes, Pronisomes, Ethosomes, Proliposomes have been used as drug carrier in vesicle drug delivery system. Nanotechnology refers to the creation and utilization of materials whose constituents exist at the nanoscale; and, by convention, be up to 100 nm in size.. Nanoparticles are being used for diverse purposes, from medical treatments, using in various branches of industry production such as solar and oxide fuel batteries for energy storage, to wide incorporation into diverse materials of everyday use such as cosmetics or clothes, optical devices, catalytic, bactericidal, electronic, sensor technology, biological labelling and treatment of some cancers. Various polymers have been used in the formation of Nanoparticles. Nanoparticles have been improving the therapeutic effect of drugs and minimize the side effects. Basically, Nanoparticles have been prepared by using various techniques as such dispersion of preformed polymers, polymerization of monomers and ionic gelation or coacervation of hydrophilic polymer. Nanoparticles have been evaluated by using parameters of drug entrapment efficiency, particle shape, drug release study. Keywords: Nanoparticles, Drug, novel, delivery

Tae Gon Kim ◽  
Yoonjin Lee ◽  
Min Seo Kim ◽  
Jaehong Lim

2022 ◽  
Vol 8 (2) ◽  
Di Wu ◽  
Fan Fei ◽  
Qi Zhang ◽  
Xia Wang ◽  
Yiwei Gong ◽  

Electroresponsive and synergistic brain-targeting nanoparticles improve efficacy of pharmacotherapy for epilepsy.

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