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2022 ◽  
Vol 13 (1) ◽  
pp. 1-17
Ankit Kumar ◽  
Abhishek Kumar ◽  
Ali Kashif Bashir ◽  
Mamoon Rashid ◽  
V. D. Ambeth Kumar ◽  

Detection of outliers or anomalies is one of the vital issues in pattern-driven data mining. Outlier detection detects the inconsistent behavior of individual objects. It is an important sector in the data mining field with several different applications such as detecting credit card fraud, hacking discovery and discovering criminal activities. It is necessary to develop tools used to uncover the critical information established in the extensive data. This paper investigated a novel method for detecting cluster outliers in a multidimensional dataset, capable of identifying the clusters and outliers for datasets containing noise. The proposed method can detect the groups and outliers left by the clustering process, like instant irregular sets of clusters (C) and outliers (O), to boost the results. The results obtained after applying the algorithm to the dataset improved in terms of several parameters. For the comparative analysis, the accurate average value and the recall value parameters are computed. The accurate average value is 74.05% of the existing COID algorithm, and our proposed algorithm has 77.21%. The average recall value is 81.19% and 89.51% of the existing and proposed algorithm, which shows that the proposed work efficiency is better than the existing COID algorithm.

2023 ◽  
Wei Dong ◽  
Xingxiang Li ◽  
Chen Xu ◽  
Niansheng Tang

2022 ◽  
Vol 73 ◽  
pp. 103438
Weijin Xu ◽  
Huihua Yang ◽  
Mingying Zhang ◽  
Zhiwei Cao ◽  
Xipeng Pan ◽  

2023 ◽  
Huijuan Ma ◽  
Qi Zheng ◽  
Zhumin Zhang ◽  
Huichuan Lai ◽  
Limin Peng

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